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Bob Woodward Is Wrong — The Media Is Fake News! See How Hillary Proves It

by Bradley Matthews

Bob Woodward claimed that the media wasn’t fake news, but Hillary and Donna Brazile prove him wrong in the cartoon!


  1. David Gaither

    A bunch of disgraceful lying crap.

    May 4, 2017,9:00 am

  2. Rob Weinhold

    Bob Woodward longs for the day he and the other toady Liberal brought down a president over 18 minutes that was deleted from an audio tape. They are chomping at the bit to bring down another Republican president. Maybe they should focus on the scurrilous presidents and candidates from the evil party, the Democrat Party.

    May 2, 2017,7:56 pm

  3. Tim Groves

    I had a long Eloquent reply in Agreement with Chris. Basically I stated I’m Sick of the MSM thinking WE are Ignorant Children who need to be told what to think. Sorry AZZholes, I do my own Thinking.

    May 2, 2017,12:47 pm

  4. Chris

    The media is not fake news, many reporters are liars and their outlets knowingly publish their crap. That’s fake news, proliferated by some of the media. It’s up to us to decide

    May 1, 2017,6:47 pm

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