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Does House Maj. Leader Kevin McCarthy Know Something Secret About Trump And Putin?

by Bradley Matthews

On June 15th, 2016, House Maj. Leader Kevin McCarthy said to colleagues “I’ll guarantee you that’s what it is. … The Russians hacked the DNC and got the opp research that they had on Trump. There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump.” Is this explosive claim correct? To comment further, sign up as a CBC Insider HERE.


  1. Scott

    Yeah, it was probably a poorly worded joke, but Kevin McCarthy is an idiot who should’ve known better. If it was the Russians who hacked the DNC, then all they really did was prove just how corrupt the Democrats really were. For crying out loud, their chairwoman got sacked only to fall up into a job with the Clinton campaign.

    May 20, 2017,3:16 pm

  2. Carol L. Morrisey

    What possible impact could Russia have on our election? The whole idea is ridiculous. The Democrats have to manufacture accusations, but surely they could come up with a more believable lie.

    May 20, 2017,2:15 pm

  3. Robert Lee

    I truly believe that there was Russian collusion in the 2016 election, it was with the Corrupt DNC, Hillary and Obama…

    May 20, 2017,1:30 pm

  4. Phil Hyman

    What’s with McCarthy? Since when does the House Majority Leader make inflammatory statements about members of his own party like that? The man ought to lose his job!

    May 20, 2017,1:20 pm

  5. Phil Hyman


    May 20, 2017,1:19 pm

  6. Chris

    This is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard, how reckless can you be? President Trump is on Putins payroll? Give me a break, shameful! You’re a liar and should be censured by congress.

    May 19, 2017,12:40 am

  7. Erica

    Trump does not need the money, Rohrabacher was our councilman before district change. He traveled all over the tribal areas of East Asia to find out facts. So clarify word “Pay” like what?

    May 18, 2017,10:15 pm

  8. Forrest

    The only thing Trump is guilty of is love of country and the democrats are trying to crucify him for that God is the only reason he is in office and he will prevail God does not make mistakes

    May 18, 2017,9:49 pm

  9. Lorraine Turner

    He’s not the best, he’s just the richest and trying to run the country like his business, not going to work. He gets away with everything, time to end this mess

    May 18, 2017,8:27 pm

  10. Gail

    Best president this country ever had give this man a chance to drain the swamp crooked hill is the one that needs investigation

    May 18, 2017,7:00 pm

  11. barbara devine

    Not enough information on that topic to comment. This is why We Need A Special Investigation with No Possibility of Interference by Trumps administration. Only this will restore integrity to the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch and the Legislative branch.

    May 18, 2017,6:01 pm

  12. Rose

    McCarthy is one of the swamp members that need to be drained. He and McCain and two of the biggest swamp dwellers and need to be gone.

    May 18, 2017,5:43 pm

  13. John Watson

    It is about time these so called demoncrats either put up their PROOF or SHUT UP PERIOD?

    May 18, 2017,5:43 pm

  14. James Troutt

    If the Russians were involved with the elections don’t you think they would of done it 8 years ago….just saying…

    May 18, 2017,5:27 pm

  15. Laura G. Holmes

    Now McCarthy is saying this was a joke. SHUT THE HELL UP, MCCARTHY! You are not funny. In this hostile environment, you should no better than to add fuel to the fire. Whose side are you on anyway? # TERM LIMITS NOW!

    May 18, 2017,1:02 pm

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