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The Character Assassination Of Pres. Trump By The Coward Lying Media

by Bradley Matthews

We’ve had Booth, Oswald and Hinckley — but Trump faces a much more insidious threat! See the cartoon to see how the lying media is killing Trump’s presidency with fake news!


  1. Laura G. Holmes

    Troy, seriously, a sermon or truth. You cannot handle the truth, something that is clearly missing in American society today. God had everything to do with the election. The country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. Trump has given up everything, including his presidential salary to do this. There is no profit or glory in what he is doing, just concern for America. If you would remove your clear disdain for him and think of things from a rational point of view, you would understand this. I will not keep my views to myself. I will speak truth to power because that is what GOD would want me to do. John McCain is a total warmonger and need a term limit. Mitt Romney has proven to be a doofus on the world stage. You need to maybe think things through a little more clearly and concisely instead of spewing dishonest vitriol. It is clear that the Holier-than-thou Never-Trumpers want Trump impeached so they can have Mike Pence in office. Shame on all of you! Your dishonesty is astounding. This is not a sermon. This is actual TRUTH coming from a person with Christ at the center of her life! How dare you!

    May 23, 2017,7:40 am

  2. JebTurner

    Frank, Racial purity? You are the example as to why people call Republicans racists. Very disturbing post.

    The southern dems did not support the civil rights bill in the 60’s and they switched to Republicans and sadly these racists are now in our party.

    May 20, 2017,11:58 pm

  3. Troy

    Laura you come across as the judging Christian spoken of below.
    God had nothing to do with the election. God doesn’t care who wins a little league soccer game either. God cares how you treat each other.
    I’m glad your faith brings you comfort, I have fought for you to have your religious freedom, but keep it to yourself , We don’t need a sermon.
    AND FYI it’s fairly clear Pence is pushing the Christian agenda via Trump. Trump could care less. He thinks it appropriate to pray for things like Arnold’s ratings. WTF?
    Trump cares about trump if he cared about the US he would have paid his fair share of taxes that support vets like me.
    His agenda is profit, always will be. And Ivanka and Jared have NO business in the WH. It’s not how we do things here. Hiring your children with or with out pay is not draining the swamping it is nepotism-and that’s what fascist do, surround themselves with family and silence/control the press.
    He creates one mess after another and he and Pence knew about Flynn months before, there IS evidence of it. Even Obama warned him to not hire Flynn.

    Any man who avoids serving their country is not patriotic. Any man who disrespects a POW hero (McCain) is not worthy of respect and speaking of Israel he supported Kerry’s stance on the UN decision after he understood the details. He just has no clue what he it doing and it’s evident every day. He betrayed Israel by sharing info, it’s not his place to share regardless of content and that comprises trust.

    We needed a Romney or McCain in office. This will be a discrace for the GOP.

    May 20, 2017,11:08 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    Bill, Let he without sin cast the first stone. You will be judged by our father in heaven equally when you get there. This whole attempt by so many factions to overthrow a president who was elected, in part, I believe by divine intervention reminds me of Israel. They are God’s chosen people and are surrounded by enemies on all sides who would do them harm. The bible states clearly that the enemies will NOT overtake Israel again. God is their protector. I believe that Donald Trump was placed in his position to protect Americans and that is what he is proving he is doing. He has made a transformation in front of our eyes over the last year. You can tell that he now has a deep relationship with Christ. He has done more in the past four months to protect Christian’s rights than any of the other so-called Christian presidents. Your coup attempt will not work and, we the people, will make sure of that through constant prayer for this president.

    With regards to the Russia “thing”. Another great president who asked Mikhail Gorbechav to “Tear Down that Wall” knew that working with Russia cautiously could possibly prevent a third world war. Russia can nuke people. Although they are not the most honorable people in the shed, we must work with them to prevent a nuclear disaster. You, sir, maybe should spend a little more time praying and a little less time being judgmental.

    May 20, 2017,8:17 am

  5. Bill

    Mr. (“grab them by their [genitals]”) Trump has no character to assassinate.

    You might want to ask yourself why the Trump campaign wanted the party platform changed regarding responding to Russian aggression.

    May 19, 2017,8:54 pm

  6. Frank McMillian

    Gues i’ll retype it! I’m so sick of these evil DEMONCRATS mucking around in our country. It’s going down the toilet and it’s all their fault! Let president TRUMP work and do his job. He’s doing a great job! If it wasn’t for this lying media we’d be much better off. Just get out OF HIS WAY! Let’s get this country back to where it belongs! With GOD, AMERICAN VALUES, and a RACIAL PURITY that we all desire! Liberal elites and go form their own damn counry and leave AMERICA to AMERICANS! We’ll get this ship going int he right direction. COME AT ME DEEP STATE! COME AT ME FBI! ALSO:


    May 19, 2017,1:45 pm

  7. Frank McMillian

    What happened to my comment? Did the deep state DELETE IT!?!

    May 19, 2017,1:42 pm

  8. Laura G. Holmes

    HONESTY – by definition – a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity and straightforwardness, including conduct along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc. Now let’s have an actual honest debate about what is occurring in this country right now. Most Americans hunger for it. The many factions who are against Trump right now do not, by definition, meet the criteria to be HONEST! I speak the truth Bev, Barbara, and Ty. Someone needs to speak the truth for Heaven’s sake. You are all either a part of the dishonest media, demoncraps, Never-Trumpers, Establishment Republicans, or the DEEP STATE Intel community. I guarantee you, based on your posts, that I can tell which each of you is. Remember GOD is watching and Thou shalt not bear false witness is a commandment! The demoncraps lie, cheat, steal, etc. to overtake the country. They are possessed by Satan. These are all provable claims by many examples. Shame on you!

    May 19, 2017,9:11 am

  9. Darlene F Burgi

    Amen to Anna’s comment. The cartoon is accurate in my view. President Trump is the personality we NEED to deal with the lying media and the greedy elitist money masters who control them.

    May 19, 2017,1:21 am

  10. Ty James Holmberg

    Trump does not know what he is doing and when he’s not stepping in it he is bragging or complaining. No wonder his wife doesn’t like him.

    May 18, 2017,9:47 pm

  11. Bev Hines

    Barbara D, thank you for speaking the truth. Trump is not presidential , he whines and complains. Immature underdeveloped narcissistic personality.

    Joseph, Republicans have more class than that. Don’t belittle someone just because they disagree with you.

    May 18, 2017,9:18 pm

  12. Jeannine Lopresto

    Karma is a bitch. Trump dished it out, now he gets to eat it. A taste of his own medicine is a bitter pill to swallow. If he was the least bit Presidential he would take this like a man and not a whiny little brat child.

    May 18, 2017,8:26 pm

  13. barbara devine

    This cartoon is puerile and does not accomplish anything beyond a simple minded feel good statement. Throwing stones on both sides of the political spectrum is getting us nowhere. Honest dialogue is needed. No one is or will be the political equivolent of a savior so lets tone down the rhetoric. Its obvious that several groups if American citizens were feeling left by the wayside fir the last 8 years and put all their hopes into Mr Trump to save them and their values. Problem is he has turned on his voters with the new health bill that cuts ot more programs for low and middle income people. Read the bill if u dare to find the truth..He has put himself and his family 1st NOT AMERICA. This is proven by the personal business deals he has made since he became President.that allow foreign companues to have power and trax breaks instead if providing for American companies and workers. Trump wants to fine any US business that doesn’t make products here yet he is making billions of dollars selling products made in foreign countries. How is this America 1st? Workers are losing their jobs in many fields, but all he talks about are coal miners and helping them. What about the rest of us?

    May 18, 2017,7:00 pm

  14. Lorraine

    It’s all about money and power. They are foaming at the mouth because they lost their shirts and access.

    May 18, 2017,6:29 pm

  15. Anna V Epelbaum

    It is the absolute nonsense! Russia did not need to interfere! Democrats should not have nominated such creature, as Mrs. Clinton! And should not have elected such person as Obama in 2012.

    May 18, 2017,5:35 pm

  16. Angela A & Robert L Greenwood

    The American news Media has become as offensive as offensive can get! I’m sick and tired of their lying biased Radical “stories” “complaints” “hatred” etc., against the People of America! The American media is disrespectful of our President and all His Cabinet, and all Righteous people of America! They and we are all Americans!! Go after those Radicalized people who want to chop your heads off, once they have you in the palm of their hands and swords!! God help us all!!

    May 18, 2017,5:23 pm

  17. Mikki

    God help us all. We must be living in a matrix, run by demented computers that were built by insane leftist DEMONcrats who never got past their inability to recognize fact from fiction and right from wrong.

    May 18, 2017,5:15 pm

  18. Joseph Merkler

    Go fuck yourself bev.

    May 18, 2017,4:44 pm

  19. Joseph Merkler

    All lies!

    May 18, 2017,4:42 pm

  20. Bev Hines

    The media is not making up the facts, they might be sensationalizing them – but facts are facts. It is a fact that Pence and Trump knew about Flynn months prior. There are too many FACTS and if you don’t know what they are it’s time to research and turn off FOX news.

    House of Cards – how many will fall

    Life long GOP but Trump is not a leader, he is rich but not successful. Successful people have a moral code and integrity.

    Pence has integrity but he walked straight out of 1930 with his social values- let’s not move backward socially! Gay people are not sinning. And it’s non of your business what someone’s sexual orientation is- mind your OWN business!

    Separate Church and state, it’s the principle we were founded on. My dear Christians who judge others – STOP! Mind your own faith and business- – Jesus would not approve of you judging. Just love each other and yourself regardless of political party and faith. We are all gods children.

    May 18, 2017,4:10 pm

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