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Did Comey Lie Under Oath — Or Is He Lying About The Memos?

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump has come under fire for allegedly asking former FBI Dir. Comey to stop the Russia investigation — but Comey’s sworn testimony on May 3rd proves otherwise! Watch the video below!

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  1. Roberta Cedillo

    Comey should have investigated Obama numerous times, only he did not. Comey was hired by Obama, and Obama owned Comey. He is a very proud man that struts around like he thinks he owns the whole world. He will do and say anything to save his own skin. Yes I do agree that he is a Wimp & a Lier!!

    May 22, 2017,9:44 pm

  2. Bonnie Hischke

    Who is paying or threatening Comer to lie?!!!!

    May 22, 2017,5:04 pm

  3. Steve Dolyniuk

    Comey is a Wimp & a LIAR !!

    May 21, 2017,12:39 pm

  4. BookWorm54

    I personally don’t trust James Comey. Fir him to say that there was no evidence of Hillary’s wrong doing. He was just civering his behind. He is part of the Swamp.

    May 19, 2017,6:12 pm

  5. Jackalyn Morrison

    I never like comey and thought he should have been fired long time ago!! Just don’t trust a lier

    May 19, 2017,5:26 pm

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