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Trump Has A Dire Warning For Radical Islamist Terrorists

by Bradley Matthews

In a speech in Saudi Arabia, Pres. Trump said “Barbarism will bring you no glory, evil will bring you no dignity. If you choose the path of terror, your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and your soul will be condemned.”


  1. Peace and hope for all

    Amen there have never been truer words spoken by any leader at any time throughout history!!! Time is short as it is but since we are nearing the last of the last day’s the choice you make today may be the single decision that you may not receive time to repent from!!! There is only one sin that separates you fully from GOD sending you into the pit for all eternity which is blaspheming the Holy Spirit!!! Murder as a way of denying GOD by celebrating Lucifer by using his tactics of kill steal and destroy may find you forever in tortuous agony!!! The choice is yours!!! If anyone believes they will benefit by hurting others receiving the so called declared through Islamic scripture 72 virgins for your enjoyment you are being led lies by the father of all lies and liars satan/Lucifer prince of darkness!!! Look to truth to set you free truth that places a very high value on every human life as children of the true Godhead Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!! Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD and all else will be added unto you!!!

    May 22, 2017,11:59 pm

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