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Should Kathy Griffin Be Banned From TV?

by Bradley Matthews

Should Kathy Griffin be banned from TV for her despicable Trump beheading photoshoot? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Should Kathy Griffin be banned from TV?

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  1. Tom

    No she is a wonderful amazing human being. Who cares about trump anyways. He treats women like trash. Hooray for Kathy griffin

    June 16, 2017,7:58 am

  2. Big Tex

    Nobody thought this was funny, not even the far left. That’s not surprising though, since she never has been funny. I’ve wondered many times over the years why she even enjoyed celebrity status. She’s not funny. She’s not pretty. She’s not a skilled actress. She’s not intelligent or engaging. Even her voice is irritating…like a couple of cats in a blender. Every time my wife and I the see her on TV, we have this same conversation. She’s just irritating and obnoxious. What she’s done is disgusting. She’s a pig. On the bright side, maybe she’ll finally just go away. I hear ISIS is hiring, and she’s just passed their aptitude test. The world would be a better place with that no-talent’s homely face behind a burqua. Goodbye and good riddance. Thanks, Ms Griffin! You’ve done us all a great favor by removing yourself from the public eye…hopefully FOREVER.

    June 14, 2017,6:31 pm

  3. Tom

    Trump will hopefully be impeached for his lies

    June 10, 2017,6:43 pm

  4. Tom

    She is a true talent and would make a better president than trump. He is a joke and a liar

    June 10, 2017,6:42 pm

  5. Tom

    It was just a joke people get over it. Trump grabbed women by the genitalia and you approve of that so it’d only fair

    June 10, 2017,6:41 pm

  6. aida1.halluska@gmail.com

    Griffin is an instigator and lethal to our security. Europeans enjoy the daily soap opera we provide. Fire her. Nobody wants to see her ugly face and dirty soul.

    June 5, 2017,11:44 pm

  7. aida1.halluska@gmail.com

    He is despicable and hard to listen and to look at. It is an embarrassment fir hbo. I suspended my hbo account already.

    June 5, 2017,11:41 pm

  8. mark dobzyn

    As soon as she found out that most people frond he actions disgusting and her ratings started to drop she cried like a little baby saying please don’t fire me!
    Typical winning wippering lying liberal big mouth hollywood loser!

    June 5, 2017,11:05 pm

  9. mark dobzyn

    Fire him now!
    Quit hiding behind free speech!
    They are babies. He and Griffin. Two of a kind!

    June 5, 2017,11:02 pm

  10. Richard

    Let her continue to exemplify why liberalism is a mental disorder. She is an embarrassment.

    June 5, 2017,7:04 pm

  11. Amelia Ranieri

    Maybe somebody should show a picture of her beheaded. And her actions have nothing to do with free speech. She is just a low life, a
    loser, a disgrace to women.

    June 5, 2017,6:32 pm

  12. Jan

    She is NOT funny & never has been. Can’t figure out why she is consi dered an entertainer.

    June 5, 2017,5:45 pm

  13. Marie McLean

    Turn iff the TV. write to the sponsor. We cannot stop free speech. We need to pay it no attention or take steps to educate. And finally accept some people are racist and entitled to their opinion.

    June 5, 2017,5:09 pm

  14. Joseph

    “…he broke me.” ?! HE broke her?! ‘HE’ didn’t do anything but call her “Sick”. Normal, sane people who USED to come to her shows and promote her shows and advertise her shows ‘broke’ her for being an alt-Left LOON.

    June 4, 2017,5:10 pm

  15. LUGGAGE1

    Kathy Griffin should have been on the streets of London yesterday

    June 4, 2017,10:15 am


    Absolutely disgusting! How far will haters go? The DEVIL SHOULD BE DANCING ON HER GRAVE!

    June 4, 2017,5:49 am

  17. Randy

    She’s a pathetic loser, give her a bucket of playdough and send her to her crying room !!

    June 3, 2017,11:08 pm

  18. Jerry Simmer

    Kathy Griffen is another pathetic looser brought to you by the American entertainment industry. Could anyone expect more from that group?

    June 3, 2017,8:03 pm

  19. Bertie


    June 3, 2017,7:07 pm

  20. Joann

    She is a totally disgusting loser!

    June 3, 2017,5:11 pm

  21. Linda

    No, we cannot “ban” her from TV, because she still has the right to freedom of speech. She does deserve to be questioned by the Secret Service and lose a big part of her career. She is lewd, rude, and crude.

    June 3, 2017,5:09 pm

  22. Shilo2456

    that woman has no respect and no class ……..

    June 3, 2017,4:19 pm

  23. Bob smith

    She the victim? Best joke she’s ever told!

    June 3, 2017,3:12 pm

  24. Jessie Curl

    President Trump should sue her for slander. That is what she did. She’s not the victim, she brought this on herself. She was being a smart ass and it back fired on her.

    June 3, 2017,3:01 pm

  25. Cookie

    Obama has caused a lot of hate in this country. Now the snowflake democrats will do and say anything to distroy our way of life as we know it !! What happened to respect for our President ? God help us all.

    June 3, 2017,2:46 pm

  26. Mivian Schiavone

    Yesss..she is not even sorry for what she did. She does not represent women as she claims. At least not me! She is not a comedian but a disgusting drama queen!

    June 3, 2017,2:16 pm

  27. Reynold Waterhouse

    This woman has been a disgusting peace of trash her whole career . Now she has taken her sick twisted sence of humor to far Enough is enough The presidency must be proteced no matter who is in office

    June 3, 2017,1:44 pm

  28. Paul Pirrotta Jr

    First she “kills You”, then say she sorry!!!!!!

    June 3, 2017,1:36 pm

  29. Sherry Harrison

    She did this deliberately, has no remorse other than it has caused her more trouble than she expected. She is an angry, bitter woman that needs prayer but does not need to be on TV or given any other platform to terrorize others.

    June 3, 2017,1:15 pm

  30. Jamie Wilson

    Of course not. Free speech tells us who people are. When evil has to hide, it festers in the dark.

    June 3, 2017,12:10 pm

  31. Johnnie McHan

    I personally think she should be tried for threatening our President’s life! Prison would be too good for her! Maybe she will meet one of the real terrorists who actually do what she displayed! Now that would be Karma!

    June 3, 2017,11:46 am

  32. Johnnie McHan

    All public displays!

    June 3, 2017,11:43 am

  33. jon

    She represents well the devil here on earth! Can’t wait to see her 6 ft. under!
    It will be great for her to take a long rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 3, 2017,11:12 am

  34. Kathleen

    Absolutely! Remember the Dixie Chicks when they “dis’d” President Bush in England? All Natalie Maines said then was that they wished that Bush wasn’t from Texas. A very benign statement that ruined their career before they even left that stage. What Griffin said/did was vile, disgusting and evil. She should be banned from the planet.

    June 3, 2017,10:54 am

  35. Carolyn

    Yes, not even a question. How does the Butch look st her own face.in a mirror, Her career ended years ago,

    June 3, 2017,9:40 am

  36. LUGGAGE1

    Low class, terrible comedian, ugly old women, liar and a waste to sociery

    June 3, 2017,9:22 am

  37. Lucille Young

    Kathy Griffin should be detained by the FBI and/or Secret Service for her criminal intent in holding up a fake, bloody severed head of the president. In so doing, she is not only threatening the president’s life, but also seeking to incite violence toward him. Barron Trump, age 11, had a traumatic experience, as he ran screaming for his mother when he saw the image on TV. Griffin is mimicking our greatest enemy ISIS. In fact, she is comparable to an ISIS terrorist.

    Kathy Griffin should be detained and interrogated.

    Lucille Young, M.A.

    June 3, 2017,5:41 am

  38. Sheila Johnson

    She is the most vulgar woman in the world. I would ban her and any other person that disrespects the office of the USA president.

    June 3, 2017,3:54 am

  39. Daljinder singh

    Her presentation showed more threat than joke. Does she jokes her friends and family with beheaded image of them.
    Why can’t she join isis , so she can enjoy these jokes.it’s not acceptable
    Shame on her.
    We as civilized society should respect our commander of chief , does not matter we agree with him or not or what party he or she represent.
    World is not laughing at him, they laughing at Americans because how stupid and childish we are.

    June 3, 2017,12:20 am

  40. Jim

    Yes, end of story!

    June 3, 2017,12:12 am

  41. Bev Hines

    Any physical threat or joke regarding physical harm to our president regardless of political affiliation is wrong.

    Republicans “lynched” Obama in jokes , posters and “dummies” that was not ok either. There are shitty people in both parties .

    We should stay civil and respectful to each other regardless of party.

    Start now.

    June 2, 2017,11:14 pm

  42. Richard Kelly

    She should join the other intolerant liberals that are moving to other countries and go. Had someone done the same thing to our past president there would be mayhem in the streets. Oh wait have any of them actually left? Probably not. She claims Trump broke her. I’ve got got news for her she broke herself. Goodbye you stupid batch.

    June 2, 2017,11:14 pm

  43. Sam Jones

    She just destroy​ed the liberal party Hillary had an important part in this as well. The party is unhinged.

    June 2, 2017,10:43 pm

  44. george

    I wouldn’t spit on that bitch if she was on fire

    June 2, 2017,10:25 pm

  45. george

    would love to see someone break her damn jaw

    June 2, 2017,10:22 pm

  46. Joyce

    For all you liberals…. the white trash Griffin is getting her karma.

    June 2, 2017,9:48 pm

  47. Pat Autry

    This woman is absurd…She owes the Trumps’ an apology,including their 11 year old son. But she is taking the stand that she is being persecuted. If this is the case, you reap what you sow lady?. How can anyone agree with anything she rants and raves about. Her mother certainly doesn’t agree. Her mother watches Fox News and she and Kathy do not communicate !!!

    June 2, 2017,9:24 pm

  48. Allan Phillips

    I thought this was a conservative web site, seems as if this guy Joe Kaiser agree with this lady, as for me I would definitely want to see her banned from tv. maybe she can go to paris, and for you joe you got a bit of fake news here if something should happen to the President crooked hillary still would not get to the white house maybe you want to retract that

    June 2, 2017,9:13 pm

  49. Don Nuzum

    Kathy Griffin just shit in her own nest. One ought never to shit in their own nest. What did she expect? A parade in her honor down 5th avenue? This is proof positive that she is not a citizen in good standing with America.

    June 2, 2017,9:00 pm

  50. Lisa

    she should go to Mexico like she said!!

    June 2, 2017,8:42 pm

  51. Lisa

    Now she is blaming the Trump family for ruining her. She knew what she was doing and even admitted it! Ban for good !

    June 2, 2017,8:41 pm

  52. Pstevens55

    And so should Jim Carey.

    June 2, 2017,8:35 pm

  53. Kristi

    She Totally went too far! Ban her from TV forever!!!!!! She is a deplorable libtard who is a BIG disgrace!!! Now says shes sorry, only bc OUR GREAT PRESIDENTcalled her out on what she did!! She got what she deserved, although i believe it should’ve been alot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    June 2, 2017,8:14 pm

  54. richie wohlford

    Kaiser is an evil bastard and not worth the skin he is wrapped in.No more dialogue with you.Just shut your worthless mouth.Everyone knows what you are.

    June 2, 2017,8:05 pm

  55. John Randall

    She brought it all on herself, Dont knock our President.

    June 2, 2017,8:03 pm

  56. richie wohlford

    She is a piece of shite Demonazi.The scum tries to incite the killing of our president and now wants to demonize him when she is caught.I despise the immoral criminal communist worms in this country that follow their black souled leaders and the criminal boot jacking terrorist press that uses them.The are traitors and enemy terrorists of this Republic and America’s citizens. They have to be stopped as any terrorist does.

    June 2, 2017,7:58 pm

  57. Sharon

    This is the kind of people supporting the Democratic party, hate and violence is their trademark. Willing to do anything to promote a radical libral agenda including what this so called comic did, and they have the nerve to call us deplorable!!! They should arrest this scumbag.

    June 2, 2017,7:42 pm

  58. Shirley

    there is a line that should never be crossed no matter how much you “hate” someone and still remain HUMAN. She has crossed that line and drove over 1,000 miles more. She is almost a sub human species. Anyone in their right mind would have known that what she did was wrong. (and she knew because she said so on the tape about having to move to Mexico or go to jail.) This was planned to give her some free advertising. Well, she got it all right, but it was the wrong type. bye bye Kathy. I hope to never have to see your face or hear you hateful voice again.

    June 2, 2017,7:05 pm

  59. Joe Kaiser

    Its gonna happen people get ready for the judgement day!
    Trump is going to jail and Hillary is going to the White House.
    Make peace with your Lord!

    June 2, 2017,6:53 pm

  60. Joe Kaiser

    I think most of you people on here are DEPLORABLE!
    Hillary Clinton was right! And Trump should resign before he is thrown out and they will place Hillary in the White House and throw all those white power maniacs out too.

    June 2, 2017,6:51 pm

  61. Joe Kaiser

    Jackalyn Morrison…..you are a moron! A honest to God MORON!

    June 2, 2017,6:48 pm

  62. Joe Kaiser

    Do you people even interact with neighbors or talk with anyone who doesn’t watch Faux (Fake) News?

    June 2, 2017,6:46 pm

  63. Jackalyn Morrison

    I think she should be in prison or better yet should be banned from our country!!! So should maddona and ashley judd

    June 2, 2017,6:44 pm

  64. Joe Kaiser

    You people are pretty damn stupid!

    June 2, 2017,6:44 pm

  65. Carmen

    And she should be put under the jail, but I guarantee you she will be back on TV BEXT WEEK. Libitards get away with everything

    June 2, 2017,6:38 pm

  66. Gorda

    She did nothing worse than conservatives did to sitting President OBama and his family. Or nothing worse than trump(not my president) did by mocking a handicapped reporter. If he wants to dish it out,he better learn to take it

    June 2, 2017,6:37 pm

  67. Steff Berkley

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. You lose, Kathy. Deal with it.

    June 2, 2017,6:36 pm

  68. Carol

    If you voted yes then I assume you would’ve voted yes to ban Donald Trump when he persecuted Barack Obama for eight years. Don’t be such hypocrites!

    June 2, 2017,6:35 pm

  69. Gloria

    You destroyed yourself woman. President Trump only called you out on what you did to a sitting President & his family. You are despicable, vile & a disgrace. I hope others google your award acceptance from November 2007 & see what you said about Jesus, they will certainly see the REAL Kathy Griffin. Don’t worry, one day you will need Jesus just like the rest of us. YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM. Hope what you call your career is totally gone.

    June 2, 2017,6:22 pm

  70. Alice J Copenhaver

    There is nothing funny about this person!

    June 2, 2017,6:00 pm

  71. dean


    June 2, 2017,5:53 pm

  72. Patty

    She’s a really troubled soul…

    June 2, 2017,5:48 pm

  73. greg

    Kathy should pay ALL of Barron Trumps, mental treatment doctor bills & face charges for a hate crime !

    June 2, 2017,5:40 pm

  74. Vicky Arp

    Yes she should.Can you imagine if this was done to Obummer.
    All these butt hurt cry babies need to stop.And let President Trump do his job..
    All she was saying was she’s for killing people IsIs style.

    June 2, 2017,5:33 pm

  75. Michelle h

    Yes, showing the decapited head of our president is beyond horrible. There is no humor in such a grotesque act. Regardless of the potraid victim.

    June 2, 2017,5:30 pm

  76. Bill

    Not until Ted Nugent is barrred from performing.
    Not until Donald Trump is removed from office.

    She is a comedian. She overstepped. She apologized.

    When is the Narcissistic fool in the Oval going to apologize?

    June 2, 2017,5:18 pm

  77. Judy

    As long as they are not punished for their actions they will continue to do it.

    June 2, 2017,5:14 pm

  78. Mary Berry

    Karma paybacks are hard. Learn from your past.

    June 2, 2017,5:12 pm

  79. Julie Davis

    Everyone has the right to their opinion. She meant it as a joke. Granted it was a tasteless joke, but this does not require the loss of ones career. A personal apology to tge Trump family and to Baron if his perents allow it would be very apprpriate. Lessons learned all around. Yes, I am a Trump supporter.

    June 2, 2017,5:10 pm

  80. Bob Seymore

    Paybacks a bitch, give them a taste of their own medicine

    June 2, 2017,5:05 pm

  81. Suzanne

    She should be behind bars, period.

    June 2, 2017,4:59 pm

  82. Robert R Gates

    come on people she is just guilty of very bad taste you’re sounding like a bunch of libtards!!!!!

    June 2, 2017,4:51 pm

  83. Chuck

    She did it voluntarily she now owns it

    June 2, 2017,4:49 pm

  84. Darlynn

    She did this completely to herself by her own choice. Not funny to sever or pretend to sever anyone’s head. In some countries you would be jailed or stoned to death. It’s time she grows up and thinks before she acts and now she should face the consequences- instead she hires a lawyer!!! Wow how shallow can one human be

    June 2, 2017,4:48 pm

  85. John Kramer

    She reminds of one a school girl, two-faced, being cut doing something nasty, trying to lie her way out of it! SHAM, SHAM, SHAM on her!😣😝😝😝😝

    June 2, 2017,4:48 pm

  86. OedipusTex

    Banned? By whom? Only a government entity can enforce such a ban, correct? Believe me, conservatives, we don’t want that. Let the opprobrium, scorn, and contempt of the public take care of Miss Griffin, as it should be.

    June 2, 2017,4:45 pm

  87. David

    As a US Marine, I think the woman is an idiot, but I fought for her right to say stupid things. No need to ban her, just change the channel if you so choose.

    June 2, 2017,4:42 pm

  88. Irene Santangelo

    These comedians have to stop bashing the President of the United States enough is enough. If it were Barack Obama this wouldn’t be happening

    June 2, 2017,4:41 pm

  89. Richard Mortenson

    Should share a cell with Hillary

    June 2, 2017,4:40 pm

  90. Charles

    She should be beheaded, and this is not a joke.

    June 2, 2017,4:37 pm

  91. tom

    When I saw what she did it reminded me of all the evil beheading of people isias did. She should not be allowed to be on tv or movies

    June 2, 2017,4:34 pm

  92. John

    She’s the prime example of people she are disrespectful to the President. Time behind bars with her libratard associates would be good.

    June 2, 2017,4:27 pm

  93. Roseann

    She should be put in jail.

    June 2, 2017,4:26 pm

  94. mary ann

    Horrible reptile. Not fit to be with humans. Disrespect for the President, his family and all who have been beheaded.

    June 2, 2017,4:23 pm

  95. Ron Arrington

    What she did was wrong and in poor taste just like all the people with posters lynching Obama. It goes both ways. But in Obama’scase it is also a racist gesture. Lynching is associated with slavery, Jim Crow etc.
    shame on Democrates and Republicans alike who do this. Threatening physical harm is not okay.

    June 2, 2017,3:40 pm

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