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We Want Your Opinion — Check Out Our CBC Polling Roundup!

by Bradley Matthews

We’ve had quite the dramatic week, from Bill Maher and Reality Winner to Comey and Jeff Sessions. We want to know what you think about the news — vote in our reader polls below!

1. Should Bill Maher Be Fired?

2. Is NSA leaker Reality Winner guilty of treason?

3. Should Jeff Sessions resign?

4. Is James Comey a leaker?

5. Did James Comey prove Trump’s innocence?


  1. Patrick Oswald

    Progressive liberal communist democrats have been fighting somewhat underground or under the radar for decades to literally take over the USA. They have been aided by billionaires George Soros (a Marxist communist that also claimed to be a Nazi sympathizer), another one world globalist wanting to take away all countries sovereignty and place them under the rule of the anti-American, anti-Israel, corrupt and deceitful United Nations, the Rothschild and Rockerfellas! Progressive limbs have infiltrated every aspect of our society, taking control of our universities, colleges, K – 12 public education, the mainstream media, most magazines, much of radio and all aspects and government offices and public service in our country. Now we not only are fighting progressive liberal communists but also Washington’s insider career politician (in name only) republican rinos that share the corrupt billionaires I mentioned above quest for a one world government. People like the disgusting traitor John McCain, John Boehner and many others ! It was recently revealed John McCain was on the payroll of communist George Soros! The truth is we conservatives have allowed this to happen over decades and we now find ourselves about to lose the freedoms and liberties given to us by our founding fathers and guaranteed by the USA Constitution, a divinely inspired brilliant document that lays the foundation of a government ruled by We the People! Do not continue to take this battle to keep our government in tact and not allowing progressive liberal communist democrats to take over and implementing a communist government that will control every aspect of our lives. While reducing us to oppressed slaves wofking for the state. I for one am completely opposed to progressive liberals ruling this great country. A country I was born in and grew up enjoying its freedoms and opportunities and I refuse to let ignorant, power hungry progressives to take over and change. As Patrick Henry once said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” I will fight in each and every way possible to defeat this progressive liberal communist evil back by Satan with what ever means necessary. First, through bowing the knee before God Almighty and praying faithfully for God to preserve our country as our founding fathers established it with our freedoms and liberties. 2nd, by educating and calm but firm and fierce dialog, 3rd, thriough our responsibility to vote and vote rightly; researching who I vote for and making sure to the best of my ability that I vote for God fearing, honest men and women of the highest degree of integrity and devout conservatives that are sworn deeply in their hearts and souls to the USA Constitution, Bill of Rights that are completely and wholly dedicated to the USA, the flag we fly and allegiances are to the USA and no other country. Yet I will also be in complete support of Israel. 4th, to do everything to unite all Americans regardless of race or means under the USA! 5th, and to be willing to fight and die if necessary to protect the USA, our USA Constitution and our people from all threats foreign and domestic. This means Islamic Muslims that are flocking to the USA with intentions to reproduce and become a majority voting pact that also will begin doing the same things that they are doing in the U.K., France, Germany and many other countries in Europe! For gosh sakes! Prime Minister of Germany Merkel, who also was responsible for opening Germany’s borders to Islamic Muslims and swore were peaceful and harmless, announced to her people and the world, “Germany will be ruled by Islamic Muslims and sharia law so get used to it!” Sick and disgusting! Treason in the highest degree! We must not let this happen here in the USA in spite of Obama’s treason and progressive liberal communist democrats that almost succeeded in doing what has happened in Germany and the U.K.! We must also not elect and let anyone in office that is not 100% true Founding Fathers, keep the USA’s sovereignty at all costs, USA Constitution supporting USA citizens to any public service office in the USA! Ever! Unless they have a proven track record of complete allegiance to the USA, our culture, Constitution, flag and way of life. Join me in a commitment to our outsider, man of We the People, non-beholding Americans First, Make the USA Great Again!, President Donald Trump and to maintain our sovereignty, USA Constitution, Bill of Rights, three tier checks and balances government system, old school values and virtues and nation of brotherly live, helping others in need, God honoring, God loving and One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

    June 9, 2017,6:10 pm

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