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Should Jeff Sessions Have Testified Before Congress? Judge Napolitano Has Some Advice

by Bradley Matthews

On Fox, Judge Andrew Napolitano said “SessionsĀ is not testifying as the chief law enforcement officer in the land, as the attorney general, he is testifying as a witness because he doesn’t run the Russia investigations, any of them. He is a witness. He has involvement in both, he is going to be accused of perjury, he is going to come to a conflict point where he has to decide… is he here to defend the president of the U.S. or himself. That is an awful position for him to be in.”

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  1. Fran Tatsch

    Andrew Napolitano reportedly pulled from Fox News over debunked wiretapping claims

    June 17, 2017,3:54 pm

  2. Jay Vas

    What happened to Judge Andrew Napolitano? Seem the Murdoch life wing liberal nut jobs got to him! He has been different with his usually correct calculated honest judgment! Until the Seth Rich case when he agreed that this was a hit job like Sean Hannity was forced to stop talking about it and many other…Just like Pizza gate and all the Pedophile sick disgusting no words can express that evil sick twisted OMG! Whenever someone(s) get close to revealing the pedophile or even investigate they are either killed or shut up! Coincidence? I think NOT! Facts would proof this sick shit gracefully and disgustingly true! I respected the Judge until rescently he has gone totally about with the Murdochs little lefty snowflake kids the father should slap thej in line they had the best News Channel most watched most trusted now the little left Murdoch snowflake brothers changed the name! It is not Fair, Balanced and unafraid no more! FOX is now completely corrupt same as CNN, MSN, ETC.!!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE NEWS!

    June 15, 2017,8:02 pm

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