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Is America Headed Towards Another Civil War?

by Bradley Matthews

Political tensions between conservatives and the Left continue to boil, as evidenced by yesterday’s anti-Republican shooting in Alexandria. Are we headed towards another civil war? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Is America headed towards another Civil War?

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  1. Dr Gerald Hoffmyer

    Ron you are the most reasonable person posting.

    June 20, 2017,11:22 pm

  2. Ron Arrington

    No, and it is a ridiculous divisive topic. 46% of this country is Independent, meaning they don’t identify with either party . The far left is as nuts as the far right. That leaves a lot of reasonable people in between . Most commentors on this site seem FAR right, meaning they are convinced the the entire left (29% of the population)is evil. And the FAR left is convinced the right (25%) is evil. And there lies the problem.
    The whacko extremist on either side will not convince the reasonable 80% of a war. CBC is a hate perpetuating site, shame on them.

    June 19, 2017,3:25 pm

  3. Petru Sarbu

    is up to demo-nazi!!they have the big experience.( france revolution,karl marx, fr. engels,lenin,russian bolsevic revolution,Budapest 1918 communist revolution and the TAKE OVER HALF OF EUROPE AFTER W.W.-2.They was born after any “‘revolution””which they started.THEY ARE SICK OF HATE!!!

    June 18, 2017,9:53 am

  4. Thomas Allen

    There is little to no common ground in terms of policy with the democrats of today. The democrats have divided this country by race, sex, sexual preference, national origin, religion, and every other category and their tribalist approach is coming home to roost.

    June 17, 2017,10:09 pm

  5. Patricia McGehee

    I fear we will have another Civil War. As the years have gone by the Liberals have become more radical. Indoctrination of our public schools and Universities began gradually after the Feds took over Education. It is now out in the open and full blown. I fear it is much too late to reel it back.

    June 17, 2017,8:31 am

  6. Shelly

    Oh and I forgot to mention I follow 2 liberal Facebook sites. They will not approve any post that are disrespectful to Republicans or the president. They require everyone be civil. I wish this site did that. People say very mean things on this site.

    I of course won’t be following it much longer I only popped in as a favor to a friend that wanted me to explore it.

    June 16, 2017,11:16 pm

  7. Shelly

    Hi Ronald,

    Thank you for your service to our country. My father and grandfather served also .

    Yes there are socialist and communist type folks in the Democratic Party but it is not the majority of the party . There are several facets to the party. Just like the racist anti gay folks aren’t the majority of yours.

    Of Course I condemn any violence towards any president, and if I had a network television show I would say it there. I hope that when Obama was being mistreated in a similar way that you spoke up as well. I think most decent people do not condone violence committed by their party . I do not know of any Democratic politician encouraging Democrats to commit violence. If you have footage of it please post. Trump did condone violence at his rallies, there is footage.
    I can also tell you the protestors are not paid. They have a right to peaceful protest just as Republicans have a right to peaceful protest against Obama .

    Most violence on either side, and BOTH sides have violence depending on who is in office, is committed by a small group of extremists and usually always men. Gabby Gifford was shot by a Republican, so yes republican people went out and killed people. Both sides have atrocities like this . Republicans are not better people than Democrats and Democrats are not better people than Republicans. We just have different political views, that does not make somebody bad or evil . When Obama won protesters had racist signs and posters of him being lynched . It happens on both sides, and it is disgraceful . Kathy Gifford is disgraceful, I personally hope her career is ruined .

    No one side is completely innocent of these horrible acts. However, The women’s march of 3 million had a zero violence. Key word is women.

    I defend Republicans when / if a Democrat lumps them all into a stereotype of racist. I defend Republicans when a Democrat calls them greedy and heartless. Yep I’m sure some are but let’s face it when we start stereotyping an entire group that’s when things get dangerous.

    Most all politicians are corrupt regardless of party . It’s sad, so we the people must look past propaganda designed to pit us against each other.

    So a civil war? Hell no! I love my fellow American regardless of party. I think this site (CBC) perpetuates Republican hate toward Democrats and it is disgraceful. Call them out on it, ask them to focus on unity.

    Just my humble opinions.


    June 16, 2017,10:15 pm

  8. Ronald

    Shelly, you sound like my fathers democrats however the democrats of today are more socialist and communist. The things you want are not unreasonable but the way the democrats of today act it’s there way or noway. They want to run every portion of our lives and I for one wants nothing to do with that. I spent over 20 years in the army and the United States has and is still fighting wars to keep us from being socialist or communists and to keep us free. When you have government run anything it is always a disaster look how Obamacare has turned out, and if the republicans turn out a healthcare bill unless it is based on free market it to will become a disaster. Unfortunately healthcare for all is a dream unless all get a job with benefits. It is unfortunate but you do not want the government telling you what you can and what you can’t have for healthcare and that is what will happen that’s what did happen. And you talk about guns the laws are already in place for what you want all they have to do is enforce them. And as far as the people being violent and damaging property, you and your party need to speak out against them, especially your politicians who seem to be the ones promoting it by preaching hatred toward the President. We didn’t like Obama either but we didn’t go out and wreak havoc every day and kill people.

    June 16, 2017,1:37 pm

  9. Shelly

    And for the record we are not upset Hillary lost. Let’s face it she was not squeaky clean. I’m upset an awful person like Trump won. I would be fine with other Republicans leading this country, like McCain or Romney they are respectable men. I just don’t respect Trump. My friends feel the same. We are not sore losers. Every 4 or 8 years it happens, one side loses. It’s OKAY!
    But I feel Trump is a disgrace. Similar to how you all felt about Obama- you weren’t sore losers you just vehemently disagreed with him. And that’s ok and I support your right to peacefully protest!!!

    June 16, 2017,1:30 pm

  10. Shelly

    I and most of my friends are Democrats. I have man many loving wonderful republicans friends too.

    Here is what we want.

    The Constitution preserved and upheld at all times. It was written for the times so when changes need to be made due to common sense that those changes be considered. Such as women’s right to vote. Etc.

    I want healthcare provided to all, it is human decency. Dying due to insurance denial or homelessness due to medical bankruptcy are attributes of an underdeveloped country. I care about people over profit at all times.

    I nor any of my friends want to take away guns but we want restrictions so children and mentally ill can not get them. That’s reasonable.

    I want Christians and all religious people the freedom and right to worship safely.

    I want all people loved and accepted regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, or transgender. Jesus loves us all.

    I want to protect Mother Earth that God created.

    I think the media has filled all your heads with exaggeration and untruths. There may be a percentage of liberals that are off their rockers, violent and unreasonable but the large majority just want people taken care of. How we do that is called politics. Just as There are some racists far right whack jobs in the Republican Party, I’m sure you would not want me to lump you all into the same category.

    Most Democrates are peaceful loving people just like you. The small percentage that damage property or are violent are a very very small percentage .

    Just like the Republicans that damage property or committed violent at any time in history are not a representation of your party.

    By and large regardless of political affiliation we are all a peaceful loving people that want United States of America to succeed, The people taken care of and the constitution preserved!!

    Please please do not listen to any radio commentators that are filling your hands with anything other than what I have stated . Those political commentators are the ones creating divisiveness and hate . It’s propaganda.

    Do not stereotype democrats sit down and talk to them . I promise to do the same .


    June 16, 2017,1:03 pm

  11. Patricia McGehee

    Yes, the Left want America restructured as did Obama. They are now frantic because of Pres. Trump rolling back changes made by Obama. The Left want the Constitution to become a living, breathing document they can change at will. They want open borders, no religion, no morals, and no genders, no guns, and no limits on what they want to do, say or behave.
    The Right will fight to the death to protect Christianity, America, the Constitution and all it entails.

    June 16, 2017,10:17 am

  12. Donald Barlow

    The poll and comments posted here speak for themselves on this topic.

    Violence is at the core of leftist ideology since the French Revolution over two hundred years ago. If you do not know that, you do not know your history. When leftists cannot change things peacefully as they determine they should be changed, which is based only on the supposed knowledge of mankind without reliance on God’s revealed truth and the experience of human beings through the ages in our Judeo-Christian culture, then they always resort to violent means to achieve their goals because the end justifies the means in their view. The fight right now is not just about greed and who gets what, but about the structure of our society and the principles on which it is based. The increasingly socialist direction of the Democratic Party makes it highly likely that if that development does not stop, and that seems unlikely now, and if the rest of America does not go along with that movement, which is destructive of our Judeo-Christian culture, then there will be a civil war. If the struggle can remain limited to politics and does not become more violent than what has been happening so far, perhaps we can avoid a terrible civil war. No one in their right mind who has paid any attention to civil wars, should want to see that happen, for it will pit neighbor against neighbor and lead to unspeakable atrocities like the shooting of people playing ball. Only a return to those Christian beliefs and principles that we were founded on can avoid such an end, in my view.

    June 16, 2017,9:19 am

  13. Darrel Hoffman

    This is so sad that our nation is being torn apart by evil, because people care only for their own selfish agendas instead of the good of the country. Yet, this fulfills Bible prophesy as the US is not mentioned anywhere in prophetic Scripture, which is very unusual.

    June 16, 2017,7:31 am

  14. tom kilo


    June 16, 2017,2:18 am

  15. Troy

    It was the Southern Democrats that headed the Confederates in the civil war. Those Southern Democrates ( mostly racists) switched to the Republican Party in the 1960s when the civil rights bill passed in 1964. Only 10% of those racist jokers supported it. So now those miserable son of bitches are in the Republican Party , which is why the Republicans get called racists.

    We don’t need s civil war, we just need common ground and it would be helpful if our leaders and political journalists in both parties united us instead of pit us against each other.

    June 16, 2017,1:29 am

  16. Tim Colbath

    The first civil war killed more Americans then several other wars combined. The democrats started – and Lost the first civil war over freeing the slaves. They will lose a second one as well. Americans elected Trump.
    Stay cocked and locked my friends.

    June 16, 2017,12:45 am

  17. Bill

    Only if the fools on the right fall for it.

    The real division is between the super rich and everyone else. As income inequality reaches historically high levels there will be an adjustment. Whether it is through the return to the progressive tax system in place from mid ’30s to ’80s; or a collapse of our national economy. The choice will be from the right — because you have more gun nuts.

    But a civil war? – Nope.

    June 15, 2017,9:36 pm

  18. Roan Suda

    As grave as the threat is from the left, I believe that the United States will somehow muddle through. “Progressive” ideology depends on an ever rising level of lunacy and the successful intimidation of those who fail to keep up with it. But then sooner or later common sense intrudes. A soccer mom stands up to some wacko liberal in the PTA and says, “no, Petunia, your son Teddy is not a little girl. He–yes, he!–is a little boy.” And then sanity begins to return.

    June 15, 2017,9:27 pm

  19. Phil Phillians

    I think it is inevitable it is coming! Unless we stop the Lefts Lawlessness NOW in its tracks by enforcing the current laws, it is going to happen! That in itself may start a Civil War!

    June 15, 2017,7:49 pm

  20. Herbert West

    Haven’t you noticed, We are already in a Civil War & have been since OUR President Trump put his name in the hat to become President.

    June 15, 2017,7:25 pm

  21. Rose

    With so much animosity from the people at large, black lives matter, liberal teens and your adults brainwashed by liberal teachers and professors and growing violence against people whose politics differ mainly against Republicans, i.e. the shooting yesterday at Alexandria, VA. The Democrats do nothing to tamp down the rhetoric and the witch hunt against Donald Trump- his backers are not going to sit still for the witch hunt going on in the FBI so they can depose our President I am very worried for our country. I am 88+ and I have never seen anything like this. Rioters, looters defy the police and
    target them. If we do not have a police department we have anarchy which we are already witnessing. God save us all.

    June 15, 2017,6:55 pm

  22. Angelika Griffin

    As PRIMITIVE as these leftists are I can picture another civil war…!! How can any beings be like that….??? Only deranged NON-humans are doing of what they do, like this Kathy Griffin for example….!!!

    June 15, 2017,6:53 pm

  23. Terry

    Been SCREAMING this from the roof tops ever since Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack (Nothing is ever my fault you RACIST WHITES !) Obama got re-elected in 2012. The GREAT divider did his job well. The VILE statements by other far left wing LOONS only proves that it is coming. Most like those from Hollyrotten and the MSM will run for Canada or Europe to hide till it’s over. My only wish is that they NEVER are allowed to come back, once we’ve cleansed the liberal sickness from this country.

    The democratic party should be outlawed as a wing of the communist international and NEVER allowed to be active again.

    The counsel on un-American activities should be reconvened and the far left wingers EXPUNGED from all private sector organizations, the civil services, political body and armed forces.

    June 15, 2017,5:54 pm

  24. Ken Wade

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
    Recognize that? I believe that the election of Donald Trump will prove no less powerful than the Declaration of Independence and we are headed towards a Revolutionary War to cast off the Chains of our over powerful liberal government!

    June 15, 2017,5:47 pm

  25. charles alvarado

    The “left” needs a good ass kicking. And they are really asking for it. Soon the boiling point will be reached. I am ready .

    June 15, 2017,5:38 pm

  26. Deplorable Robert

    That is exactly what the Liberal Left Mental Midgets want, but unfortunately for them, they will lose.I agree with ” oldpete and James Higginbotham” as well.
    Time to teach the snowflakes a life lesson. Been saving my ammo for just such an occasion. Hopefully peace will prevail, but stay locked and loaded just in case.

    June 15, 2017,5:11 pm

  27. jack

    The civil war will be between the criminal left that are wrapped up in George Sore Ass and between the Conservative Right that believe in freedom and the pursuit of happiness ! I this war no one wins but satin and the devil worshiping muslin like the gay imposter kenyan !

    June 15, 2017,5:07 pm

  28. oldpete

    I fear it is too late. The hate pushing people believe they are untouchable & that is simply not true. Unless they reign it in a violent awakening is in store for them, it is a two way street.

    June 15, 2017,4:58 pm

  29. James Higginbotham

    i feel we are.

    June 15, 2017,4:37 pm

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