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CNN: News So Fake That Three Journalists Had To RESIGN

Three experienced CNN reporters — one of them a Pulitzer Prize winner — are now standing at the end of the unemployment line after contributing to the epidemic of fake news. They were the masterminds behind a story about Trump’s supposed ties to Russia that had to be pulled for not meeting “editorial standards.”

The story went after Trump ally and notable conservative commentator Anthony Scaramucci, who immediately denied all claims. This is not CNN’s first foray into fake news. Prior to James Comey’s testimony before Congress they asserted that he would say Trump was the target of an FBI probe. Comey did no such thing.

James O’Keefe and Veritas have also found new paydirt, with CNN supervising producer John Bonifield caught on camera admitting that their Russia coverage was, quote, “mostly bullshit.” See the full video below!

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