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The War On Christianity Is Here: Watch How One Man Vandalized The Ten Commandments In Crazy Video

by Aryssa Damron

Liberals like to mock the “War on Christianity” but once again, reality proves them wrong! A statue of the Ten Commandments was up for less than 24 hours at the Arkansas Capitol before 32-year old Michael Reed mowed the statue down with his car, smashing it into pieces.

This isn’t Reed’s first maniacal rodeo — he also drove his car into a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma several years ago. His actions come in the wake of the ACLU threatening to sue over the monument’s installation. Reed also foolishly took a Facebook video of himself during the attack, screaming “Freedom!” as he rammed his car into the monument. See the video below!

Republican state senator Trent Garner is insistent that hate will not prevail. “We will rebuild. In fact, we should build the monument bigger and higher to show that will not be intimidated.”

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  1. Tracy Layton

    Fran, The point is we have separation of church and state no religion should be displaying symbols or words from their religion on government property. We aren’t a Christian nation we are a nation that has a lot of Christians there is a big difference .

    That said destruction of property is not the answer ever.

    If this is so important to you put it in your house not on government property .

    Respect the rights of other people to have their religious freedom without having your religion shoved down their throats – this is the United States of America and we are based on freedom and respect of others right to worship the religion they want.

    Unbelievable that I even have to say these things –

    People keep your religion to yourself – I don’t care who you worship or what you believe keep it to yourself – it’s between you and God and it is no one else’s Business – everyone keep your religion off government property !!!!

    July 1, 2017,12:34 pm

  2. Derrick

    Who cares what others believe, Christian or not , mind your own business everyone . I know a ton of hypocritical Christians that go to church , going to church does not make you a good person . Being a good person makes you a good person .

    People who judge others for not going to church are not good people.

    I respect the Bible to keep it to yourself .

    I agree this is sensational journalism – TMZ of the GOP

    June 30, 2017,11:47 pm

  3. Louis

    I don’t think that the obnoxious actions of one insane reprobate is enough to turn the tables on Christianity . There are too many people that DO believe in the bible and go to church in spite of idiots like him.

    June 30, 2017,11:26 pm

  4. Dr Gerald Hoffmyer

    1. Separation of church and state means that the 10 Commandments should not be displayed at a government building . Duh.

    2. Dear Christians this does not mean you can’t be a Christian and it is not war on Christianity if non-Christians don’t like it being displayed.
    3. The issue here is destruction of property .

    4. Christians how would you feel if Hindus or Buddhists displayed their religious symbols on a government building?

    Do you get it now?

    Other then the destruction of property …simmer down , this is not a Christian nation this is a nation of free religion get it through your thick skulls and stop acting like the United States belongs to you .

    There is no war on Christianity .

    I’m a conservative but this website does way more harm than good by pitting Republicans against Democrats , throwing fuel on any fire and creating issues that are not there .

    Shame on conservative book club journalism- you are part of the issue just like CNN- stop it! One person destroys property- that is NOT a war. Shame on you

    June 30, 2017,7:53 pm

  5. ConservativesDoucheBags

    Good! Those stupid farce of rules deserve to be destroyed. This country was built on freedom of religion. That means to worship any religion you see fit or not to worship at all. Christianity IS NOT the religion of this country nor is the “Word of ANY god.” So, they deserved to be crushed up into sand and spread on a beach somewhere. FUCK YOU Christians…YOU people are the detriment to our Society. You worship a make believe god as if it were real and you disregard you entire race (human) for a figment of your imagination. You are retarded idiots.

    June 30, 2017,7:33 pm

  6. Fran Tatsch

    Re-Build that monument but a lot BIGGER!! Good will always prevail over evil!! Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide from our creator!!

    June 30, 2017,6:34 pm

  7. Ron Arrington

    I know many Christians that do what they want because they know God will forgive their sins.

    And there lies the problem

    So they have a permission slip to be total jerks .

    I know many that are judgmental even racist , I know some that don’t give back to the community or charity of any kind but can afford it, I know a few that cheat on their spouses , I know some that bully – like our POTUS and I know many who are greedy and put profits over the well-being of people with all political decisions . I would venture God is not keen on any of that . I would even guess he’s tired of forgiving people for doing things that they know better.

    I know many loving atheists that are just downright good people that do good things for others and live a good life . They cause no harm to anyone .

    If you NEED a religion to be a good person that is your gig. I personally don’t need someone to tell me how to be a good person . I’m not a Christian but I’m not not a Christian either . Religion has done as much good as it has done harm in the world , so please don’t tell me it brings world order because it does not

    In the 1500s the Protestants and Catholics murdered each other over heretic stupidity .( There is no war and for CBC to write this article perpetuating a non issue is absurd.) Both sides believed in God and had very little dividing them and they still were horrible people . Religion can mean nothing , how you conduct yourself in this world is what matters . If you are religious and a good person good for you if you are not religious and a good person good for you – you are the people doing it right !

    Love each other and protect Mother Earth- it’s not that hard . God created man and the heavens and the earth – for gods sake take care of each other.

    I can’t stand judgmental Christians. keep all religions out of the government . separation of church and state please it’s what we were founded on .

    Practice your religion whatever it is , that is your right and I would fight to protect it. Please stop pushing your religion on other people go to church and mind your own business . Christians are not better than other people . I abhore Christians who think they are better than other people and I can’t stand Christians who think they are !

    Your religion is between you and God and when you start folding it into power and politics that’s when there are issues .

    June 30, 2017,4:58 pm

  8. James Bannister

    It is all demonic influence and we Christians need to stand up and no longer just watch but fight 🔙 back

    June 30, 2017,4:50 pm

  9. Ty James Holmberg

    One heinous act does not constitute a war on Christianity.

    The journalist is his article is a sensationalist, this is propaganda.


    June 30, 2017,12:31 pm

  10. Dirk

    This seems to be the trademark of this new and continuing brand of atheism, it’s ferocious attack on all religion.To its advocates, religious beliefs are not only false; they are also dangerous and must be expunged from all corners of society.  Without God, morality is reduced to whatever mode of behavior human beings agree on. There is no action that is objectively right or wrong. Rape, hate, murder and other such acts are only wrong because they have been deemed to be so in the course of human evolution. Those who insist that objective morality makes no difference to human autonomy still expect morality to guide the behavior of others. Hitler was an atheist who finally began a new religion “Göttglueben” or God belief, where god was Nazi Germany and it’s believer’s patriotic nationalists. In so doing whatever you do, as long as it’s for the state/god, it was good i.e., there was nothing wrong with the extermination of millions of jews. This is exactly what would happen were the new atheists to succeed in their quest, the result would not be the elimination of religion but the entrenchment of a different religion. As Ravi Zacharias of RZIM warned, “Beware of ethical naturalists bearing moral gifts.”

    June 30, 2017,3:17 am

  11. David

    I forgive you my son. The Lord will take care of you!

    June 29, 2017,7:29 pm

  12. Sharon M. Wilson

    To disregard his word that guides us can lead us to live by the dictates of the flesh that ensnare us. Which is dangerous and can separate us for eternity from the one who loves us and gave his life for us.

    June 29, 2017,5:30 pm

  13. Sharon M. Wilson

    So sad. What this young man does not realize is that God’s word gives us try freedom. Freedom to obey God’s word that guide us and lead us to a more fruitful life. To disregard his word can lead us to the obey the dismayed of the flesh that ensnare us. That is dangerous and can separate us from an eternity with the one who lives us and gave his life for us.

    June 29, 2017,5:19 pm

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