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Is Twitter A Stain On Trump’s Record? See Michael Ramirez’s Cartoon

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump has started innumerable feuds, scandals and spats with media figures and others through his Twitter account. Is his Twitter staining him and the very office of the President? See Michael Ramirez’s timely cartoon!

For more Ramirez, check out his comic anthology Give Me Liberty or Give Me Obamacare HERE.


  1. Susan

    At least he didn’t send and receive classified info on an unsecured server.
    At least he didn’t destroy evidence and obstruct justice by destroying a
    blacktooth/laptops etc. He didn’t bleach bit other evidence. Our President
    has had to resort to Tweeting to get the truth out. Go Trump, keep it going!
    MAGA. I love that it ticks off his detractors.

    September 28, 2017,8:37 pm

  2. James cunningham


    September 25, 2017,6:17 pm

  3. James cunningham

    Well it looks like you won’t let me, so no

    September 25, 2017,6:17 pm

  4. James cunningham

    I should quit

    September 25, 2017,6:16 pm

  5. James cunningham

    They should be fired

    September 25, 2017,6:16 pm

  6. Tracy Layton

    I don’t know business executive that is as unprofessional or as poor of a orator as Trump. I’m a Vice President at a large Corporation. He behaves the way he does because of his lack of maturity and integrity. Many wealthy people conduct themselves with dignity so it’s not money. It’s who he is, and an embarrassment to our country

    July 6, 2017,12:56 pm

  7. Daniel Duteil

    He might give more consideration to what he posts. Seems like maybe he is reacting and not giving it a little thought. Not saying he is wrong, just might consider all the ramifications before lashing out. Some times holding your tongue and quietly setting them up would be wiser.

    July 5, 2017,9:41 am

  8. Bill Shipley


    July 4, 2017,7:39 pm

  9. Debbie White Rammer

    President Trump & his lovely family has endured relentless character & moral attacks from the out of control liberals. The media jackals are shameless perpetrators of evil & false narratives regarding President Trump. Our POTUS is responding to get the truth out via the perfect tool,Twitter. The lame stream media is going down in flames, which is evidenced by retracting their lies and firing their reports. Anyone with a thinking cap can see what’s really happening.

    July 4, 2017,7:03 am

  10. Laura G. Holmes

    The true childish behavior is on the part of the deceptive media and the Democratic party right now. True leaders fight wrong. They get things done even when being attacked falsely and relentlessly over and over again. Thank you Trump! Keep up the great work! The people who matter are with you 100%!

    July 3, 2017,10:54 pm

  11. Dr Gerald Hoffmyer

    Trump’s wrestling tweet is over the top of juvenile . Not to mention Suggesting the use of violence is wrong . True Leaders do not behave in this way .

    At this point if you’re still supporting him you’re either a Bible beater , racist , ignorant or a backwards ass hillbilly .

    Any reasonable person I know who voted for him is regretting the decision .

    Let’s get him out of office as soon as possible he is a detriment to this nation

    July 3, 2017,9:47 pm

  12. Herman Vogel

    No Mikie,,it’s the way things are done today to get around the CORRUPT MEDIA and all their Cronies in Hollywood LYING THEIR ARSH OFF about him.

    July 3, 2017,7:42 pm

  13. Kory Chatelain

    Amazing how people will support a man-child who behaves like a 12 year old spoiled brat.

    July 3, 2017,5:19 pm

  14. JaspersPet

    It is time we have a real President, one that actually communicates openly with the public which is exactly what President Trump is doing with Twitter!!!

    July 3, 2017,5:12 pm

  15. Joseph Wilson

    I am a Trump follower no matter what! But I think he gets a little petty with his tweets

    July 3, 2017,4:52 pm

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