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Who’d Win In A WWE Wrestling Match: Donald Trump or Joe Scarborough?

by Bradley Matthews

Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough are feuding. We know Trump has wrestled the WWE’s Vince McMahon and even CNN (see the video below), but could he elbow drop Joe Scarborough? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Who'd win a wrestling match: Trump or Scarborough?

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  1. Sam Jones

    Joe S is stiff he’d break with first hit.

    July 13, 2017,8:59 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Ty, you are not required to respect him. That is your choice because you are blessed to live in the U.S.A. However, he IS your president whether you people like it or not. The extreme left and right are like preschoolers. It is so pathetic!

    July 8, 2017,1:36 pm

  3. Ty James Holmberg

    If you want to take your bible to school go to a Catholic school or allow every student the right to worship and celebrate their faith whether Islam, Judaism , Buddhism or what ever in the same way in public schools.

    Respect for Trump? That is not happening




    “A person who thinks of building walls and not bridges is not a Christian ” – Pope

    Too many Republicans living in the Fox News bubble. Fox News like every other station placates to their base so you don’t get the whole truth

    Blacks were considered property when the founders wrote the constitution so things evolve as society does. Evolve!

    If your faith brings you peace and love, use that love to live your life and let others live their own/ don’t put your religion in my face I don’t care if it’s Hindu, Christian, or Jainism ! Why do people want to use religion to run government policy? use religion to run your own life.

    July 8, 2017,1:07 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    Bill and Troy, your hatred of Trump blinds you to the truth. It is sad. Troy, you obviously have not been paying attention to the foreign trips that Trump has been making. He is getting a lot of respect. Most countries are glad that a strong America is back.

    July 8, 2017,7:22 am

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    Hannah, you are absolutely correct in the fact that Thomas Jefferson placed it in the 1st amendment as an UNDERSTOOD concept. However, it was never enforced until the Supreme Court interpreted it about 20 years ago. This is why we still have “One Nation Under GOD” in the pledge of allegiance, “In GOD We Trust” on our currency, and the Constitution itself states our rights are given to us by our “Creator” many times. These are just a few examples. I have read many history books and have studied the interpretation by the Supreme Court. Thank you, I should have clarified my point better.

    Now, an unintended consequence of the Supreme Court decision has ended up removing religious freedoms from the people. I took my bible to school every day as a child and read it at the bus stop and during lunch. My children would be suspended for doing that. It has also allowed Political Correctness to run amuck without any checks or balances. Our forefathers would roll over in their graves if they knew what was happening right now. Thank you for your insight, but you are not correct in your assessment of the situation. Thank GOD Trump is trying to give us back our religious freedoms as intended by the founders. They would be pleased with him. The country was founded on the absolute concept of religious freedom from Tyranny of the English King.

    July 8, 2017,7:19 am

  6. Troy

    A man doesn’t live 69 years as a tax evader, military dodger , Sexual harasser of women ( I could go on for a long time here ) , and becomes a good Christian at age 70 .

    The WWE video was beneath the office of presidency . We have lost respect from the world by electing this moron. He doesn’t value the environment or wildlife he doesn’t value taking care of chronically ill, disabled ( he makes fun of disabled people and we know that ) or people with pre-existing conditions . He values profit .

    There is a reason his approval ratings are low and remain low

    People who agree with trumps policy chose to ignore the person he is.

    July 7, 2017,11:47 pm

  7. Bill

    Article six of the Constitution states, in part: “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

    If the founders had been establishing a theocracy they would have stated that only Christians could serve. They did not.

    Any Christian who has paid attention should quickly realize that keeping religion and government separate is better for both institutions.

    Some simple problems: If our government were to endorse Christianity as its official religion, whose Christianity would it endorse? Catholics or Protestants? Which Protestant church – Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, …. Which translation of the Bible?

    If you cannot see the merit of keeping church and state separate, you probably have not given it enough thought.

    July 7, 2017,8:35 pm

  8. Hannah Berridge

    Thomas Jefferson coined “separation of church and state ” in 1802 as an interpretation of the first amendment . In other words the First Amendment includes the concept of separation church and state. The concept is implied in the constitution the actual words are not .

    Neither of you need to read a history book because both of you are correct – you’re just reading it and interpreting it a little different from each other .

    July 7, 2017,5:45 pm

  9. Laura G. Holmes

    Oh, and BTW being honest is not being judgmental. It is kind of refreshing in our society for someone to do that.

    July 7, 2017,4:39 pm

  10. Laura G. Holmes

    Thank you Yolanda for proving my point. It was soooo obvious what you are. The separation of church and state was determined by the Supreme Court. Seriously, read a history book. It will help! I feel so sorry for you. Your hatred is sad. I will pray for you to get over it like a mature adult would do. You really shouldn’t criticize Trump’s language skills when yours are lacking.

    July 7, 2017,4:38 pm

  11. Yolanda Patterson

    The founding fathers were Christian, and their beliefs were prevalent that is a fact. But the constitution states FREEDOM of religion. If we were founded on and only could have Christian values it would not read as such. They wrote separation of Church and state for a reason- to protect freedom. Freedom from people pushing religion into government decisions.

    Do you even understand that concept? That means we are not a Christian nation it, It means we respect the right of all religions. You should try it.
    Respect non Christians and they will respect you.

    And the analogy of WWE and Trump is unbecoming- no other prominent leader would post such ridiculous nonsense. Another example of his inadequate maturity level .

    yes I hate Trump he is a horrible p grabbing playboy that cheats on his wives, cheats his contract workers and scams people like T University . He condones violence at his rallies like some hilly billy that can’t use intelligence to handle conflict. He asked Russia to hack Hillary’s email. Really? Asking a corrupt evil enemy dictator to hack? It’s one thing after another with this jack off of a man. (And guess what, the constitution protects my right to not like him also. ) He is As disgusting as Bill Clinton, but Bill at least could speak above a 5th grade level.

    You can like Trump and you can be Christian that is your right. I’m ok with that- just stop judging everyone else- or is judging a Christian value? I wonder because The most judgmental people I know happen to be Christian.

    This fight is over – I don’t care what you have to say and you don’t care what I have to say so let’s Move on

    July 7, 2017,2:58 pm

  12. Laura G. Holmes

    Yolanda, you nailed yourself. This country was founded on Christian-Judeo values. Tell the founding fathers what you have posted here and they would have laughed at you. I am not laughing at you. Your lack of knowledge is sad to me. This, unfortunately, is how uninformed America has become on even the most basic information. You need to read a history book or two. It may help. Trump is a decent man. You obviously hate him. It is both of you that are preaching your Friday sermons. I am just correcting the idiocy.

    July 7, 2017,1:23 pm

  13. Yolanda Patterson

    Bill you nailed it.

    And Laura , we are a nation that has many Christians, not a Christian nation.

    We were founded on separation of church and state.

    Preach to yourself, no one else wants to hear it.

    Trump is the opposite of Christian values.

    July 7, 2017,12:28 pm

  14. Laura G. Holmes

    Bill, any true follower of Christ who actually reads and understands the Bible understands that Christ came to save the human race from itself. Trump has come a long way in the last year. Any true Christian can see the change in him. I am sorry that you and your so-called peeps are too narrow-minded to understand that. I find Trump a true leader who will bring America back from the brink. I have an intimate and personal relationship with Christ and this is how I get that Trump was put there by GOD to bring America back. Ever since the Supreme Court took GOD out of the public domain, America has spiraled into oblivion morally speaking. Take a moment to pray and listen to GOD. You may actually gain some true knowledge of he and his son’s reasons for doing things. Trump has done more for Judeo-Christian values than the past 10 presidents combined. Get your head out of the sand. You have an extreme hatred for Trump, which is totally against Christ’s teachings. I believe this hatred is keeping you from being able to think rationally. It is sad to true followers of Christ like me!

    July 7, 2017,12:22 pm

  15. Bill

    Laura – I am actually a fairly reasonable guy. I just found this question – “who’d win a WWE wrestling match could” really stupid.

    And I am curious how many of Trump’s worshippers actually understand and support traditional conservative values. I would like to see the answers – though the non-scientific polling on a website is not really the best way.

    A lot of conservative pundits are concerned by Trump’s obvious appeals to bigots, and his protectionist views on trade.

    And by the way, I have every right to make what you consider disparaging remarks. History is full of much nastier remarks than my suggested polling topics.

    Trump is not a leader, at least not of people I know. People who read, think, and care, find him a repulsive backwards thinking embarrassment.

    No follower of Christ should find Trump acceptable.

    July 7, 2017,11:47 am

  16. Laura G. Holmes

    Bill, you are obviously an obnoxious, angry individual! Just because we non-racists happen to tell the truth (you people should try it sometime), does not mean you have a right to make disparaging remarks about us. I believe that GOD loves all of his children. All men were created equal and in GOD’s image. Those of us who have an honest take on the world know that fact. You people are so blinded by your hatred of Trump and people in general that you just spew nonsense and hope it sticks to the wall. The problem for you is that it does not work anymore. We are on to you now. Trump is proving to be a true leader whether you people like it or not. Donald Trump’s twitter stream, although I don’t agree with all of it, at least gets the truth to the American people. They can cut through the B.S. of the pariahs in the media. Journalism is now synonymous with lying and dishonesty. I am sorry if the truth angers you and your followers.

    July 7, 2017,8:50 am

  17. Bill

    Why bother with such a nonsensical poll?

    Why not quiz your Trump worshippers to see if they actually hold “conservative” values like: government closest to the people being better; global trade with minimal regulation; conservation and protection of natural resources; children obeying parents; opposing divorce; favoring the wealthy because they are God’s favored people; favoring white skinned people; favoring evangelical Christians over Catholics, Jews or Muslims.

    Those all seem to be conservative values you should poll on rather than foolish nonsense from DJT’s Twitter stream.

    July 6, 2017,10:33 pm

  18. Laura G. Holmes

    Ron, you again? Seriously, dude I am narrow and brainwashed? The buffoonery on the website is astounding. Yes, there are idiots on the extreme left and right. Give examples of the “racists that came out of the woodwork after Obama was elected”. I am pretty sure that mainly Caucasians elected him. The anti-Obama crowd were not burning down buildings, threatening people, or destroying property. They waited until the next elected and changed things at the ballot box (the proper forum for change). The CNN video that Trump retweeted was a metaphor stating the correlation between wrestling, which is fake and the CNN network who have clearly been shown over and over again to be biased and liars (hence the fake news network). I guess you would have to know what a metaphor is to understand this concept. Tracy the ratings are up because of Trump. Joe Scarborough is no longer a Republican. Mika controls several parts of his body and I don’t think he can think too rationally now. These two have spewed the most vicious vitriol imaginable about Donald Trump. We finally have a Republican president who stands up to them and calls them out and he gets lambasted by the Never-Trumpers. Now these are the people who to me are the most despicable. It is their total intention to have Trump overthrown in a coup attempt and put in his place Mike Pence. Good Luck with that! The Never-Trumpers should know better. You expect the violent thug behavior from the left because their morally bankrupt. The reason you people on the extreme right or the holier-than-thou Never-Trumpers want to overthrow him is because you just don’t like the guy. It doesn’t matter what he accomplishes, you will still act like idiots. It is total hypocrisy and you better pray and listen to GOD and the holy spirit. This man overcame extreme odds and won an election because of divine intervention in spite of all of the factions working against him. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavor to overthrow him in your coup attempt. Throw anything at the wall to see if it will stick. Thank GOD millions of Americans are not stupid and will not allow this to happen.

    July 6, 2017,5:40 pm

  19. Ricardo Farone Sr

    Donald POTUS TRUMP!

    July 6, 2017,5:18 pm

  20. Brenda Barnes

    Joe and Mila are fricking jokes!! Whoever told either one they were journalists?????

    July 6, 2017,4:59 pm

  21. William RAMSBURG


    July 6, 2017,4:31 pm

  22. William RAMSBURG


    July 6, 2017,4:26 pm

  23. Tracy Layton

    His ratings went up, you can fact check it.
    Republicans are running around screen fake news when there are facts contradicting.
    Fascist leaders work hard to control the message- let’s leave it to supply/demand and free press, not a leader. Don’t watch the stations you feel are fake and fake check things on the stations you believe to be good.

    Never be sheep

    July 6, 2017,1:01 pm

  24. Tracy

    Highest ratings than what? Yes he did receive higher ratings than the previous week – that is a fact . Nielsen ratings show a 70% spike in ratings after Trump attacked . Ratings jumped from under 1M over1 .6 million – those are facts that it’s not fake news . Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it fake
    Joe is a Republican he just did not think Trump was the right person for presidency . And he is definitely not alone . In the primaries Many Republicans did not feel Trump was right for the presidency as they all voted for another candidate . It doesn’t make you a bad Republican to think Trump was the wrong choice ! That makes you a free American with the right to think freely, it’s time everyone just start respecting each other’s political views and thoughts . No you don’t have to agree with them but respect their right to their freedom .
    And yes there is violence on both sides in both parties on extreme ends – everyone in between is pretty reasonable – whether Republican or Democrat . We are all far more alike than we are different . So many people making comments keep us divided by the way they think in the us versus them mentality – and Trump keeps you there

    July 5, 2017,10:52 pm

  25. Fran Tatsch

    Morning Joe proclaimed highest ratings “Fake News.”

    July 5, 2017,9:37 pm

  26. Ron Arrington

    Laura Holmes- the 2008 and 2012 election revealed hate and violence on the right. I’m not sure why you think the Republican Party is so absolute. Racists came out of the woodwork!

    There a shitty people in both parties- get off your high horse

    Your posts are narrow, lack awareness . You are listening to something brainwashing- like This site- completely not objective- they just perpetuate divide.

    July 5, 2017,3:33 pm

  27. Bev Hines

    Discussing if our president can or should beat someone up screams hillbilly

    July 5, 2017,9:47 am

  28. Ty James Holmberg

    Bill S, Amen!

    July 4, 2017,11:37 pm

  29. Bill Shipley

    Let’s be clear

    It doesn’t matter what his former profession was he is a horrible president, at least Ronald Ragan was a good honorable man .

    Donald Trump is not even an honest businessman take a look at all the people / contractors he did not pay because he didn’t want to . And they can’t take him to court because he has more money for lawyers than they do . Trump university was a scam . Trumps number one goal is making money and when that is your goal you forgot your values and integrity . Every time he goes Mara Largo he gets paid – he will likely make more than if he drew a salary . He made $35,000 on golf carts for the Secret Service in his first three months . He has already spent more than Obama on golf and travel. If you haven’t studied anything about Donald Trump than you’re clueless as to what a poor human being he is . He cheats on each wife to marry the next . Donald Trump is immature , threatens violence at his rallies, A bully , vain and uninformed. Not to mention how he avoided the military , and did not pay his taxes appropriately which means our veterans did not get the money they needed . If you cared about our veterans he would’ve paid his taxes he can afford it !

    He speaks about his daughter in a disgusting sexual way. He shoots his mouth off with no thought to consequence , something A president should never do .

    I don’t care if he is businessman and entertainer an astronaut or a janitor he is simply not qualified and a disgusting representation of United States of America .

    Ronald Ragan ALSO cut taxes for the rich and that did not work he left us in national debt . As much as I don’t like Bill Clinton he left us in a surplus . We have to give him credit for that .

    There were other Republican candidates that would’ve handled the presidency much better . Let’s be clear This P grabbing man is a joke . I’m embarrassed for my daughters that this man is representing our country .

    If you talk to yourself into liking Donald Trump you’re ignoring blatant factors that make him a horrible human being . Just because your rich does not mean you are successful . Successful people have integrity . This man is disgusting , and if you approve of him so are you

    July 4, 2017,7:46 pm

  30. Bubba

    Let us all be clear here……. Prior to his election, President Trump was a private citizen… Like most of us. He didn’t structure his life around polishing a “public” persona so he had a squeaky clean resume to pass himself off as a politician who “cares about the people”. As wee know, virtually all politicians are lawyers and to add our southern pronunciation to that it comes out that all politicians are liars. Donald Trump and Vince McMahon (the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment) WWE – are two of the most polished promoters in American entertainment. Yes folks – Donald Trump was not only a successful businessman long before he determined that the country needed to be fixed – he was also a successful entertainer. And I would like to take a moment to make clear that everyone who voted for Donald Trump knew what he was when he was elected President. Successful businessman, successful entertainer and what will be an amazing successful President. In short, this alleged “fight” between these two promoters was a staged event for the benefit of each of them. So WTFU. This wasn’t private citizen Donald Trump rolling in the arena in some roadhouse smackdown. This was two promoters promoting each other for their collective financial good fortune. Its what Donald Trump did. He was a promoter. And what he wasn’t was President of the United States. Ronald Reagan was neither an accomplished football coach nor was he a killer as depicted in many of his movies. People didn;t go about flashing segments of his movies and pretend this was un-Presidential. When Reagan was on the “stage” he was an actor …. When Vince and Donald are on TV they are actors. Stop your stupid comments and get back to doing whatever it is you do for a life. You have an American patriot who is doing exactly what he was “hired” to do. As for what all of you can do, lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way! We are going to make America the fantastic country it has always been before the “dark siders” took over and started to make our collective history a shameful event instead of a fact of what it was – our history. If America wasn’t the most fabulous country in the world, you wouldn’t see everyone on earth wishing they could live here.

    July 4, 2017,7:54 am

  31. Yolanda Patterson

    Honestly both parties have committed violence and/ or threatened it at various times in history. Neither side is squeaky clean. People “lynched ” Obama etc. completely not OK ! And the liberal women’s march of 3 million had a no violence. Ted Nuggent threatened Obama – both sides have wronged. There are bad people on both sides.

    Regarding president Trumps CNN wrestling video , if you’re still defending this man after this nonsense you have big-time issues . No reasonable person would approve of this kind of behavior . I hope he resigns . I’m not a Mike Pence fan because let’s face it his social values are from the early 1900s .

    We need socially liberal Republicans in the White House . All people are created equal and all people should be treated as such . This country is ruled by our Constitution which says all people are equal . If your Bible says otherwise that’s your business keep it out of government .

    July 4, 2017,12:36 am

  32. Bev Hines

    The CNN wrestling video is beneath a world leader. No other world leader would do this. Unbelievable.

    July 3, 2017,11:31 pm

  33. Jerrod Washington

    Um. Leslie’s post isn’t condoning any kind of liberal or Democrat violence . Nor does it indicate she is liberal. It is condemning suggested violence by the Republican Party especially the president . ( Trump at his rallies and now the stupid CNN video ) and you should be condemning his suggested violence as well . Integrity and dignity over party .

    July 3, 2017,11:11 pm

  34. Laura G. Holmes

    Leslie, seriously, knock it off! People who live in glass houses should not cast stones. One thing this election has certainly exposed is the violence of the left-wing lunatics. Burning down buildings and threatening a sitting president’s life is detestable to say the least! I can name so many examples of the sickness on your side right now. These people need to be put on Lithium. They are danger to themselves and the public. Get a grip on reality, please, it is embarrassing. Trump is exposing you people for the fake, phony hypocrites that you are. The guy is kicking your backsides! Finally, a Republican who fights back and turns the table exposing the deception of the left. Shame on all of you for ignoring the violence on your side. It is truly disgusting to watch!

    July 3, 2017,10:46 pm

  35. Louise Adams

    Joe Scarborough is a moron as is most on those
    networks they either twist things around or just plain
    lie they can’t just tell the simple truth about anything!

    July 3, 2017,7:35 pm

  36. John Wise

    Greater is The Light living in Trump , than the Darkness living in Joe !

    July 3, 2017,7:04 pm

  37. Dick Hullfish

    I support the President . Joe and Romero can kiss my ass in Macy’s window. Two more pussy’s to add to the list of loser Democrats.CBC rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 3, 2017,7:02 pm

  38. Leslie Romero

    Ok really? CBC you suck.

    Violence as a solution? Joking or not, zero sophistication. Trump said violent things on the campaign trail , evidence he does not have the class and sophistication needed to lead.

    If you follow him you are lacking the same.

    Sad times. The German government just has removed the word “friend” from their description of the US /German relationship.

    And anyone thinking we can go it alone with out allies is pig headed. If North Korea attacked us in any way we would want our allies help. I fully realize in the past we have been the military superpower- but what if it’s not a military attack from our enemies. Chemical? Water? Power? Stock market?

    I am fed up with this President embarrassing us day after day .

    And I’m disgusted by the people who support him

    July 3, 2017,6:43 pm

  39. William radu

    Scarborough is looking for attention he should get a job with NYCSD

    July 3, 2017,6:34 pm

  40. Victoria

    Mark Levin is right, Joe Scarborough does look like the lil banjo player in the movie Deliverance. As for these snowflakes, and fake news makers, they just can’t get over the fact that Hildabeast didn’t win, and NEVER stood a chance against Trump!!! Joe is totally pussy whipped by Twat mika and that that Donnie Douche is just that. A HUGE Doubles Douche bag, that couldn’t fight his way out of a bag from Queens lol

    July 3, 2017,6:30 pm

  41. Wm

    Keep up the good things your doing and do not worry about the media, and all the negative people are saying. We need good reports, and good cleaning of housekeeping, rid all the one you feel are hindering your administration. Get people that what to be for the People and not Big Government. We had enough, as you said prior to you being our New President. God Bless and God Bless America.

    July 3, 2017,6:18 pm

  42. Don

    Scarborough is a peterpuffig dickhead

    July 3, 2017,5:30 pm

  43. Lori

    Joe Scarborough is a wuss,Mika could whip him .she runs him now and she’s a piece of moose droppings.

    July 3, 2017,5:23 pm

  44. Mary Harris

    Pfff it would be a slaughter. Too funny

    July 3, 2017,5:09 pm

  45. Fortuneless

    Joe Scarborough is Pussy whipped.

    July 3, 2017,4:48 pm

  46. Carl Bickford

    Trump would inialte Scumborough#pussy

    July 3, 2017,4:48 pm

  47. Brent Caviness

    Joe Scarborough does fake things for a living, just like the WWE, so he would be able to understand the rules completely… therefore giving him the edge over President Trump, who plays by not only the rules, but the very best, most spectacular rules.

    July 3, 2017,4:41 pm

  48. mary ann

    Scarborough is a WIMP.

    July 3, 2017,4:39 pm

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