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After Obamacare Repeal Fails, Should Mitch McConnell Be Replaced?

by Bradley Matthews

The Obamacare repeal bill (American Health Care Act) will not pass the Senate. Given years of promises, should Mitch McConnell be replaced due to this failure? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Do you think the Senate should have passed the bill — or were you against it? Vote in another CBC reader poll HERE.










Should Sen. Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell be replaced?

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  1. Karen lindberg

    seven years !!!!!!!!seven years!!!!!!!well mitch .

    November 13, 2017,4:43 pm

  2. Richard

    We need to run a campaign and remove Mc Cain and Graham from office

    July 30, 2017,2:29 pm

  3. Laurie Layne

    Turtle needs to be replaced alright! I think that might make the rinos a little more nervous if these votes had more consequences!!

    July 29, 2017,8:58 am

  4. Stacy Shepherd

    How could it pass with all the RINOs in Congress? They have been traitors to their party and more importantly to their constituents that voted them in. We need to abolish both major parties and start new ones. Neither party is representing anyone anymore. The Democrats can be changed to the Fascist Socialist party. The Republicans can be changed to the Big Business party. The third party who cares about the environment and the state of our country can be named the American First Patriot party. The country ousted the 2 primary parties in the late 1800s – the Wigs and the Tories and it is time to replace their replacement parties as they are not what they were supposed to be anymore.

    July 28, 2017,9:45 pm

  5. dennis evero


    July 28, 2017,5:41 pm

  6. dennis evero

    both ryan paul and mitch should be replaced

    July 28, 2017,5:36 pm

  7. Oat 60

    Repeal it now or get rid of the obstructionist turncoat Republicans like McConnell who won’t support the President or the American people who put them into office.

    July 20, 2017,10:48 am

  8. Frank Corby

    Mitch should be dropped immediately. He failed to pull the Senate into a working team of dedicated politicians. Send him home to Kentucky.

    July 20, 2017,10:44 am

  9. Sandra Manzi

    This is not a Trump man, never was. Don’t ever forget he lied to his own people from Kentucky, vote me back in and I will REPEL OBAMACARE. Than once he got in he said ‘WE DON’T HAVE THE VOTES!” I thought we had the MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE….. He is nothing but part of the elite, let’s make them have OBAMACARE and we will see how fast it changes..

    July 19, 2017,9:37 pm

  10. Fran Tatsch

    American Taxpayers continue to learn about the depth of the DC swamp.
    Politicians aka hacks apparently found long ago, that “CORRUPTION, COLLUSION, Sometimes MURDER & PAY TO PLAY” = BIG MONEY.
    “They” have a price!
    “They” are full of gluttony, lust and greed for money.
    “They” are proud of who they are and care not about what “they” have done to our country.
    “They” have become despondent to we the people.
    The wrath of God will come down upon “them.” And “they” will be penned like slothful vermin at their own hand!
    “They” will reap what “they” have sewn… It is written in the Book of Life!
    “They” all have a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the wrongs that they have done right…as we wait to see!!!

    July 19, 2017,6:38 pm


    WE said REMOVE and REPLACE!! Not modify and update ObamaCare! The people have spoken! Now must replace the traitors Mitch McConnell AND Paul Ryan and start again!

    July 19, 2017,6:35 pm

  12. Lynda Meyers

    (continued comment got cut off above): it’s the cold weather in Maine and Alaska — who knows — or maybe they’re just feminists first and Republicans only down the line. Dean Heller is worried about his own re-election, and thinks the votes in Nevada lie with opponents of the Republican health care plan. Four different Senators, at least three different reasons (assuming Collins and Murkowski have similar reasons) for voting “No!”
    The REAL problem is we have only 52 Republicans in the Senate, even including the “Gang of Four.” We NEED MORE GOP SENATORS, and then the defection even of four idiots won’t matter.

    July 19, 2017,6:18 pm

  13. Lynda Meyers

    It’s NOT Mitch McConnell’s fault that the repeal/replace Obamacare vote failed (for now: I think we’ll have another vote by mid-September and that one may come out differently). Look to RAND PAUL and SUSAN COLLINS and LISA MURKOWSKI and DEAN HELLER for the guilty parties!
    McConnell used every legislative maneuver at his disposal to bring the “Gang of Four” around, but Senators (and Republicans) are independent-minded and just don’t respond to their leaders when they don’t want to. We Republicans and conservatives are INDIVIDUALISTS, remember? (Unlike the DEMORATS, who march in lockstep like little Nazis, and do JUST what their leaders order them to do!)
    As for the “Gang of Four”: Rand Paul is NOT a Republican OR a conservative; he’s a Libertarian and sometimes he just DOESN’T AGREE with the GOP. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) just aren’t team players (MAYBE

    July 19, 2017,6:13 pm

  14. Lawrence Oppenheimer

    50 years combined for Mitch & Ryan in Congress. Time for them to go. Long overdue.

    July 19, 2017,6:10 pm

  15. Jeronimo Dan

    No real reason to be mad at just one, their all the same, both side’s. And their in it for themselves and they don’t give us a thought.

    July 19, 2017,5:07 pm

  16. Bill

    Not very many conservative Republicans in these comments. Just a whole lot of deluded Trump worshippers. Perhaps the CBC should change its name to “Donnie’s Duped”

    July 19, 2017,4:47 pm

  17. dwlobato@verizon.net

    John McCain is anti Trump. He must go or be replaced

    July 19, 2017,4:46 pm

  18. dwlobato@verizon.net

    John McCain should go or be replaced

    July 19, 2017,4:44 pm

  19. Robert haines

    his sorry ass should be thrown under the bus along with the super rhino Paul Ryan. They both have to go. PLease Mr. PResident, clean out any super limbs that are odumbo hold over. Let’s do what best for America.

    July 19, 2017,4:37 pm

  20. Robert haines


    July 19, 2017,4:35 pm

  21. Robert haines


    July 19, 2017,4:34 pm

  22. Charles G Nevaril

    We are many that are sick of these people. Mitch is only one.

    July 19, 2017,4:32 pm

  23. Frances Carlson

    Mitch, along with a number of his peers, needs to retire or be replaced. I’m sick to death of all these obstructionists with their own personal agendas on both sides of the aisle. They aren’t winning any popularity contests.

    July 19, 2017,4:20 pm

  24. josh grant

    mitch is a under cover democrat comunist

    July 19, 2017,4:18 pm

  25. Carolyn Acheson

    We need to vote out the 6 Republican obstructionists, then see what will happen. It’s too easy to put the blame on McConnell.

    July 19, 2017,4:09 pm

  26. Alicia Arce

    It is time for the American people to take charge and drain the swamp, let’s help the president and do what he can’t do. Establish term limits for these politicians.

    July 19, 2017,4:07 pm

  27. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B)

    Draining the swamp is hard to do. First, you’re gonna find yourself up to your butt in ‘gators. Second, you gotta get those tenured ‘gators to vote for their own demise. Sounds like a long, uphill slog in loose rock, to me.

    July 19, 2017,4:00 pm

  28. Sweet old Bob (S.O.B)

    I’ve been following politics since the Truman administration and I’ve seen “leadership” positions filled by all manner of goobers. Some had brains but no balls, some had balls but no brains. Current Senate leadership is the first that I’ve seen with neither.

    July 19, 2017,3:57 pm

  29. Phyona Brackney

    Obamacare is a farce to say the least. It costs the hard working people of the United States so much they can barely make their own bills now. Health care has gone up anywhere between 250% up to 800% for the working person. Repeal Obama Care now, save the real taxpayer some of their hard earned money.

    July 19, 2017,2:25 pm

  30. Dawn Mathis Espino

    How do you make these old bastards go home. They are not wanted and are doing nothing, nothing, nothing but bringing in dollars and laughing behind our backs. Has to stop.

    July 19, 2017,2:14 pm

  31. Patricia Maddin

    Yes he needs to go as do all the geriatric moochers of the taxpayers money. Term limits please, it is the only way to take out the trash.

    July 19, 2017,12:46 pm

  32. Laura G. Holmes

    Everyone in Congress needs to go. They lost their way a long time ago. They further their own self-interests and not the interests of the American people. We need term limits on these people now! # TERM LIMITS

    July 19, 2017,8:42 am

  33. Jim

    McConnell should have been let go at the beginning of Trump’s presidency. Retire himself and his wife.

    July 19, 2017,2:24 am

  34. Jim

    McConnell should been let go at the beginning of Trump”s presidency. Retire himself and his wife.

    July 19, 2017,2:21 am

  35. rodmarta99


    July 18, 2017,11:58 pm

  36. Sherry Chase

    Yes and Not replaced with another Corrupted person like Nancy or Warren ect

    July 18, 2017,10:55 pm

  37. Irvan Johnson

    That RINO should have been replaced LONG AGO!

    July 18, 2017,10:14 pm

  38. Sharon

    McConnell has done nothing but falter over and over, along with Paul Ryan, McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee and others. The Rinos are hurting the party and need to go. They need to quit turning on our President Trump.

    July 18, 2017,10:13 pm

  39. Donald Cheatham


    July 18, 2017,7:16 pm

  40. Bob Uda

    Anyone who goes into politics as a career goes in only to rob the till as the Democrats do on a continuing basis. Republicans are no different. They should be wise like Jason Chaffetz and resign. Get out of that pig pen before what’s her name from Iowa castrates you.

    July 18, 2017,7:01 pm

  41. Bob Uda

    He puts on a good front acting like he is helping us, but he is no different from Obama who is working to undermine our country. Begone with this incompetent so-called leader of the U.S. Senate. He is a worthless “do nothing” Majority Leader.

    July 18, 2017,6:58 pm

  42. Larry

    McConnell is nothing but an old politician who needs to be replaced with new blood.. He doesn’t support President Trump and never has. The same with McCain and the other ancient Rinos who want to fill their pockets with money and not support what they people have elected them to do. We need new leadership period. Get rid of Paul Ryan and those who do nothing but whine and complain. We need term limits and get rid of half of the senate and house of representatives and get new blood in our political system. Most of them have dementia and don’t listen to us but they listen to money.

    July 18, 2017,6:57 pm

  43. Suzanne

    McConnell is an obstructionist and a RINO.

    July 18, 2017,6:09 pm

  44. bonnie Burns


    July 18, 2017,5:50 pm

  45. P Penning's

    Can’t do the job time to go

    July 18, 2017,5:49 pm

  46. Pat Autry

    I have tried 2 times to [post a comment. I do not ever contribute to the Rep Party.
    Am not going to support or pay for a Congressman or House Rep to do the work we voted them in to do…We need a new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan should be gone, Mitch McConnell should be replaced and we need REAL LEADERS to support our President…all Republicans should support him.
    Thanks to the fake, crooked, lying media, many citizens have the wrong idea and impression of President Trump. They should be sued until forced to close…So unfair, to citizens, and to President Trump !!!

    July 18, 2017,5:46 pm

  47. bonnie Burns

    There needs to be term limits and also age limits on members of congress. We need to get behind the Convention of States and get those term limits.

    July 18, 2017,5:44 pm

  48. Jacqueline

    The RINO/Publicrats are not Republicans or they would not oppose our President Trump as they do. They are a disgrace to the Grand Old Party.

    July 18, 2017,5:41 pm

  49. Robert Morrow

    One must remember that the lowest life forms on the Planet are Politicians followed closely by the corrupt slime called the News Media People. Really want to get something passed, just allow all the Pork Barrel and Payola there is on any bill. Then these low life people will go for it.

    July 18, 2017,5:36 pm

  50. P

    1. What is the Republican platform?
    2. If Rhino’s do not support the Republican platform, why do they get RNC money??
    3. The Republicans look like little league baseball players in a game again the all PRO all Stars DEM’s. LOL’s! The Dem’s will do a compromise, save the day and regain majorities in both Houses, just watch and see!

    July 18, 2017,5:20 pm

  51. victor shabanah M.D.

    Washington Establishment,republican and democrat,dont want to relinquish power so Trump’s agenda which is the freedom fighter’s agenda is not what they want that is why repealing the communist obama care or reducing taxes is not happening. So President Trump needs to use the bully pulpit to expose these criminals and to have the people pressure their congressmen and senators to do what Trump wants or we will fire all of them at the midterm elections(2018)

    July 18, 2017,5:17 pm

  52. Beverly graves


    July 18, 2017,5:15 pm

  53. Ann Miller

    Both Mc Connell and Paul Ryan need to GO. They are both obstructionist and do not want the Trump Administration to succeed. They are on the Gravytrain.

    July 18, 2017,5:13 pm

  54. Robert Marincic

    In all honesty, I truly feel that over half of the current politicians should be replaced !

    July 18, 2017,4:54 pm

  55. terry meyer

    we the people want repel replace we have voted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 18, 2017,4:52 pm

  56. Rhoda

    His lethargy and lack of enthusiasm for Trump is so evident!!! Get him out of there!!!

    July 18, 2017,4:43 pm

  57. Michael

    Replace all we can in November 2018

    July 18, 2017,4:36 pm

  58. Ric Carmazino

    You idiotic repubs had 7 years to hatch a new plan, you sat on your laurels and worried about getting elected again to do nothing. START WORRYING ABOUT THE COUNTRY AND DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY, IT WOULD THEN BE EASY TO GET REELECTED. WORRY MORE ABOUT THE COUNTRY THAN YOUR REELECTION

    July 18, 2017,4:27 pm

  59. Wendell Fountain

    This question sounds rhetorical. Of course, he should be replaced immediately. He can’t get the job done.

    July 18, 2017,4:26 pm


    Both McConnell and Ryan MUST GO!!!!!

    July 18, 2017,4:25 pm

  61. mark

    Ditch Mitch and HALF the swamp WILL be drained !!

    July 18, 2017,4:23 pm

  62. Ric Carmazino

    Need stronger leadership for the career politicians. STILL SAY TERM LIMITS IS A BETTER SOLUTION

    July 18, 2017,4:20 pm

  63. Bill

    All the anti-Americans that are in the GOP leadership should be replaced with people who care about the country instead of caring only about the top 0.1%.
    We need Democrats.

    July 18, 2017,4:16 pm

  64. Linda Kenney

    I received a call from the RNC today for a donation and I flatly told them I won’t contribute another penny until Republicans pass Trump agenda legislation. I also told her people are wise to some in GOP purposely trying to stymie his agenda.

    July 18, 2017,4:14 pm

  65. Marilyn Carrico

    Time to remove all who are stopping President Trump from correcting what bo and hilzilla did during their reign.. All who are voting with the democrats need to be fired..

    July 18, 2017,4:12 pm

  66. Ken Blackburn

    These Rhinos need to be voted out….NOW!!!!!

    July 18, 2017,4:09 pm

  67. Ray

    This jerk has been on the left’s side all along but my own senator is the same, the real sad part, John Cornyn is also in a leadership role. And, his sorry ass is numbered. We voted in Texas as to Obama being our worst President, well we could easily vote that Cornyn is our worst Senator.

    July 18, 2017,4:06 pm

  68. Joan

    Obamacare was setup to fail in the first place the Republicans are two divided it’s not McConnell’s fault they said for 7 years they were going to have a replacement not one of them can work with the other that’s not McConnell’s pulse they need to get together and work for the American people follow the commander and chief president Trump they’re more concerned about their individual State instead of the United States of America repeal now Constitution does not guarantee Healthcare government get out of healthcare business only regulation of businesses follow the Constitution no brainer

    July 18, 2017,4:04 pm

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