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“Epic Fail”: Watch Charles Krauthammer ROAST Congress Over Obamacare

by Bradley Matthews

Charles Krauthammer is FED UP with the Republicans in Congress. In a TV appearance, he said “This is an epic fail. This is historic. This is seven years of arguing gone down the drain. And I think we’re at the end of the road.” Watch the full clip below!

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  1. 1VoiceOfReazon

    My opinion of Krauthammer’s opinions has been taking a dive lately. The repeal (or defunding) of the obamanevercared Unaffordable Care ACT is something that MUST BE DONE, with or without mitigating circumstances. I do agree, however, with his assertion that you have to make the case to the American people. Bottom line in making that case is that Democrat leadership is becoming more and more intolerant, violence-minded, untrustworthy with regard to giving them any power, untrustworthy with regard to telling the truth, and on and on … bottom line, their intentions and agendas have become evil, their arguments irrational, and their thirst for power unquenchable. The prospects of the Democrats coming into power again at any point prior to the current batch of leaders being thrown in jail or deposed is downright scary! The thought of them getting the healthcare system that they really want, making life-or-death decisions that directly impinge upon the healthcare decisions of the individual is HORRENDOUS!! Remember IRS-Gate? If you’re a conservative, you DO NOT WANT TO HAND OVER SUCH POWER TO SUCH PEOPLE!! And to Democrats, I say, what if Republicans stop being the nice guys and start using the same tactics Democrats are currently using … do you want people like that deciding what treatment you get and when/if you get it? In the hands of a person with a dictator mindset (e.g., Obama or Hillary), will you vote for the continuation (or set-up) of the dictatorship if that’s the “price” of getting treatment for a health problem? Will you sell your freedom for an untrustworthy promise of better health, when so many before you have given their LIVES to PRESERVE that freedom? Wake up, America. It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment. “Free” healthcare is not a RIGHT.

    July 20, 2017,3:10 am

  2. Fran Tatsch

    Why isn’t the party thay created this nightmare responsible to make bit right? Why is the GOP ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE TO CLEAN UP THE DEMOCRATS MESS??
    A total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 6, 2018.
    🇺🇸On the line should DC fail America again🇺🇸We the people United🇺🇸
    Senate political groups
    Republican (52)
    Democratic (46)
    Independent (2)
    (caucusing with Democrats)
    Election Date for the Senate November 6, 2018
    U.S. Senate Elections by State:
    Battlegrounds • Primaries
    Arizona • California • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Hawaii • Indiana • Maine • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Mississippi • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • Nevada • New Jersey • New Mexico • New York • North Dakota • Ohio • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Vermont • Virginia • Washington • West Virginia • Wisconsin • Wyoming
    House of Representatives political groups
    Republican (240)
    Democratic (194)
    Vacant (1)
    U.S. House Elections by State No ember 6, 2018:
    Battlegrounds • Primaries
    Alabama • Alaska • Arizona • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Georgia • Hawaii • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Louisiana • Maine • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Mississippi • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Jersey • New Mexico • New York • North Carolina • North Dakota • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • South Carolina • South Dakota • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Vermont • Virginia • Washington • West Virginia • Wisconsin • Wyoming
    Americans are watching very closely

    July 19, 2017,6:48 pm

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