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Should Trump Fire Steve Bannon?

by Bradley Matthews

Rumors have it that Steve Bannon, formerly the head of Breitbart, is on the outs with Trump’s inner circle. Should Trump fire hi,?┬áVote in our CBC reader poll! Read about Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s recent exit HERE.

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Should Trump fire Steve Bannon?

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  1. halina mackert

    Absolutely NO !he is the only conservative at Mr.Trump side .He is also his friend and he loves America. He NEEDS TO STAY !!!!

    July 24, 2017,10:00 pm

  2. Daniel Amare

    Fire him for all I care, but I want my financial independence as a Reagan conservative American monarch now and without any evil conditions or any other condition. Enough is enough. I will contact Vice President Mike Pence addressing my case with all the explanation from a conservative Founding Principle spiritual man. My ladies are in waiting to make life together, it’s a Divine world has been must be there is nothing new under the son, King Solomon. GHU JW

    July 24, 2017,8:42 pm

  3. Nancy Ziegler

    Either his team can get the job done or get someone that can. I believe this includes Ryan and McConnel. I know Priebus was tight with Spicer. I am sure they are nice men but not tough enough.

    July 24, 2017,4:57 pm

  4. Pauline Claire

    It’s too bad that Joseph Merkler isn’t in Congress because he has it exactly right

    July 23, 2017,11:17 am

  5. Pauline Claire

    Steve Bannon is brilliant and necessary to trumps administration

    July 23, 2017,11:15 am

  6. Kimberly White

    I have more issues with Jared Kushner than Steve Bannon. I think he’s working to undermine the stability of the WH advisors. He wants to be top dog and he sees Bannon as his #1 rival. Trump is surrounded by too many “big” personalities who all want to be in the limelight rather than behind the scenes supporting Trump. Pres. Trump needs to get control of all these personalities and tell them to toe the line or their fired.

    July 22, 2017,8:03 pm

  7. Rose

    No he is a conservative and we need him. I would rather see some of President Trump’s family leave. They have caused him trouble and if I am not mistaken his daughter and son-in-law are Democrats.

    July 22, 2017,8:02 pm

  8. Joseph Merkler

    Focus on your agenda. #1A) Repeal all of obama care. Then, #1a) make insurance companies sell policies across State Lines in the Free Market. #2b) Allow citizens to have Tax Free dedicated medical savings accounts. #2c) Then tell congress to cut the throat of pharmaceutical companies with taxes if they don’t slash domestic prices. #2B) Tax Cuts ! #1a) Pass the “Fair Tax” !

    July 22, 2017,3:33 pm


    He’s needed as he really does know what is needed for this country. He takes a beating and keeps on truckin’. He is brilliant and gets trashed for his commitment. May the Grace of God stay with him and bless him always

    July 22, 2017,2:41 pm

  10. Diana Spencer

    He’s super intelligent and gutsy.

    July 22, 2017,2:30 pm

  11. josh grant

    just a stupid moron

    July 22, 2017,1:05 pm

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