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In New Memoir, Loser Hillary Blames Everyone But Herself

by Bradley Matthews

Bestseller List July 20-26 2017 HERE

Hillary Clinton wants “the whole story out there” she says and intends to do just that in her upcoming memoir What Happened, being released this September.  The “whole story” includes a whole lot of blaming, shaming, and avoidance of self-reflection that will no doubt fly off the shelves and make Hillary Clinton an even sadder figure than ever before.  No one is safe as she blames embattled former FBI director Jim Comey, Russian interference, and rampant sexism.  

This untitled memoir is just the next step in Hillary’s nationwide tour of denial. It doesn’t matter that she deleted over 33,000 emails, some of them classified. It couldn’t be that she was blamed by many for the loss of four Americans in Benghazi.  Voters should have loved her insistence on playing the woman card at every turn.  Her avoidance of Wisconsin definitely didn’t hurt her prospects of winning.  But alas, on the morning of November 9th, 2017, it was Donald Trump who emerged victorious, and Hillary Clinton has spent every single day since hiking through the woods and formulating an attack plan on everyone who held her back, ignoring her number one enemy: herself.

“Hillary Clinton needs to get a grip on reality,” said Christopher Malagisi, editor in chief of the Conservative Book Club.  “Her upcoming memoir is just another example of how out of touch the Democratic Party is with the real voters of America.”


  1. Mr. Bruce E. Ruttan

    She’s just so ill. Enough see it in her, even in her sick Party to not want anything to do with her. Among her supporters are the criminal left and fools.

    July 28, 2017,4:31 pm

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