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Guess What Trump Is Doing On Vacation?

by Bradley Matthews

Everyone needs a┬ásummer break — and no one more so than President Trump! See the cartoon to see how Trump is chilling out on vacation…

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  1. Brenda Hatfield

    And Ivy Rivard, seriously, a stupid trumpturd, enough said. And yes, I’m trolling, you guys do it to us all the time. So I’m having fun throwing it back at you. PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS THE BEST PRESIDENT OF YOUR TIME, BUT YOUR RACIST ATTITUDE AND BIGOTRY WOULD NOT LET YOU SEE IT. So I’m feeling sorry for you, and YOU should be feeling shameful

    August 10, 2017,4:19 pm

  2. Brenda Hatfield

    You are clearly a trumpturd, huh Flor. YOU DIDN’T WIN, HE CHEATED. I don’t give a fuck about your opinion of it, Flor, because you are WRONG and ridiculously stupid. And you will find out, huh? He’s about to kill all of us, isn’t he? Stupid fucking retarded republican party is going to kill all of us. So who is the stupid one Flor? And I probably know more about it than you

    August 10, 2017,4:17 pm

  3. Flor

    Brenda H is clearly out of touch/reality. I guess still living in Obama Land? Typical democrats who lost their minds, their head and brains. No wonder why the dems did not win. Your description of asshole crybaby is a reflection of you. Do you know how to run the country, huh?

    August 10, 2017,3:05 am

  4. Ivy Rivard

    Brenda,Trolls like you should go chew on a bridge post and feel yummy about yourself.

    August 10, 2017,12:56 am

  5. Brenda Hatfield

    All he’s done has been on vacation for the last six months. How about getting down to running this country? Asshole crybaby doesn’t know how to do that, huh?

    August 9, 2017,8:10 pm

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