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Are Congress And Trump Even On The Same Team?

by Bradley Matthews

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are publicly complaining about each other — are they even on the same team anymore? See the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Donald Cochrane Sr.

    We voted Pres. Trump in because we are tired of government for the government. We want government for the people & for the good of the country. Citizens against Government Waste has a great guidance list of what to get rid of, and that’s really just a starter. There is tons more stuff the gov’t is involved in or spending money on that should be stopped. Take a big squegee to the swamp.

    August 16, 2017,5:29 pm

  2. Deborah Sarmiento

    President Trump and congress are not on the same page. When members of congress come up for re-election they should not be surprised when they are voted out of office.

    August 14, 2017,6:55 pm

  3. Howard Rickabaugh

    I voted for Trump at the last election and can’t wait to vote for him again. Its time to clean house and get rid of the old establishment Rinos. We need to primary everyone of them.

    August 14, 2017,6:09 pm

  4. Joanne Mortensen

    I am not sure what “team” the republicans are on but Our President is on the American Patriot Team ..

    August 14, 2017,5:04 pm

  5. jeffery

    Do we have to wait for them to come up for reelection? Can we have them recalled?

    August 12, 2017,9:06 pm

  6. Joan Saracino Bernstein

    It appears like President Trump does not have the majority of Republicans on his/our team! Guess they forget they will all be up for reelection, and we Conservatives are taking names. Get on board or get out….

    August 12, 2017,11:07 am

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