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Watch Ben Shapiro Slam The Media For Their Hurricane Coverage

by Bradley Matthews

On his web show, Ben Shapiro opined that “I think it is now six individuals dead in this flooding. By the time it is over, I’m sure there will be a couple dozen, but that is a testament to the emergency services. But is that what the media is focused on? No. They’re focused on the ‘optics.’ Whenever Trump visits any place it is all about the optics.”

Watch the video below! Do you think Trump has handled Hurricane Harvey effectively? Vote in our CBC reader poll HERE.


  1. Colin E Kerdachi

    Shari,what have u been smoking!!U obviously watch the anti-Trump media!! so let me help u become a normal person that thinks for THEMSELVES!! Since Trump has been in power the stockmarket went up $4.5 trillion!! that’s $4,500,000,000,000,000!! I know with yr limited education I’d have to write it out!!unemployment is at a 18year high! More Americans in history are employed, that is 153,000,000 !! the GDP is 3%, when yr buddy obama ran the show, even with his sweet talk, never went over 1.6% , Sounds good to me! Since he started there have been OVER 1,000,000 [that’s more than a million ] new well paying jobs created!! I could go on and on!! But yr mind is made up!! Stupid illiterate woman!! Open yr eyes, and stop believing the M S Press!! Google what I said, hoping u’ll wake up from that terrible dream!

    September 2, 2017,4:22 am

  2. Shari Little

    PRESIDENT Trump …have some respect even if you have serious mental issues with how you FEEL about him

    August 31, 2017,7:55 pm

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