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One Conservative Publisher Is DONE With NYT Bias — See What She Said!

by Bradley Matthews

Marji Ross is the president and publisher at Regnery Publishing, the oldest conservative publishing imprint in America — and she’s DONE with the lying New York Times and their anti-conservative bestseller list! After years of bias from the NYT, Regnery has severed ties with the paper.

In a letter to authors, Ross wrote that “I ask you to consider this: We are often told it’s foolish to bite the hand that feeds you. I say it’s just as foolish to feed the hand that bites you.”

Check out the fair and truthful Conservative Bestseller List HERE


  1. Jane

    Good job Marji Ross! Your comment is so true, it is foolish to feed the hand that bites you. Put your money where it will do good. Lost revenue gets noticed.

    September 6, 2017,6:07 pm

  2. konstantin

    I think Marji is quaite right!

    September 6, 2017,8:13 am

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