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See What Jeff Sessions Said About DACA And Borders

by Bradley Matthews

In a press conference, AG Jeff Sessions said that “We cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. It’s just that simple. That would be an open borders policy and the American people have rightly rejected that.”

Should Trump end DACA and deport “Dreamers”? Vote in our CBC reader poll HERE.


  1. mike wibsel

    Brenda is one of those hanky-stomping,weepy,kissy-kissy,take a punk to lunch bunch.The soft line liberal party helped to create.there are old people out there who do need help but wont get it because you and the rest if the liberal crowd are to busy providing drugs and halfway houses for junkies,free legal aid for punks,free housing for the undeserving,endless appeals for convicted murderers,pork barrel projects,free junkets hell the list is endless and depressing. There are very young people who need help..the disabled ..oh excuse me what is the politically correct term? I forget but they do need help.the rest of those people out there Brenda are losers.Not dreamers they habe been losers all their lives and they will die losers.They’re whiners and complainers.And we need to kick them out of the USA.you are the dregs of society–those who want something for nothing.with your free Healthcare,cell phones ,welfare,foodstamps..so write your pretty speeches your out of touch with realty ideals and totally unworkable social programs that will take our government down the drain..and all this funded by an already over taxed citizen.yes there will always be poor people who have worked bruttaly hard all their lives and have little or nothing to show for it. Good decent folks .lets help deserving Americans first.!

    September 8, 2017,10:13 pm

  2. Tammy Honeycutt

    Brenda to make us pay for their deadbeat asses is way crueler n sides 25 is older than a child

    September 7, 2017,1:22 am

  3. Mark

    Two wrongs do not make a right

    September 6, 2017,9:41 pm

  4. Carol

    This is Obama’s fault, and Congress which did nothing to stop him from giving entry to the illegals. Many were not children and have gone on to join gangs. Their parents are also responsible for any deportations that occur. Also check the facts – illegals by law cannot join the U.S. Armed Forces without a green card and background check.

    September 6, 2017,8:55 pm

  5. liberalsareyuck

    Hey Brenda Hatfield, what happened to your picture that went along with your name?

    September 6, 2017,7:27 pm

  6. Tom

    Well Brenda hopefully if we can get deplete some of the illegal, perpetual tax burden, maybe we can start throwing some money into our school systems so we don’t have Americans with grammar and spelling errors like yours. Just sayin.

    September 6, 2017,7:15 pm

  7. Jane

    Well said Charles Brown!

    September 6, 2017,5:58 pm

  8. Charles Brown

    Brenda Hatfield you remind me of the southbound end of a northbound horse. I am a proud conservative and want people to have every opportunity to come to America. The difference between me and a lying democrat such as you is I want the laws followed. These dreamers have six months to apply for citizen ship and if they fail to do so, go back to their home country. The DACA was an illegal program by a lying, crooked, musulim loving POS President. Trump is just trying to Mae a legal program. Now stay the hell out of the adult conversations.

    September 6, 2017,5:56 pm

  9. Brenda Hatfield

    Brenda Barnes, you are a CRUEL AND UNFEELING PERSON. These children came to our country and now only speak English and no nothing except what they have learned here. To make them go back to someplace that they DO NOT CALL HOME is CRUEL, HEARTLESS, and typical of the republican way of thinking, which is why I’m glad I’M NOT A FUCKED UP REPUBLICAN RACIST!

    September 6, 2017,5:03 pm

  10. Danabolduc

    Give them a fast frame to those who want to become citizens

    September 6, 2017,4:32 pm

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