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20 Conservative Football Stars You Should Root For

by Bradley Matthews

Football is America’s most popular sport, from those Friday night lights to college on to the NFL. Despite the ongoing anthem controversy, football is also full of players who love God, love freedom, and who donate time and money to the conservative cause.

Before the 2017 season gets into gear, check out our list of 20 Conservative Football Stars You Should Root For, featuring legends from across the sport’s history. For a great preview of the 2017 season, check out M.G. Ross’s Are You Ready For Some Football 2017 HERE.



  1. Paul Cross

    Breaks my heart, but I have stopped watching and lessoning to the NFL. I’ll miss those football pools every Sunday. I don’t agree with Sean Hannity; I do believe in boycotts. I’ started with Papa-Johns and Budwiser. I beg you, please pull your adds for the remainder of the season so that I can enjoy my favorite pizza again with an ice cold bud. But until you do, its hambugers & tea. I love my country! Signed: Paul Cross from Orange Park, FL (Gator Country)

    October 10, 2017,5:26 pm

  2. Cheryll Phipps

    Brady has proved to be disappointing.

    September 26, 2017,4:47 pm

  3. Ken

    Except for Tom Brady, it seems that all the others are retired. Of course the fools have the right to make fools of themselves. But, we don’t have to support them while they do it. If NFL viewership goes down this year, they have only themselves to blame. I’ll watch Cowboy games because Jerry Brown has laid the law down to his team. Says he doesn’t want any of that. For the other owners, see how easy it is to be boss. And no,, he isn’t infringing on their 1st Amendment rights. When you are hired to do a job, come things can be listed as a big NO, NO. You see folks losing their jobs because things they post on Face Book, Twitter, etc., so how is it any different for the fools who think that they are so picked upon. The African-Americans & Pacific Islanders in our family have all proven their metal & completed their educations, without sports scholarships, & gone on to have a good life. And they all seem to be very supportive of the police – some of whom have chosen that profession, the military, some have served, I did 20 years in submarines. Just don’t ask me to support them or those who do.

    September 7, 2017,10:38 pm

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