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Will Democrats Stab Trump In The Back?

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump continues to work with congressional Democrats, with a new DACA deal on the cusp of becoming reality. Will Trump be repaid for his magnanimity with betrayal from the Democrats? See the cartoon!

Should Trump really be working with Democrats? Vote in our CBC reader poll HERE.


  1. Bluebirdchirping

    If the Dems want it so bad to retain the Daca’s a lot of restriction should be placed.
    We all know the majority if not all of them are strongly liberal possibly socialist/communist inclined due to the influence of school and workplace. They must be vetted also as to where their allegiance is.I am amazed that they are so belligerant in demanding to be legalized here yet they so are openly staunchly anti-American, its flag, its national anthem, its core values, its form of government, its police and military and its duly elected leaders. Why does America want to keep its enemies and our elected officials and big CEO’s are in the forefront to facilitate their staying here and eventually destroying the very foundation of our country and government. Americans have gotten mentally ill probably from the drugs they have been ingesting and inhaling. Their brains have all been fried to a crisp no one is making sense anymore.

    September 15, 2017,4:09 pm

  2. gerri Dalakian

    President Trump HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND????? You will not come back from this betrayal of your base, trust me!!!!!!!

    September 15, 2017,12:01 pm

  3. Paul

    NEVER trust the Democrat-Socialist Party, they will NEVER build the Wall, deport Illegals, or secure our border and enforce our Laws.

    September 15, 2017,10:35 am

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    The Democrats sole purpose and intent is to turn America into a communist/socialist nation. Obama made quite a bit of progress on that front. The Illegals are a pawn for the Democrats to obtain an unbreakable voting block ensuring that a Republican will never again win an election. America had better wake up and fight for it’s Republic. When people don’t pay attention to what is occurring in a nation, people like Hitler take over in the dark of night. Deception is the M.O. of the Democratic party. The bible states that in the end times, deception will run rampant on the earth. We are witnessing this in real-time. This does not mean that we should not fight for our the future of this great nation. Our children and grandchildren deserve that much.

    September 15, 2017,8:51 am

  5. John

    They stab themselves in the back. Do you think they would stab Donald in the back? Question is will Donald stab us in the back?

    September 15, 2017,1:43 am

  6. Douglas

    It is one thing to work with the scum, but please don’t TRUST them not even a little bit they will throw you under a bus in a NY minute

    September 15, 2017,12:41 am

  7. James Aye

    The democrats have maneuvered themselves into a position where any success that President Trump has is a direct threat to their agenda. Trump success = dems failure. Trump success = American success. dems will do anything possible to thwart President Trumps agenda to “Make America Great Again.” The dems have, for as long as I have lived, have always used the philosophy of the ends justify the means. In this case that translates to “yes, we must destroy President Trump, so even if that means it hurts America, the ends will be justified when we return to majority power.” This destructive behavior of the democrate party will ensure that come 2018 elections, more conservatives will be elected to prevail over both the dems and the establishment Republicans that share the blame for trying to prevent President Trump’s success.

    September 14, 2017,8:03 pm

  8. Rose

    Absolutely they will stab Trump in the back. They are trying to get back in the limelite and control of the media.Don’t be taken in by them. They are vipers. The democrats are for open borders and a push in that direction is DACA NO NO NO

    September 14, 2017,7:57 pm

  9. tony

    As a Democrat I would not trust a Democrat in a shit house with a muzzle on. They only want one thing and that is power and control over our lives. They have lost their direction and have no vision for the future. Except for themselves people overseas, Mexicans, arabs and did I mention themselves.

    September 14, 2017,6:18 pm

  10. Faye

    As a black, college educated senior citizen who now has to help her family due to DACA, heck “NO”. Daca “kids” have the jobs. In Ft. Worth, Texas, at most Chase Banks, EVERYONE is Hispanic, no blacks, whites are other. You don’t even have tokens. Since 1986, America has given amnesty every 10-15 years. Illegals come and demand U.S. citizens to give them amnesty. No waiting in line, no paying anything. My grandparents were brought over on a slave ship and we never got a darn thing. Lady Justice has her eyes wide open. Legal Americans will never experience true justice. But I will never support or vote for Trump again. He’s the SWAMP that needs to be drained. Trump’s “Art of the Deal” should be “The Art of Making FOOLS out of Voters/Supporters”. GOODBYE TRUMP!!!

    September 14, 2017,5:55 pm

  11. Mr.Richard Agnusich

    Your Question Should Be: Why Are Republicans Like PAUL RYAN And Mitch McConnell Stabbing The President in The Back’! The Socialist Democrats We Already Know’! BUILD THE Wall’! Or……Out With The RINO Republicans In The GOP. No More Excuses…..No More Amnesty….!

    September 14, 2017,5:05 pm

  12. Paul carmichael

    BuYes it will be like Judas taking the silver to turn in Jesus to his enemies. In our case the democrats are a Judas.

    September 14, 2017,4:52 pm

  13. Paul carmichael

    Yes it will be like Judas taking the silver to turn in Jesus to his enemies. In our case the democrats are a Judas.

    September 14, 2017,4:51 pm

  14. Angelina Diel

    Work with Dems for the sake of our country, but NEVER trust these hypocrites!

    September 14, 2017,4:46 pm

  15. Angelina Diel

    Work w/ Dems for the sake of our country but NOT trust them!

    September 14, 2017,4:45 pm

  16. madmemere

    Of course they will – -only every chance they get.

    September 14, 2017,4:24 pm

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