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Tucker Carlson, Hannity And Coulter React To Trump’s DACA Deal

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump and Democrat leaders in Congress are publicly mulling a deal that would, in effect, preserve DACA and allow “Dreamers” to stay in America. Pundits across the conservative media world are shocked — see what Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity had to say!

Should Trump go forward with this DACA deal or not? Vote in our CBC reader poll HERE.


  1. stan

    We have the tools to stop the illegal and corruption within the country to stop the flow of illegals crossing into America. Make it a constitutional amendment that all people need to go thru the E-verify before employment, and if the so called companies do not apply this simple measure, they can either be fined and or license removed from doing business in America. If they are caught hiring illegals and pay them lower than required by law, they must be prosecuted for criminal charges, and sentenced to jail. This would be a boom for lawyers and that is what most laws are written for, legal counsels to be paid the big bucks.
    E-Verify is just one tool that congress can do that makes it a crime, but surely we can discuss many other options too. I do not feel that the illegals do much more then to seek better for their families, and many countries have horrible records for human rights, and drugs, crime and countless other things inspire people to flee countries. Illegals are here because of many reason, but some are here because they feel they can get a free handout(medical, housing, and free food) if things do not work out. America’s infrastructure for services is stretched to the max supporting countless people that have little or no education, of work skills. Yet the middle class seem to pay all the bills thru taxes and those in charge of America, have bounty of loop holes to avoid taxes, and corporate America can be part of the solution, not contribute to it by spending endless donations to those whom waste tax payers money.

    September 23, 2017,8:04 pm

  2. Kate Omalley

    President Trump needs to keep his campaign promise and take care of the illegal immigrant problem of which DACA (Dreamers) is a big part. They are here illegally and need to leave. Democrats are not interested in the actual people who are the Dreamers but in the 800,000 votes they would have.

    September 16, 2017,8:12 pm

  3. John Samick

    why doesnt trump find monies for his wall by fineing the employers of the illegals??do that and the employers will think twice before hireing them .

    September 16, 2017,8:07 pm

  4. madmemere

    Why all the hoo hah? President Trump has NOT made any deal with the dimwits yet. The President knows what the voters want and I’m certain that is what he will do, but let’s wait and see, shall we?

    September 16, 2017,2:21 pm

  5. Fred

    The simple solution to sanctuary cities, DACA and Illegal immigration is for all supporters to open their homes up and take in all Illegal Immigrants at their expense and their legal obligations. Simple, be accountable or be a hypocrite!

    September 16, 2017,12:50 pm

  6. Jane


    September 15, 2017,8:05 pm

  7. Mary

    Absolutely not!

    September 15, 2017,6:27 pm

  8. Antoinette Lane

    President Trump, if you continue to flip-flop on DACA and “the wall”, you will ultimately lose your base!

    September 15, 2017,5:46 pm

  9. Sharon Green

    Trump gets NOTHING in return for letting DACA get legalized and all of their families too. Biggest amnesty deal in American history!!! Maybe Hillary’s book What Happened should belong to the voters that believed in Trump.

    September 15, 2017,5:30 pm

  10. Kay

    THAT was the ESSENCE of what a lot of us voted him in for. IMMIGRATION & THE WALL,HEALTHCARE, JOBS and the ECONOMY were ALL the bedrock of what gave Middle class Americans “HOPE”!! THE PRESIDENT has reset our place in the World.

    September 15, 2017,5:19 pm

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