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Cartoonist Michael Ramirez Tells Hillary “What Happened”

by Bradley Matthews

Hillary Clinton has made an entire national press tour around her blame-game election memoirWhat Happened. Conservative cartoonist Michael Ramirez has the answer — see the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Paul

    Hey Michael she has been told that many times. I think she has major learning issues.

    September 20, 2017,7:46 pm

  2. TJ

    Just think how great it will be if she’s the nominee again.

    September 20, 2017,4:49 am

  3. Sharon Green

    Problem is,she continues to make trouble everywhere she goes. I can not understand how she and Bill have dodged the law for fifty years.That is how long they have been breaking the law !!!!

    September 19, 2017,7:14 pm

  4. Bwa Ha

    Who cares?! Be done with her. She’s a has been that wasn’t so let’s move on.

    September 19, 2017,6:33 pm

  5. Robert Nettles

    I still so not know why we are talking about that woman. We should through her and Obama out of this country. Maybe send them to Kenya with Obama and let them stay there for life.

    September 19, 2017,6:27 pm

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