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Donald Trump Responds to Protesting NFL Players

by Christopher N. Malagisi

“I think it’s a very important thing for the NFL to not allow people to kneel during the playing of our national anthem, to respect our country and to respect our flag.”┬áSee video below!

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  1. Arthur

    In our nation filled with hate over who won the Presidential election we once found a place of common ground on which we could forget our differences and unite in our love of the game and the vision of what our nation symbolizes. No greater symbol of our common bond and our nationhood can be found than our Flag and National anthem and an exciting football game between our favorite team and greatest rival. When the flag is presented thousands rise to their feet and then as the anthem is played and/or sung our hands are lifted to cover our hearts. Then at it’s conclusion a roar of approval fills the stadium. The cheers are for our nation and what it symbolizes despite that we are flawed. Then the fun begins as we cheer, jeer and yell for our team. Then win or lose we return to reality and to our respective lives in a divided nation. For a few hours we had escaped that reality and became recharged to face the real world once again.

    This scenario began to change when under the former President’s administration a wealthy football player took a knee during the Flag presentation and singing of the anthem. Outrage ensued as he cited that he could not support a nation in which injustice exists towards people of his race by the police. Soon other players began to take such postures and still no response from President Obama. All over the media the first amendment right to such free speech was proclaimed thus justifying what most Americans held as sacred hands off symbols of our values based on those statements in our founding documents. “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, that all men are created equal and that these rights are God given and inalienable.

    The protests grew and the common ground where we of different views and vision of “we the people” began to shake and crack. Outrage towards these acts of sitting or kneeling during the anthem grew until the new President (Trump) who promised to speak on behalf of the millions who had no voice or platform from which to present their opinions, spoke out at a political rally. Using words, which many of us would prefer to have been different, while still presenting the core value that it is disrespectful and outrageous to use our national symbols for political purposes or grandstanding he plainly told his audience and thus the nation what he thought and what millions who have no voice also thought. That is athletes who play on a national team are more than mere players. They represent the possibilities available to all Americans for success. Yet instead of being proud of their nation these players, their managers and owners because of their hate for the President chose to expand the protests during the Flag presentation and anthem segment before their games. Now they try to legitimize their acts saying it’s a racial issue when the president has made it clear that it’s a matter of respect not race. Yet the nation only hears and sees the images of kneeling or sitting and words which speak of solidarity and a call to lock arms during the anthem.

    My question is exactly what are we uniting for? I present that it’s no more than a protest against the President. I call for all Americans to stand strong shoulder to shoulder with hands over their hearts to show honor and respect for our nation; a land where those on that field found opportunity to rise from inner city slums, find careers after service to their nation, use their skills to bring joy and excitement to millions and use taxpayer money in many cases to build those stadiums on that sacred common ground now cracked. Now canyons separating “we the people” from rejoicing together, working together and creating a dialogue on real issues of justice, peace, equality, economic opportunities, health care, and tax reform for the middle class (of which most players, managers and certainly owners can no longer relate to).

    The greatest sign of Unity is our American flag and our national anthem. Come to their rescue and return us to honor of them on the sacred common ground of sports. Then just maybe we may continue this journey of American democracy with civility and respect even for those for whom we didn’t vote.

    Arthur Colaianni

    September 28, 2017,10:24 pm

  2. Andrew

    As a former military officer having served our country both domestically & abroad I most firmly object & more seriously abhor the lack of respect, pride, & honor due the nation that has afforded us ALL opportunities to fully develop our potential abilities & to strive for goals not achievable in most other lands. I kneel NOT in disgrace & embarrassment for the USA, but rather in gratitude that America finally has a President who loves, cherishes, & honors everything that our forefathers have established. God bless Trump & these United States.

    September 28, 2017,6:29 am

  3. Bruce Hal Miner

    1) NO – they do not have the right to use their multi-millions to insult our flag and
    my father who was one of millions who died at the end of WWII.
    2) I support the Prez’s efforts to issue a penalty
    3) when they have gotten together and used their millions to eliminate the problems of the Homeless & build very nice condos, I’ll watch again

    September 27, 2017,6:54 pm

  4. oli

    NFL sucks

    September 27, 2017,5:45 pm

  5. Brenda Hatfield

    Colin K. is an SOB, but the neo-Nazis with their guns yelling “Jews will not replace us” are “very fine people?” WTF is all I have to say about this. I KNEEL WITH COLIN IN SOLIDARITY AGAINST RACISM AND BIGOTRY.

    September 27, 2017,5:00 pm

  6. Jan

    You’re the one I’m sad for, Bill!

    September 27, 2017,4:59 pm

  7. Bill

    President Chump is a continuing embarrassment to all thinking Americans. Thin-skinned and incapable of empathy. He worships money and himself.

    September 27, 2017,1:18 pm

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