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Should Trump Bail Out Puerto Rico?

by Bradley Matthews

In an interview with Fox News, Pres. Trump said “Puerto Rico owes a lot of money to Wall Street and we’re going to have to wipe that out. You’re going to say goodbye to that, I don’t know if it’s Goldman Sachs, but whoever it is you can wave goodbye to that.”

Should Trump bail out Puerto Rico? Vote in our CBC reader poll below! To comment, sign up as a CBC Insider HERE.









Should Trump bail out Puerto Rico?

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  1. Lenna

    Puerto Rico is part of the USA they are American citizens the same way we sent help to Texas and Florida we need to help our fellow citizens.. we have have armed bases there have tested weapons on that little island to the point where we have made those people.. This topic should not even be up for discussion they are Americans as American as Florida or Texas most people in both of these states speak Spanish and so dose most of Southern California!!

    October 16, 2017,10:13 pm

  2. bigmac049

    I’m sure our President will direct a congressional committee to put Puerto Rico under a microscope and investigate their leadership to be held accountable for this 73billion dollar debt. The American people will not stand for our tax money to be used to bail out this thieving,,lying government.

    October 6, 2017,8:05 pm

  3. Alvin Santiago

    Puerto Rico Needs a permanent and successful conclusion to the root of the one problem which creates all the others and that is the colonial situation it has been in since it was taken as war booty in the war between the U.S. & Spain over Cuba.
    Puerto Ricans want to be Puerto Ricans. They want to retain their own distinctive culture and identity as well as maintain their Spanish language with its unique dialect. America is great and will become greater under President Trump when things are done right for everyone. Puerto Rico is not, nor has it ever been a US commonwealth and that’s a fact. The respectful description is a U.S. unincorporated territory under complete control of the U.S. Congress. The disrespectful description is a colony of the U.S. As much as it hurts to acknowledge this, it hurts even more to realize that the current relationship between the two countries hurts the common people of both. Its time for America to help Puerto Rico the right way by steering her on a path to success as we have done with Israel. It will require complete support for economic and political stability. We can do it America and we should.

    October 6, 2017,6:03 pm

  4. Charlie Burnes

    There are racist pigs among us here. These people have a GREAT NEED and should receive the help they need so badly. Calling someone else names seems to take the sting out of guilt some have for others. I agree that mayor should be removed along with all the TRUMP haters here but alas nothin is be done on Thai either…

    October 6, 2017,5:27 pm

  5. Susan Smith

    Let that fantastic Mayor deal with it Trump did a wonderful job for them then she came out with all her lies against him let them deal with it! Never bite the hand that literally feeds you!

    October 6, 2017,12:12 pm

  6. Derek Knowlton

    typically I wouldn’t approve of such things, butt they scored up the bonds at 30 cents on the dollar thinking the American tax payer would bail them out again. Let em burn!

    October 6, 2017,12:22 am

  7. Derek Knowlton

    Normally I wouldn’t approve of bail outs, but it’s about time those democrat Soros supporting bankers took it in the shorts for a change. They shafted us for a trillion dollars, I think they should know what it feels like.

    October 6, 2017,12:18 am

  8. Gary VonPratt

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! They made their choices, *did not want any American wisdom or input & now they want DADDY to Bail Them OUT & Pay Off Their Credit Cards $$$, NOW LETS SEE WHO THE stupid *TRATIOR *Politicians ARE WHO WANT TO dig in our pockets and give them our money!!! most of the world wants American FREE MONEY HANDOUTS {except responsible Russia} Australia want to DUMP their problem$$$ refugees on USA, EU-trying to tell America what to do, Canada too, USA needs 2help protect Austria Poland CzechRep from the EU-dictatorship, tha list goes on&on&on&on ~~~~

    October 5, 2017,10:45 pm

  9. Karen

    Not before they get rid of the Perpetrator’s that sqandered the Billions of dollars the Tax Payers of America give them each year…and not before they fire that “NASTY” DEMOCRAT MAYOR OF SAN JUAN…she should be the FIRST ONE to be INVESTIGATED…SINCE SHE HAS THE LOUDEST MOUTH THAT TELLS LIES ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT…SHE HAS A LOT TO HIDE, so she keeps the Retoric going, accusing our President of something he is not guilty of. Time to investigate her…and find out why Billions of dollars in debt they are!

    October 5, 2017,7:52 pm

  10. Diane Kelly

    I hate that a hurricane hit Puerto Rico. Now, liberals have an excuse for us to pay the debts of a commonwealth who send us useless citizens. I can’t think of one Puerto Rican who doesn’t have a attitude problem. That’s pitiful. The hateful assholes can drown for all I care.

    October 5, 2017,3:16 pm

  11. Brenda Hatfield

    I see 82% said NO. All of you that said no are RACIST PIGS. I can’t believe this messed up site and the hypocritical people with their awful racist comments. Like Judy. THEY ARE AMERICANS. Maybe he should not help the racist pigs out there, like Judy, just saying.

    October 5, 2017,2:42 pm

  12. Judy

    I thought they wanted the USA to give them their freedom to be an independent country! So set them free! Don’t pay their debts!

    October 5, 2017,2:29 pm

  13. Judy

    No. We should help the citizens get their homes, water, and electricity back in order, but we should not pay their debts they had before the hurricanes!

    October 5, 2017,2:24 pm

  14. RobertM

    No, if we “bail them out”, they will only steal more. Let ’em use the money they skimmed and scammed and pay their own bills. I hope the president is not fooled here.

    October 5, 2017,7:01 am

  15. Teress

    One more thing. I owned Bonds from GM. In 2007, they went bankrupt. Obama treated Bondholders the same as Shareholders and there is a huge difference. My Bonds weren’t worth the paper they were printed on! I suffered the lost so if Bondholders lose in PR, I feel for them….some.

    October 4, 2017,10:31 pm

  16. Teress

    As a taxpayer, I don’t want to “pay off” their debt! They made their mess by letting anything of importance fail or go bad! You have to maintain you info structure. I think it’s fine to help get them living necessities and temporary housing but that’s it.

    October 4, 2017,10:27 pm

  17. Thomas Garcia Jr.

    I taught Puerto Rico wanted out from the USA.

    October 4, 2017,10:22 pm

  18. Marc

    Let that Communist mayor of San Juan go down!

    October 4, 2017,7:07 pm

  19. Marty Phelps

    Bailouts are NOT solutions. PR should go bankrupt, sell assets to reduce debt, make financial decisions that are monitored. Wall Street, the major creditor, should be more fiscally responsible in facilitating indebtedness.

    October 4, 2017,6:49 pm

  20. JL Brown Jr

    If they want a complete bailout, its time we had them as states, but before a bailout, they need to find out if someone has sticky fingers. They will also have to include a plan, to make good on repaying the bailout, but it will just end up like the gm bail out, it would never get paid back.

    October 4, 2017,6:41 pm

  21. Jane

    Puerto Rico needs to get its house in order and take aggressive steps to fix their economy. Perhaps Mayor Cruz can roll up her sleeves and do her job.

    October 4, 2017,6:13 pm

  22. dons2401811

    Ok to help with rebuilding infrastructure and help with housing. But not irresponsible debt created by the unions and corrupt democrat officials.

    October 4, 2017,6:12 pm

  23. John Watson

    no. If Puerto Rico been governed responsibly and not padded their pockets at the expense of their constituents then yes bale them out. The government there has done nothing to prepare for this.

    October 4, 2017,5:44 pm

  24. Susan Smith

    Let that Demon Mayer deal with it since she knows so much she is definitely corrupt standing in front of an army of supplies from the taxpayers saying they were dying and starving and had nothing really?!? Dems have really gotten to that one! Slamming the hand that feeds you is never good!

    October 4, 2017,5:42 pm

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