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Trump Has Declared War On Network News!

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump has faced a storm of biased network news coverage since he announced his campaign in 2015. He’s finally had enough — in a tweet, he suggested revoking the broadcast licenses of biased networks! See the tweet below!

Should NBC be taken off the air? Vote HERE.











  1. Sheila

    First of all our President did not cheat. It wasn’t him who gave the liberal media questions ahead of time to ask him when he debated Hillary. Gee! I think that was Hillary and the DNC who did that! Not to mention what the head of the DNC was fired for during the campaign!
    Secondly, it’s the truth that sets us free! Just like the NFL is being exposed for the liars they are, so will the liberal snowfake media! All you Dems and liberals do is complain and say everyone is cheating when you lose. It sounds like small children who can’t take losing fair and square. Donald Trump wasn’t only up against the democrats when he ran for president. He had to fight the liberal media lies, plus people in his own party trying to bring down the agenda the American people voted for. Right now we have freedom vs. socialism. The American people chose Freedom!

    October 13, 2017,4:53 pm

  2. Debera

    Haters hate. Trump is a good example. He sickens me

    October 13, 2017,1:06 am

  3. Brenda Hatfield

    And don’t forget, littleoldlady, HE CHEATED!!!!!!!

    October 12, 2017,11:31 pm

  4. Brenda Hatfield

    That list is getting smaller every day, littleoldlady. So which side of history do you want to be on? Because if you support the racist monster, that makes you a racist monster. Just saying

    October 12, 2017,11:30 pm

  5. littleoldlady

    And yet he won the election and is the president. So apparently there are people who disagree with Bill and Brenda.

    October 12, 2017,10:10 pm

  6. Bill

    Fake candidate. Please remember that no serious newspaper endorsed him over Sec. Clinton. Even papers that had endorsed the GOP candidate for decades would not endorse him. Papers that normally declined to endorse either candidate came out against him.
    Because it was obvious that he was unqualified, temperamentally, intellectually, and by experience.

    Worst human to be president in the past 100 years. Worst president domestically. Almost the worst ever (George W. Bush still holds number one slot on worst list due to his war in Iraq).

    Horrible, horrible person. Understands nothing about what makes America a good country.

    God help us.

    October 12, 2017,8:15 pm

  7. Brenda Hatfield

    Fox News, on the other hand, SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, because they lie about everything, and they are biased, which a news site SHOULD NOT BE.

    October 12, 2017,5:34 pm

  8. Brenda Hatfield

    This MOFO needs to be impeached RIGHT NOW. Anyone who doesn’t think so should be to fucking Russia, because that is what he is working towards. And God help all of us when that happens. And NBC, ABC and CBS ALL REPORT ACCURATE INFORMATION. All YOU have to do is listen. And if you can’t see that drumpf is lying every time he opens his mouth, I feel sorry for YOU.

    October 12, 2017,5:33 pm

  9. Gary Copeland

    All they have to do is tell the truth, not what they want it to be.

    October 12, 2017,4:45 pm

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