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Love The Troops? Read Our Roundup

by Bradley Matthews

The military had a big week here at CBC! From WWII to the War of 1812, from traitor Bowe Bergdahl to Obama’s failures, our CBC Reading Roundup has it all!

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1) The Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson

2) Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans by Brian Kilmeade

3) Is Bowe Bergdahl A Traitor?

4) You Won’t Believe What Susan Rice Said About Bergdahl!

5) Who’s Better For Our Troops: Trump or Obama?


  1. Jereme Garland

    is this an article? how in the world do you read it? I see no article

    October 21, 2017,5:53 am

  2. Mary D. Gainey

    We finally have a president who actually LOVES the U.S.A. and wants Her to succeed!!! Pray daily for Pres. Trump!! There are many who want him to fail…

    October 21, 2017,5:19 am

  3. Rita DeWilliams

    Get rid of Shep Smith and Williams Send Williams back to PBS. He doesn’t belong on Fox. MSNBC can another Loser

    October 21, 2017,2:06 am

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