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7 Things You Never Knew About Andrew Jackson

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Andrew Jackson was a man who lived large and whose legend has endured to the modern day. He is one of Pres. Trump’s personal idols, the man whose visage graces our $20 bill, and a great military leader. Fox News host Brian Kilmeade is bringing Jackson back with his new book Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans — check out our interview with him about Jackson and the book HERE.


Despite his outsized image, there are many amazing anecdotes about his life that the public doesn’t know. We’ve dug deep and found 7 amazing things you never knew about Pres. Andrew Jackson — check them out!


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    October 31, 2017,12:47 am

  2. flipdiving

    Jackson was the first “great” president. Jackson’s authoritarian will, his eagerness with the veto pen, his unprincipled use of federal power against non-whites, and his ugly patronage schemes changed forever the character of the Republic.
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    October 30, 2017,12:12 am

  3. Wyncotejoan

    Tim&Frank: camntx already said Jackson wasn’t perfect, who is, it was a different time, no internet, no 50 states, no highways, different time, different situations, easy for you guys to play Monday morning QB, no wonder progressive liberals want to rewrite history, have you visited his home in TN, I didn’t see evidence that he treated slaves like animals,

    October 28, 2017,6:26 pm

  4. camntx

    Andrew Jackson was a man of his time. Bigger than life and an American hero. Perfect? no. Most certainly not by today’s standards. Critics best pray their own descendants are more understanding of their own mistakes and decisions, given the times we live in.

    October 28, 2017,5:16 pm

  5. john

    No other President fought the corrupt political establishment like Andrew Jackson…The Rothschild Central Banking Elite despised him…All other Presidents following him until the present time have been controlled / manipulated to serve their master…The Banking Cartel/Deep State…The only exception being JFK murdered in Dallas by the CIA/FBI Hit Team…If the truth is ever revealed…Washington, Jefferson, Jackson and JFK will go down in History as our greatest Presidents…

    October 28, 2017,3:24 pm

  6. Frank Shar

    Do the words TRAIL OF TEARS mean anything to you!!!!!

    October 28, 2017,1:22 pm

  7. Tim

    He was also a slave owner who treated them like animals and was instrumental in removing the Indians from their native homes and taking their land.

    October 28, 2017,1:13 pm

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