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Is The Manafort Indictment A “Nothingburger”? Laura Ingraham Explains

by Bradley Matthews

The liberal media has been making a stink over news that Paul Manafort has been indicted. But is this indictment a sign of things to come or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors? Laura Ingraham said that “They don’t have anything on Trump. If they had something on Trump, that would be the indictment today. They would have something on Kushner or any of these other characters, but they don’t and so they go for Manafort and Gates.”

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  1. Nicanor

    Even the libtards know that!!!!!!! But that doesn’t stop them from being libtards!!!!!!

    November 4, 2017,3:50 pm

  2. konstantin

    Liberal media-’empty vessels make the greatest sound’.

    October 31, 2017,2:29 pm

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