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Rush Limbaugh Lays Into Liberals Over Gun Control

by Bradley Matthews

Did you know that no NRA member has ever gone on to commit a mass shooting? Rush Limbaugh tackled the horrible Texas shooting on his show, pointing out that “Not a single murderer not a single perp conducting a mass shooting has been a member of the NRA. And yet what is the knee-jerk, predictable reaction after an event like this? ‘We need more gun control laws.'”

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  1. Ty James Holmberg

    Rush is an idiot

    November 9, 2017,5:05 am

  2. Ron Arrington

    That like saying “ not a single person in that play ground fist fight was in fight club”

    No correlation

    No need for automatic weapons or semi automatic weapons at all in this country , ban them all

    Here’s another illogical statement

    “ guns don’t kill people people kill people “

    Well if this is your logic then you might as well give everyone a nuclear weapon and say
    “ nuclear weapons don’t kill people people kill people “

    There is a reason we draw the line with a certain kind of weapon any – weapon of mass destruction must be illegal .

    Wake up !!

    November 9, 2017,12:19 am

  3. Bill

    Illogical conclusion Rashbag. Illogical.

    November 8, 2017,6:04 am

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