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Should Transgenders Be Allowed To Run For Public Office?

by Christopher N. Malagisi

Last night’s elections saw a number of transgender Democrats win office. Should transgender people be allowed to run for office? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Should transgender people be allowed to run for office?

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  1. Shelly

    Agreed Olivia.

    They are not confused. They are clear. They are clear they do not identify with the sex they were born with. This has zero to do with integrity, intelligence, dedication, values, education.

    This site is full of a bunch of ignorant narrow minded people.

    November 18, 2017,12:10 pm

  2. Dennis Henning

    I won’t judge someone over it, however I do not want someone so confused about what gender they were born as a leader. If they have gender confusion then what else will they confuse.

    November 13, 2017,5:43 pm

  3. Dennis Henning

    Being a Christian doesn’t make one perfect, it makes them forgiven. A person is male or female depending on the x and y chromosomes. I don’t think this can be changed. That means that no matter what direction you force the flesh to, it does not change gender.

    November 13, 2017,5:40 pm

  4. Olivia Stratton

    Gender Dysphoria is not the kind of mental illness that inhibits rational thinking. There’s no reason to discriminate against someone who has it.

    November 12, 2017,5:02 pm

  5. Samantha Blantyre

    Thank you Ty!

    If you want to meet the narrow minded Middle Ages far right just read comments on this site.

    The most judgmental people are Christian. Christianity is supposed to be about Love, that is what Jesus taught. But somewhere it all got misconstrued and now many Christians are judgements haters.

    November 12, 2017,2:07 am

  6. Ty James Holmberg

    Of course they should be allowed to run, not allowing them is discrimination. If you are not comfortable with them or their political views don’t vote for them.

    Has anyone on this string had a transgender friend? It’s not that they can’t mske up their mind it’s that they do not relate with their born gender. So they often transform to the gender they identify with. They are God’s children, those who treat them poorly are in the wrong.

    November 11, 2017,1:16 pm

  7. Lynda

    They are confused about what they are. Don’t want them making decisions for me 🇺🇸

    November 10, 2017,6:08 pm

  8. TJ

    This all started with that bathroom bullshit!

    If you got a dick, go where the dicks are!


    November 10, 2017,7:14 am

  9. Rebecca Baty

    @Dr Hoffmeyer, I refer you to
    “The instance of transgenderism is low studies suggesting that the prevalence is roughly one in thirty thousand men and one in one hundred thousand women ”

    Capetillo-Ventura, N., Jalil-Pérez, S. & Motilla-Negrete, K., 2015. Gender dysphoria: An overview. Medicina Universitaria, Feb, Volume 17, pp. 53-58.


    “That can have origins in early development”

    Mah, L. W., Chan, Y. Y. & Yang, J. H., 2017. Gender Identity in Disorders of Sex Development. In: Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine. London: Acedemic Press.

    I would like to say I read this stuff for fun…

    November 10, 2017,3:42 am

  10. Rebecca Baty

    I think the question is framed wrongly. The implication of the “er” at the end of this is that a process is underway. Since “transgenderism” is an APA recognised disorder, presenting itself as a mental disorder, but often with underlying physical conditions, then the answer would be that since a transgender person is under treatment for a disorder, are they fit for office?. If the question is should a “transgendered” person stand for office, then the answer should be yes; they have completed treatment and been stamped “cured”.

    Although the conservative elements have tended to be quite aggressive towards transgendered people, they should recognise that just because someone happens to have suffered from a gender identity disorder, it does not make them the property of the left. They may have quite conservative social and economic views; the first transgendered person to be elected in Britain, and possibly Europe was Nikki Sinclair, who was under the UKIP ticket. I could write more, but comments should be short.

    November 10, 2017,3:36 am

  11. Virginia Ramos

    I’ve only known God to make Man and Woman. I consider anything besides that, unnatural, not of God. Why should God’s people be having Unnatural leading them. God does give us all freedom of choices, but be sure the choices you make are the right choice, because there is a RIGHT AND WRONG !!!! WRONG will lead you straight to HELL !!!!!

    November 10, 2017,3:17 am

  12. Richard Graziano

    Transgenders are already suffering enough with their identity crisis and their dislocation from the principle social order. The Democrat Marxist agenda to exploit them politically is not only cruel it is evil. The best thing we can do as a nation is to establish some guidelines for bringing mental and emotional to them to ameliorate their condition. Putting them in public office will not only harm the nation but it will likely drive many of them to suicide.

    November 9, 2017,9:22 pm

  13. Marc

    It would be insane to allow such confused people to run our lives.

    November 9, 2017,6:31 pm

  14. russell


    November 9, 2017,4:41 pm

  15. Dr Gerald Hoffmyer

    In the case of mental illness in general there has been little research conducted considering the vast population impact.
    They are now finding some biological basis for some mental illness such as bacteria and viruses in the brain and CNS. In the case of transgender there has beenlittle to no study, it affects 2% of the population. There could also be biological causes, but we don’t know. People fear what they don’t understand and they always will.

    Hold Trans candidates to the same standards as any candidate, if they are qualified and driving the changes you desire then vote for them. But not voting BECAUSE they are trans with no knowledge of them individually is called Discrimination. Rise above Discrimination and the world becomes a better place one act or decision at a time.

    November 9, 2017,3:26 pm

  16. Diane Kelly

    There is no such thing as transgender. You can’t change your chromosomes. The chromosomes determine gender. It doesn’t matter how much you change the outer shell. If you were born male your prostate is still intact. And it can’t be removed unless cancer is present. Chaz Bono-transgender child of Cher- still has her fallopian tubes and ovaries. And can still get ovarian cancer. Cosmetic changes are superficial. Yes, it is a form of mental illness. Albert Einstein was right.

    November 9, 2017,3:03 pm

  17. Sherry Black

    After now reading through other comments, I feel I must add that I am atheist. …. and I still say no.

    November 9, 2017,2:52 pm

  18. Sherry Black

    I voted “no.” But I guess it’s ok if they run. I sure wouldn’t vote for one.
    I have a gay son, a gay grandson & one of my closest friends is a lesbian. So I’m not homophobic either.

    November 9, 2017,2:49 pm

  19. Samantha Blantyre

    The Bible also says it’s ok to stone people to death. Let’s take the loving messages from the Bible and leave the values of an ancient time. Man wrote it, in the mindset of the time.

    Similar, Amendments and doctrine was written in the time
    Which is why I evmake changes-

    Michelle trans? Brainwashing at its finest. Any one can write a book, it doesn’t mean they are right

    November 9, 2017,2:44 pm

  20. Ron Arrington

    Michelle was born a girl – google it dip shits – there is even evidence called P H O T O S

    God did not write the Bible- MAN did interpreting what he thought was gods word/ it is full of unloving things like love thy neighbor unless he is someone we don’t understand like a homosexual or trans.

    What’s the true definition of love? It’s not excluding people unlike yourself when loving thy neighbor.

    For all of you narrow minded bible beeters, I wish you LGBT grandchildren to pry open your brain washed hearts.

    November 9, 2017,2:15 pm

  21. Shelly

    Katie, 86% if this audience voted not America.

    This audience is made up of the Bible far right and conservative social people only.

    In other words the closed minds and closed hearts of America.

    People who still think ridiculous things like Obamacare is a Muslim and Michelle is a trans because they listen to the horrible spew of irrational conservative media. The same people that think Obama was born in Kenya even tho he released proof. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Now time for Trump to release tax returns- what is he hiding??

    November 9, 2017,2:07 pm

  22. Katie

    If 86% of us voted No that they should not be able to run for office how did so
    many win office?
    I can’t imagine how disappointed God is in America these days …..

    November 9, 2017,1:19 pm

  23. Mickey

    Unfit for office. I have heard horrible comments from the left and the right about how Trump was unfit to be in office. How absurd that these same people seem to think it is okay to have a Transgender with mental instability to be in office. They cannot even figure out what gender they are and they are going to tell us how to run a political office?

    November 9, 2017,12:23 pm

  24. barbara e ward

    Transgenderism goes against God’s Word. This is just another step in the downfall of our society. Too many believe in the “live and let live” attitude. As Christians we must hold each other to be accountable for our lives. Christians cannot in good conscience go along with this behavior and honor it by electing someone to public office who can’t even make up their minds what sex they are. Revelation foretells of the times to come and I believe they are here!

    November 9, 2017,11:15 am

  25. Mary Bullard

    When they can not figure out what gender they want to be they have no right running for a political office. They are mentally unstable. It goes against Gods word.

    November 9, 2017,9:52 am

  26. Phillip S Fivgas

    And as for judging and being loving Christians in this day and time…SURE. Christians are to hate “evil” and to “judge righteously”. Yeah, there is “RIGHTEOUS DISCRIMINATION” folks. How should a loving Christian deal with these that are “mentally ill” and have made “evil” decisions in an attempt to change their gender. The Christian Bible says, “Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” (Romans 1:24-25) More can be read. Anyway, DISCRIMINATION between “Right” and “Wrong” has been compromised. Pray to God for grace and mercy. Pray to God for His wisdom in how to treat these individuals. Yes, love should be given but only His “AGAPE” (SUPERNATURAL love), not philo love, that of the “natural” person, the sinner.

    November 9, 2017,9:16 am

  27. Barbara

    Absolutely not. If they can’t accept the gender that God created them to be and are confused with that, then how in the world can they make other decisions for the people that are in the best interests of those that they are serving? They are mentally ill. Plain and simple.

    November 9, 2017,8:55 am

  28. Phillip S Fivgas

    For thousands of years this has been considered mental illness. And the homos forced the change of laws here in the USA involving jurisprudence in legal actions by overtaking and forcing this at the pyschs annual meeting in 1971. Read ‘Shadow In the Land’, by William Dannemeyer. It has everything to do with making decisions that affect everyone and their behavior. Biggest problem is that many people don’t know that Michelle Obama is a transgender and that would make President Obama the first homo president that we know of. Do some research and find out. But God is going to expose all of this in His way and in His time. America beware!

    November 9, 2017,8:45 am

  29. Binnie

    This is a mental illness.

    November 9, 2017,8:14 am

  30. Ty James Holmberg

    There are numerous factors biologically and otherwise contributing to transgender. They are not mentally ill. Do you know any? I do. I know a few and they are warm hearted smart people.

    I’m amazed at the closed minded judgments and ignorance on this site. You people give Christians a bad name.

    Love thy neighbor- regardless- that’s what Jesus would do. Be like Jesus and start being loving Christians.

    I hope the judging Christians die out soon. Disgraceful.

    November 9, 2017,5:01 am

  31. Kevin

    They are mentally ill and need treatment

    November 9, 2017,2:08 am

  32. Forrest

    When you were born you were touched by the hand of guard your sex was what it is supposed to be now if you believe other wise then you have allowed satan to enter in and he has told you this lie so you can be cured by kneeling before God if you do not then you will remain mentally ill and a servant of the devil and so you are not fit to teach to govern to supervise or in any way be in control of other humans and it is not a matter of the straight being ignorant but the other way around so read the Bible and ask GOD for understanding and pray may GOD have mercy on your soul

    November 9, 2017,12:32 am

  33. Mary Harris

    Who are you to say whether a transgender citizen can run for office or not. If the posters on this site are indicative of the conservative party, it has spent too much time in the swamp sucking on home brew.

    November 9, 2017,12:28 am

  34. Ron Arrington

    Ignorant, close minded , horrible people on this site


    November 9, 2017,12:13 am

  35. Mary Harris

    Wow 15 yay and 85 nay. Thats a little scary. I suppose all red heads need to stay on the back of the bus too huh? Maybe all blue eyed children are defective also. What do you thi k is wrong with people. Defe five gene pool or the way of the beast.

    November 9, 2017,12:09 am

  36. Alex Como Sr


    November 8, 2017,11:37 pm

  37. Alex Como Sr


    November 8, 2017,11:35 pm

  38. Nikita63

    I voted yes as to being allowed to run but it is conditional in my eyes. They are citizens, but the question is: ARE THEY MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY COMPETENT when there is plenty of evidence that this is not likely the case.If they are not fit to be equitable and try to force their agendas on a vast majority of heterosexuals who have no such problems with their gender identities under the Natural Order. Because we simply do not know, we should err on the side of Common sense and deny it but that is NOT what the leftist courts and Marxist lunatic left will abide by as their aim is to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and using such divisive schemes as this to do it! We can thank the Obama administration for this ludicrous legacy which Trump is trying to reverse, AND RIGHTFULLY SO!

    November 8, 2017,11:01 pm

  39. Imre Tihanyi

    People who have issues with their identity, should not, be called up, allowed, to represent the, natural, normal, solidly established, in their identity, segment of our society/citizenry! I consider those unfortunates, as, ‘degenerate/deviants’ and they apparently have enough on their plates to worry about!

    November 8, 2017,10:59 pm

  40. Suzanne

    Mentally ill people should not be allowed to run for any office. They are not fit to assume the responsibilities.

    November 8, 2017,10:54 pm

  41. Sheila

    A researcher from Johns Hopkins says that these people are mentally ill. Having surgery to change your gender from man to woman does NOT change you, but only feminizes men, and the same for women, you become a masculinized woman. You each still have xx or xy chromosomes. But hey, maybe these transgenders do belong in politics as it seems many, many politicians are crazy.

    November 8, 2017,10:23 pm

  42. Sharon

    People who can’t figure out whether they are male or female have no business running for a government office. There is no such thing as transgender… you are male or female as God created you. No matter how much you mutilate your body, your DNA will still be that of the sex you were born. God doe not make mistakes. We need people in office who are going to work for the greater good of the general population, not people who can’t make up their mind if they are male or female. These folk are mentally ill and unstable. They are NOT good candidates for public office nor for service in the military.

    November 8, 2017,9:58 pm

  43. Joseph

    +Felora – I think you missed your meds the last few days…

    November 8, 2017,9:54 pm

  44. Paul carmichael

    No I think they don’t need to be in the military either plus they don’t need to run for office.

    November 8, 2017,8:59 pm

  45. Andee

    Ken! I adore your comment below! We already have nuts running the government, why do we need more?

    November 8, 2017,8:42 pm

  46. Andee

    Trans, lezzies and queers (gay means happy, joyful, check a dictionary), have a severe mental defect and that makes them not a good candidate for any part of needful legislation; we have seen how they pander to those organizations that think they are great and support them…there is also a severe problem here; no babies and that means eventually, other races will take us over…

    November 8, 2017,8:41 pm

  47. Harry Travis

    and all your communist dumbocrats with your dictators Pelosi and Schumer are all the sick ones….. Love him or not he is our President and not the bitch…..

    November 8, 2017,8:28 pm

  48. Harry Travis

    God will take care of these faggots, read the book of Romans 1: 26-28 where God condemns it, They have their place in HELL

    November 8, 2017,8:26 pm

  49. Debra

    President Trump is a much better president then the last 3 or 4!

    November 8, 2017,8:26 pm

  50. Debra

    These people have an illness. They are confused about who they are….yes they need understanding and kindness shown to them, but making decisions for the rest of us when they aren’t of sound mind isn’t fair to the rest of us. So no….it’s not appropriate for them to be in any position of authority.

    November 8, 2017,8:24 pm

  51. Phillip

    If allowed to be voted in office then it will weaken our nation. Their decisions are not that or a true person, but or a confused mind.

    November 8, 2017,8:15 pm

  52. Felora

    Mueller will bring all of them down . They all belong in jail, the whole family and this nasty administration. It’s been few arrest and this is just the beginning

    November 8, 2017,8:13 pm

  53. Felora

    Sweetsuze I am highly educated and I’ve done my research trump is by far the worst president of the United States history that’s why his approval rating is at 33% no president was hated as he is . Unemployment being low and good economy it’s all thanks to president Obama by the time this disgrace and embarrassing president that we have now leaves the office America will be bankrupt and laughing stock of the whole world

    November 8, 2017,7:56 pm

  54. Raymond Martucci

    We need people who are not going to be afraid of going up against the enemy and putting fake women in the same bathroom as regular women. This Democrats party is a joke and they just proved it when the people voted for them. So now we have a party that favors terrorist and a group of people who have no idea who they are this is like a nightmare come true. Transgender only important thing to them is putting gays in the bathroom what they going to do if an enemy fights them. We need strong leaders not cowards and who actually is going to do the job

    November 8, 2017,7:54 pm

  55. Miss Bev

    They don’t know who or what they are, how can they possibly hold a position. They are just looking for a platform to flaunt their views and lifestyles. If I want to see freaks…..I’ll go to a freak show.

    November 8, 2017,7:47 pm

  56. Wanda

    They haven’t got their own houses in order; how can they lead others?

    November 8, 2017,7:29 pm

  57. James W. Ward

    I agree with Jon Bailey-get over it!

    November 8, 2017,7:27 pm

  58. sweetsuzee

    Felora, As an educated American I am very proud to say I voted for Donald Trump for president. What crimes has he committed as you so allege? What rape did he ever commit? Yes, it is a sad day in hell when a rapist gets elected to such a high office which is why I cried when Bill Clinton was elected. I never foalong rgot all of the accusations from when he was governor as the accusers seemed quite credible. Then his antics in the Oval Office should have been considered “criminal” considering the history of that historical room. But then came Pres. Obama who did nothing but disrespect the room with his shoes and feet all over the furniture. Although I do wish that Pres. Trump would quite tweeting so much, the fact still remains that he has done more for America and Americans in less than 10 months than Pres. Obama did in 8 yrs. But I’m sure you are too ignorant to bother to research the nation’s economy, unemployment, debts, or about how Pres. Obama left the DNC in debt to the tune of over $13 MILLION dollars. One of the very few Democrats I have had any respect for in recent years has regurgitated quite a bit in recent times. You should seek out the book “Hacks”.

    November 8, 2017,7:26 pm

  59. Felora

    Johnnie is against free speech sounds like trump I’m not surprised at all

    November 8, 2017,7:18 pm

  60. Felora

    Can’t wait for trump impeachment

    November 8, 2017,7:15 pm

  61. Johnnie McHan

    Please bar Fellora from her filthy commentary on every article’s question. She is not intersted in the subject, only to spew her vile hatred!! CBC should not allow this. Intelligent readers deserve better! Thank you!

    November 8, 2017,7:06 pm



    November 8, 2017,7:03 pm

  63. Paul Omlor

    These people are confused with themselves, today it’s look at me, what will tomorrow bring. If they can’t figure our who they are by looking between their legs then hell no I don’t want them running anything other than the Freak Circus.

    November 8, 2017,7:00 pm

  64. Felora

    I hope this disgrace president pay for all the crime he has committed. He is unfit and undignified for the office. Shame on all the people who voted for this monster and now we have to pay for their stupidity

    November 8, 2017,6:47 pm

  65. Felora

    Who would have thought a rapist becomes a president so sad all the people around he world feel sorry fo us

    November 8, 2017,6:44 pm

  66. Joe2bolts

    No way, they are sick. Let em be crazy on their time not ours.

    November 8, 2017,6:42 pm

  67. Felora

    We have a sexual predator and rapist as a president

    November 8, 2017,6:41 pm

  68. Larry Brule


    November 8, 2017,6:39 pm

  69. John Kaltsas

    Guys who wanna be called Joey on Tuesday and Sally on Thursday is a total mental disorder.Bruce Jenner aka Kaityn Jenner is a guy with a package he’s involved with the freaks called the Kardashian a totally dysfunctional tv family exploiting Woman,Sex,Drugs, there the disease that has become popular in America and it must be STOPPED ASAP

    November 8, 2017,6:36 pm

  70. Tanya Cummins

    They are citizens & humans, too. The Constitution wasn’t written just for you bigots.

    November 8, 2017,6:29 pm

  71. Yuk F Tsang

    I had no problem with transgender, but I do have problem for them in public office it give our children’s and young people wrong message

    November 8, 2017,6:21 pm

  72. Cindy

    Way too many issues!

    November 8, 2017,6:18 pm

  73. Captain Drew Johnson USNR-Ret

    LBGTQ is a serious Mental Disorder! Do you want someone like that making decisions on your behalf, in a political office?! NOT !!

    November 8, 2017,6:11 pm

  74. Jack Houx

    It’s a sad day

    November 8, 2017,6:07 pm

  75. Shirley

    I think there should have been some issues resolved before they ever allowed anyone to run for any public office!!! Rules have to be put in place for this! This is definitely not the normal situation!!!
    First of all, did they have to register their gender identity at the time that they ran for office? Then, once the transgender has ran for office, will there be an issue of which restroom to use? And if they ran for office & won … and let’s just say there was a two-term limit for this particular office…. Would they be allowed to run for same office again AS THE SAME “person”. But they change back to the other sex gender???? .. and change their name too ? .. Could they legally run for another term of that same position under a different name but technically their DNA is exactly the same?? These are some of the issues that should have been settled before they were allowed to run!!!
    Personally, I do not feel that they should be allowed to run for any type of public office or work around any children! The psychiatrists do state that transgender person is a person with a mental disorder! They have a mental disorder and cannot decide their own gender that they were born with. What proof do they have that they can run govern anything with mental stability?? Like I said I believe there are many more questions out there that should have been resolved first!!

    November 8, 2017,6:02 pm

  76. Lori Rogers

    I believe in the “Word of God” . Anything that doesn’t agree, is wrong.
    “Turn your back on The Sun, and The Father will turn His back on you”
    Start reading “The Word” before your eternal destiny is decided….

    November 8, 2017,6:01 pm

  77. Melanie

    People with this condition are mentally ill. What they need is therapy, not having fake parts sewn on or real parts cut off. No one with this condition could possibly have the presence of mind to govern without imposing even more evil on society.

    November 8, 2017,5:59 pm

  78. John Bailey

    The constitution says they can. No matter that we think it is a mental illness. If you believe in the constitution you have to let them run.

    November 8, 2017,5:58 pm

  79. Paul Kalmakoff

    Look at the poll!
    Then you must read “Ryan’s 5:19pm” comments.

    November 8, 2017,5:57 pm

  80. Lori Rogers

    Very Sad for Democratic party that they turn their backs on the Word of God and have no moral fiber. Wait till Judgement Day,
    you will see who wins and who looses. LOVE TRUMP !!!

    November 8, 2017,5:55 pm

  81. Keith Wilkinson

    If they are to stupid to know that gender is not a preference it’s decided at conception, then how can you expect them to make their mine up in any situation.you are male or female not whatever you think

    November 8, 2017,5:52 pm

  82. Raymond Mangin

    Because they will never be able to make to make up their minds!!!!!

    November 8, 2017,5:51 pm

  83. Lori Rogers

    Anyone who’s main focus is their genitalia should have stayed in Jr High and not run for office or any leadership role. Find a wholesome hobby !! Get your mind off of your wee wee moron !!

    November 8, 2017,5:50 pm

  84. Felora

    Huge victory for Democratic Party!!! Go democrats!! We are going to put disgusting trump and all his family in jail once and for all and take the house and senate back in 2018 and make America laugh again and be proud to be American

    November 8, 2017,5:47 pm

  85. ed

    They should all be taken out and hung

    November 8, 2017,5:44 pm

  86. Charles Stilwell

    Can’t support or vote for someone with serious mental issues; These people should not be allowed to serve in the Military or hold any public office !

    November 8, 2017,5:42 pm

  87. Karen lindberg

    we don’t need more politicians pushing the radical homosexual agenda!!!!!!!!

    November 8, 2017,5:38 pm

  88. Janie Codac

    Certainly anyone is allowed to run for political office. I hope we get more diverse. We’ve been run by to many “old White men” far to long, who are run by their mega donors. This country needs new ideas from A to Z so we can compete on the world stage.

    November 8, 2017,5:30 pm

  89. . Jennifer Cothrine

    @BeckyClatk so why is Trump in office if the mentally ill shouldn’t be. Several members of the Republican party have said as much. He is causing a lot of division of the Republican party not to mention the country.

    November 8, 2017,5:29 pm

  90. . Jennifer Cothrine

    @Ken which is Obama? A queer or a Muslim? He can’t be both.

    November 8, 2017,5:24 pm

  91. Lukas Benke

    Of course, in a democratic System, everyone should be able to run for any office, as long as they get elected by fair and equal means. Anything else would be undemocratic and authoritarian.

    It’s the job of the more conservative opposition to convince people to vote for them, and not the Trans Person. Not by outlawing it, but by bringing better arguments.

    November 8, 2017,5:23 pm

  92. . Jennifer Cothrine

    Anyone should be allowed to run for office as long as they are an American citizen. You don’t have vote for them.

    November 8, 2017,5:20 pm

  93. Joseph

    To not ‘allow’ is against a citizen’s rights and too close to tyranny for me. That said, most of them are Libs, so they’ll never get MY vote anyway.

    November 8, 2017,5:20 pm

  94. Ryan

    Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!! They should not be in the military, in public office, or employed in any capacity in any educational institution at any capacity. I don’t care what they feel or identify as, we are all born male or female and that cannot change. They can have any or all surgeries they want on their own dollar but DNA does not change and cannot be changed. IE a woman is attacked by a woman in a parking lot. The victim claws at the womans face and cuts him, and is spit on by the attacker. The tissue cells under the victims fingernails and the epithelial cells in the saliva of the attacker both come back as a male assailant but the only description and sketch or the perp is that of a woman with longer blonde hair and medium sized breast so the bolo put out is looking for a blonde woman with a medium chest but the assailant is actually a man with fake tits and long hair. I dont care what you Identify as you were born one gender and men that want to be a woman or vise versa that is your own psychological problem, disorder, and deviance My daughter does not need to be in the same restroom with men who want to wear heels and squat to pee and my son dont need to be standing next to a woman who wants to stand up and pee from a fake plastic tube she had surgically implanted and takes hormones to grow facial hair.

    November 8, 2017,5:19 pm

  95. Vanessa

    So many typos my bad but I don’t think they can be neutral they sure cant now the ones not even in office causing so much trouble

    November 8, 2017,5:18 pm

  96. Ken

    We already had a first lady that was a tranny and a President who was a queer. Look what that got us.

    November 8, 2017,5:18 pm

  97. Allbert R. Pryor

    Tranny’s are mentally impaired,so they all must be Democrats.

    November 8, 2017,5:18 pm

  98. Vanessa

    Not just no but hell because i dont think they can be neutral on stuff and all the straight people will be fucked so its not about their gender at all because i could care one way or another its when they start pushing stuff on us not careing about whats right or wrong but long as they get their own way and what they want

    November 8, 2017,5:16 pm

  99. Becky Clark

    Transgenderism is a mental disorder. So, why are we electing people with a known mental disorder?

    November 8, 2017,5:14 pm

  100. Ultra SSM

    While I find the whole transgender issue immoral, I do believe that any citizen of the USA, in good standing with the law has the right to vote and/or run for office.

    November 8, 2017,5:14 pm

  101. Ken

    No…they are an abomination. Them and LGBT members and radical blacks should not be allowed to run.

    November 8, 2017,5:12 pm

  102. Larry Rhodes

    I am not okay with transgender anything!!! There is something wrong in their head that makes them that way which means that whatever it is could effect other decisions they make!!! I mean if you cant make up your mind what sex you are how can you make decisions that effect me and my family!!! NOT NO BUT HELL NO!!!!

    November 8, 2017,5:09 pm

  103. Jeff Miller

    Caitly Jenner is a registered Republican. Might be a way to get a Republican elected in California.

    November 8, 2017,5:04 pm

  104. Trish Hooper

    They are probably pedophiles anyway ha ha!

    November 8, 2017,5:01 pm

  105. Trish Hooper

    They are not a role model for anyone! SICK!

    November 8, 2017,5:00 pm

  106. Hal Slusher

    Unfortunately being confused by what sex you are only shows your thinking is odd notice however they were elected in democrat strongholds

    November 8, 2017,5:00 pm

  107. Douglas

    Expect lawsuit over how they are treated or not. SICK!

    November 8, 2017,5:00 pm

  108. Barbara white

    They already have a sick mind. We don’t need someone in office running our government with their sick ideas and against the Eord if God

    November 8, 2017,4:59 pm

  109. Thomas Miller

    Abynormal,, sorry for you!

    November 8, 2017,4:57 pm

  110. Lisaann

    Nope. Sorry. But, nothing at all we can do about it.

    November 8, 2017,4:57 pm

  111. Sally Brucks

    Stand or sit,you know who you are. It’s a joke. Ask kaklyn jenner. Lol WEIRD

    November 8, 2017,4:56 pm

  112. Ken Wade

    They can’t even tell the difference between Male and Female!
    Why would you trust their intelligence or ability?

    November 8, 2017,4:56 pm

  113. Harold Daigle

    If you don’t know what gender you are how are you going to govern? If you don’t know what gender you are you have a mental problem.

    November 8, 2017,4:53 pm

  114. Ted Perry

    The only thing they want is to ruin the fabric of America…I’ve had enough…

    November 8, 2017,4:52 pm

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