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Laura Ingraham Explains Why Ed Gillespie Lost In Virginia

by Bradley Matthews

Ed Gillespie lost last night’s Virginia governor’s race. On Fox & Friends, Laura Ingraham explained why — he refused to embrace Trump! Ingraham noted that “I made this point really consistently that there is no middle ground with conservative populism. There is no constituency for open borders, open markets, and endless military intervention… Trying to be half in, half out with Donald Trump was never going to work.”

Watch Ingraham’s full comments below! To comment, sign up as a CBC Insider HERE.









  1. Yuk F Tsang

    It dose not matter if he win for Repulbican he establishment . I vote for Trump and I didn’t care if he lost he is just another Estabishment . In 2019 I promise myself I will not vote for those Republican we have right now I am Steven Bannon and Sebastian Gorka fan I did vote for Trump because he say he is a smart business man when come to Trade with the world, but he had been in the office one year now, we trade with Rotherham country wrost that last president. I know if the trade with the rest of the world not change he won’t get my vote in 2020 he spend had hold year just N Koren I am so sick of it Koren most of us American we just want to had good job not Koren .

    November 8, 2017,6:35 pm

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