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See Trump’s Response To Attack On Border Patrol Agents

by Bradley Matthews

On Sunday, two US Border Patrol agents were attacked with rocks, with one agent dead and the other badly injured. Pres. Trump has responded to this vicious crime, calling to build a wall with Mexico once more. See his tweet below!

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  1. Diane Kelly

    Build. The. Damn. Wall. Already.

    November 21, 2017,4:13 pm

  2. Patricia

    We must have the death penalty for the death of Border patrol. Build the Wall all the way. stop talking about it and get it done. We elected you to get it done!

    November 21, 2017,12:11 am

  3. Margaret Storelee.

    Were our agents armed? What a horrible way to die. These damn illegals make me sick. They think they have the right to come here even willing to commit murder!! Dreamers my ass.

    November 20, 2017,7:03 pm

  4. Corsica

    Why weren’t border patrol agents firing back?

    November 20, 2017,5:55 pm

  5. Richard

    build the wall don’t talk about at !!!!!!!!!!!!

    November 20, 2017,5:10 pm

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