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5 Things That Prove Bannon Is A Rebel

As a chief architect of the 2016 election upset that propelled Donald Trump into the White House, Steve Bannon was launched prominently onto the national political stage. He later served as White House Chief Strategist for the first seven months of the Trump presidency. To the left, Bannon is a shady and manipulative villain. To many on the right, he is a symbol of nationalism and patriotism. 

Regardless of what you think of Steve Bannon, White House reporter Keith Koffler provides a window into what influenced the man who became the rebel. In Bannon: Always The Rebel, Koffler dives into how family, religious, military and political influences shaped Bannon.  

Learn 5 things that prove Steve Bannon is a rebel with our list! Click to the next page to begin!

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