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Which Network Has More Fake News: CNN or MSNBC?

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Donald Trump has been constant in his attacks on the fake news media. Today on Twitter, he suggested a contest to decide which news network broadcasts the most fake news, with the winner receiving a “Fake News Trophy”. We ask you: which has more fake news, CNN or MSNBC? Vote in our poll and see Trump’s tweet below!










Which TV network has the fakest news?

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  1. Fred

    Robert Mueller is to close to Comey to be impartial! He is violating Justice Department conflict of interest rules. He has a a disqualifying conflict of interest. The American people are Sick and Tired of the “TWO-TIERS OF JUSTICE SYSTEM” for high-level government officials who commit felonies, eavesdropping, hundred of unmaskings and obstruction of justice! Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel. American voters clearly wanted to see a change in Washington when they voted President Trump into office! It is now time to fulfill that promise! We the people demand a SPECIAL COUNSEL to investigate Clinton, Comey, the DEEP STATE LEAKS , Lynch and Robert Mueller’s special counsel!
    Sidney Powell, :We’re are not seeing Mission Creep we’re seeing CREEPS on a mission!”

    December 6, 2017,8:33 pm

  2. Robert Laporter

    Roger, I can see why you voted for Trump you too use insults as your mode of communication.

    Allow people their opinion with out it derailing your integrity or theirs.

    Here are my thoughts to date on potus

    Trump has no accomplishments yet,

    he divides by name calling his co- workers or anyone who opposes him. Imagine if you did that at work ? You’d be disliked, reprimanded and eventually fired.

    He claims to be a great negotiator but before a negotiation such as the tax reform he gets on Twitter and offends the opposing side . That is not a negotiation skills that is successful even an entry level supervisor or tell you that .

    He dodged the draft, 5 times

    He admitted he did not pay taxes, veterans need that money

    He said he would release taxes if Pres and didn’t , what is he hiding

    Trump hotel in Panama tied to money laundering?

    He said he wouldn’t golf, um right

    He hires people that lack degrees, education and experience

    He has the vocabulary of a bigly 6th grader

    He fights on twitter with war hero families and celebrities and mayor of Puerto Rico, other politicians, childish

    He claims Hollywood access tape is now all of the sudden fake, if that were true he would have said that a year ago, so not truthful

    He is a playboy/womanizer and horrible husband cheating on one wife to marry the next

    Lifting the ban on elephant tusks into the US demonstrates his lack of understanding for wildlife preservation , he undid it only to further remove something Obama did . If hating your predecessors is more important that making good decisions your have some maturing to do.

    He handled Puerto Rico poorly

    He brags too much

    Here’s what’s good about him:

    – He so wealthy that he doesn’t need the tax payer money for salary .

    His wife seems nice

    He fired Bannon

    He might be a good grampa

    November 29, 2017,12:20 am

  3. Roger Champagne

    Samantha : seams that you hate “POTUS Mr. Trump”to the point that you’re too blind to see anything good. this is also is true to all the Trump haters . So go git yourselves a safe place , a puppy & some crayons, & quit your crying & change your diaper. winners every one of you.

    November 28, 2017,6:56 pm

  4. Bruce Liss

    they are both full of liberal bullshit

    November 28, 2017,6:47 pm

  5. John Lockwood

    Traitor supporting liars hang as easily as traitors. The biggest fraud and con on America, being perpetuated by a POS pretend human and president, supported by pedophlles, thieves and traitors. Well done “conservatives.” Hope you enjoy the pending irrelevance.

    November 28, 2017,5:51 pm

  6. Diane Kelly

    MSNBC is the most insane news network to ever exist. May it go the way of the Al Jzeera network. I don’t like CNN either but at least they’re not openly crazy. I can’t believe only thirty percent agree with me. Wake up!!!!!!!

    November 28, 2017,4:05 pm

  7. Samantha Blantyre

    I agree with Tracy, just because you disagree with the current state of the Republican administration and POTUS does not make you a troll .

    Trump was a mistake

    And I also believe in separation of church and state as did our founding fathers!

    Practice your religion in your own space don’t bring into government

    November 28, 2017,2:51 pm

  8. Colette

    Tracy is a troll–and an ignoramous

    November 28, 2017,2:09 pm

  9. Kevin Burns

    Already did….. Fix the sign-on thing to retain the comment after asking/getting sign-on credentials…. Your website acts like ABC.COM……..

    November 28, 2017,1:31 pm

  10. Tracy


    You are confusing religion with government. We have separated church from state in his country. If you feel abortion is murde don’t get one.

    God had nothing to do with the election win but if you believe that it is your right. The death penalty is murder too, what’s your thoughts on that.

    Trump is the farthest thing from a Christian or patriot or even a good man , he is a p grabbing immature jerk who can’t form a coherent sentence .

    Republicans really sh*t the bed on this one.

    November 28, 2017,1:03 pm

  11. Johnnie McHan

    I love prez’ tweet!

    November 28, 2017,10:59 am

  12. Phillip S Fivgas

    Don’t judge unless it is “RIGHTEOUS” judgement. It will come back to you. Yeah, that is what the Christian Bible says. And don’t do anything in “doubt”, that’s a SIN. BE SURE OF WHAT YOU KNOW PEOPLE. Pray for pity and mercy. Pray without ceasing. Amen! Praise the Lord!

    November 28, 2017,10:35 am

  13. Phillip S Fivgas

    To all those bashing the elected President and gnashing their teeth at the conservative government that is presently in power welcome to your nightmare! Since, the government has past law after law, tax & appropriation bill, after bill, for the purpose of changing the God ordained purpose of government, (to protect the people from “evil”), and the laws of the Constitution of the United States, (which were heavily studied by the Founding Fathers in view of His Holy Scriptures), and who came from and lived under oppressive and suppressive governments, BEWARE! God is the One you are to fear, not the STATE! Abortion is murder, plain and simple. And it is funded in this country by law. People are to work to eat, and not just be given entitlement for everything. Life is difficult and youth should be taught that. Tax Reform won’t save this country. It may spur economic growth but unless the “special rights” laws (for homosexuals and “illegal” aliens) and murder is not dealt with everything is still on track for…HELL! Liberal is good word in the face of “GREED” So, is Democrat, when it is based on people being allowed to decide what they believe is “righteous” and “just”, “equally”. But they cover up a litany of “EVIL” in all forms of human government. Face it…this is the Lord’s work and HIs will, and it will not be thwarted. Even if your not a Christian who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ as God, you should understand that there is a God who created all things, EX NIHILO (from nothing), and is in control. He is the ALL POWERFUL ONE. Man is born into a life of SIN people (from the fall of Adam and Eve) and has only One Hope (not Barack Obama at the least), and not Donald Trump or any President either! And especially not the wicked and “evil” Clintons, (and that name is not his real born name either). God is confounding the people and their so-called governments and systems (look at the 2016 election, wow! Right before your very eyes people). The Lord, “sits in the heavens and laughs,” He “scoffs” at those that do not worship and revere Him ALONE!!! Read Psalm 2 people. The Christian Bible even states that the LORD creates “calamity” and He uses the SIN (which He has none of) of people to bring “evil” upon “evil”. This is all to accomplish His all consuming purpose of glorifying Himself. And yes, He is still a God of Love, AGAPE, “supernatural” love, that people do not have in and of themselves. These things are “spiritual” and the “unregenerate” person does not have the ability to “discern” them, you must be “born again” Christians. Read the most “conservative” book ever published. The most published and read book of all history, the Christian Bible. And pray that the Lord send His Holy Spirit and grant you His undeserved merit, GRACE, and “quicken” your dead heart and spirit to LIFE, and that more abundantly then you can ask or think. Plead with the Lord for His mercy and grace. Receive His PEACE (that passes all understanding of the broken and sin-filled human mind and heart), peace between God and people (His creation). Tis the Season to be jolly…deck the halls…celebrate…your salvation draws nigh…EVERYBODY HAS AN UNDYING “CONSCIENCE” (with Knowledge). Hell was created by God for the devil and his angels. That’s right, angels. But there’s evidence that humans will definitely be there too. Oh…there will be NO PARTY IN HELL! Merry Christmas! Know God, Jesus Christ, the “Incarnate God”. God in the Flesh. He’s your only chance or NO CHANCE AT ALL. He is your BEST BARGAIN FOREVER. That’s not boring all you people who sit down at a football or basketball game not knowing that the score and the outcome was PREDESTINATED before the foundations of the earth were ever created. Just as elections and all of HIS STORY are! PRE…DETERMINED! Sorry, Only God is that way! We love it. Hallelujah! (Handel, wow!) Amen! soli Deo gloria

    November 28, 2017,10:27 am

  14. off the hook

    1st Amendment ”freedom of the press” citizens have to dig out the facts the press misses !!

    November 28, 2017,7:26 am

  15. Ty James Holmberg

    Did Fox News cover his Yet another embarrassment at the WH today? He referred to Sen Warren as Pocahontas AGAIN ( which is childish) IN FRONT of the Navajo code talker from WWII that were being honored . What a complete jerk. No manners. fox does not cover half of his complete idiot moves. And why does he have idiot moves ? because he is a glorified playboy who is not even qualified to be a CEO at any company I’ve ever worked for. He is not a leader and has zero concept of leadership. Leaders are humble, they bring people together- he is devisive . An embarrassment to the US, the world laughs at us. We are no longer world leaders of the free world we are morons for electing him .

    November 28, 2017,12:42 am

  16. Ron Arrington

    R. Dorian
    Yes, we should be frightened of Sweden, Finland , Netherlands , Denmark , Canada , Ireland , New Zealand , Belgium. You know the peaceful countries in the world. These countries put the needs of people over the need for profit. Modern day socialism is not what once was.
    Now , countries that try to control their people – like N Korea are a different story. So let’s not become a country that controls free press. Trump wants to control information, that is a red flag. He needs to do his job, stop fighting with celebrities and war hero family’s and lead. He needs to stop bragging about his big election win ( thanks to gerrymandering) and stop acting like a child by responding to every little attack. He lacks integrity, maturity and compassion. He is not a patriot or he would not have avoided the draft 5 times! With a little ouchy on his heel, good grief what a spoiled brat. Let’s face it he has NO idea what he is doing and will likely be impeached. And, Bannon is a horrible human and can go to hell. His kids need to move on and out of the WH they did not belong their in the first place. How many times will Melanie push his hand away when he tries to hold it, there is no love in that marriage.

    And George you clearly are not educated because you completely missed Dr Hoffmyers point. Nice job. I’m choosing to not follow Dr H advice but respect it.

    November 28, 2017,12:30 am

  17. Fred

    Robert Mueller is to close to Comey to be impartial! He is violating Justice Department conflict of interest rules. He has a a disqualifying conflict of interest. The American people are Sick and Tired of the “TWO-TIERS OF JUSTICE SYSTEM” for high-level government officials who commit felonies, eavesdropping, hundred of unmaskings and obstruction of justice! Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel. American voters clearly wanted to see a change in Washington when they voted President Trump into office! It is now time to fulfill that promise! We the people demand a SPECIAL COUNSEL to investigate Clinton, Comey, the DEEP STATE LEAKS , Lynch and Robert Mueller’s special counsel!
    Sidney Powell, :We’re are not seeing Mission Creep we’re seeing Crepes on a mission!”

    November 27, 2017,11:00 pm

  18. Brenda Hatfield

    Oh and BTW Steve Bannon is not a rebel, HE IS A RACIST MOTHER FUCKER!

    November 27, 2017,10:48 pm

  19. Brenda Hatfield

    Liberal news is doing just fine folks. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS. LISTENING TO DUMB FUCK FOX NEWS IS MESSING UP YOUR BRAINS. fuck trump and fuck his supporters. You should be ashamed of him and of yourselves if you approve of even one little thing that he has done, which is nothing but bash people he doesn’t like

    November 27, 2017,10:18 pm

  20. Brenda Hatfield

    Barbara, YOUR PRESIDENT deserves to be bashed every DAMN day, just saying.

    November 27, 2017,10:16 pm

  21. Brenda Hatfield


    November 27, 2017,10:15 pm

  22. R. Dorien deLusignan

    I sure am glad that about 20-25 years ago I began the journey of losing my 60s ideas and beliefs through thorough and applied study of history and the reality of various political thought. Otherwise I might still be thinking like a couple of the writers below. Obama and his mentors and followers believe in socialism and have carried this country in a dangerous direction with the media tagging along and at times taking the lead. Obama and his people want total control of our lives, as did the Stalinists, et al. Many Democrats have straight out said that Socialism, even Communism, are not all that bad. Some have proclaimed an allegiance to that political end. Have they already forgotten the 20th century experience? Have they forgotten that Socialistic governments executed more people than Hitler and Mussolini combined? Have they forgotten the mass starvations caused by inept financial policies that allowed the elite to eat while workers starved? I just do not get it. These people and their political plans must be stopped! I Sincerely and in Christ, Dorien

    November 27, 2017,8:17 pm

  23. Barbara

    I have to say CNN.I can’t bear to look at MSNBC.I only go to CNN when I make a bet with my husband about what they are doing.Im always right.Bashing our president.There is a whole lot of news about corruption involving Hillary and Obama administration.Will never hear it there.If you’re looking for transparency go to CNN.Easy to see what they are doing.A shame.

    November 27, 2017,8:11 pm

  24. Mrs. Sean Curtis

    MSNBC is a joke, they are so dishonest it’s laughable. CNN you’d think they would at least want the public to think they were being fair. Not since Trump got elected. Even liberal are getting tired of the constant bashing bcuz they attack everything he does or says. Liberal news is suffering their fans are tuning out. It’s the same old news everyday from all of their outlets.

    November 27, 2017,7:59 pm

  25. Jeffery Rightmire

    There is a hidden agenda, by those who control too much, behind all of the propaganda they both spew.

    November 27, 2017,7:29 pm

  26. Yuk F Tsang

    CNN and MSNBC and BBC are fake new , BBC doesn’t like American so there new is always negative I do not watch this channels except Fox new and OAN

    November 27, 2017,7:06 pm

  27. Gene

    Need to start another conservative news network for Fox backup!

    November 27, 2017,6:30 pm

  28. George Dilks

    They are BOTH equally bad!!! It’s been that way for years.And only now since our GREAT president Donald Trump became president has it been recognized. The majority of there viewers are not to smart and don’t know any better.And that they have been fed fake news for years.SO glad these networks have been exposed.Along with the FAKE newspapers,led by the FAKE New York Times.

    November 27, 2017,6:24 pm

  29. Suzanne

    They are both equally horrid. They should be sued for slander and then be denied a broadcasting license. They are a national disgrace and a laughingstock too.

    November 27, 2017,6:04 pm

  30. Jan Baugh


    November 27, 2017,5:27 pm

  31. George

    All of that babble Dr.Hoffmeyer and barack Obama is STILL the most lawless and corrupt president in American history and I have 70 years of education, knowledge and experience to stand behind that statement BEFORE going in to the facts of Obama’s disgraceful and failed presidency.

    November 27, 2017,5:12 pm

  32. PTTA

    I quit watching CNN nd NMSNBC a long time ago. They are total Liars. I also never read th or believe the Washington Post, Huffington Post, or the New York Times.

    November 27, 2017,5:10 pm

  33. George

    CNN has come to out do MSNBC with the help of MSDNC. CNN is awful but MSDNC is off of the charts NUTZ!!

    November 27, 2017,5:07 pm

  34. William Aiello

    CNN = Communist News Network

    November 27, 2017,5:07 pm

  35. John Lockwood

    Neither of the ones you listed. Try again and stop acting so disingenuous. 2 choices? WTF Deplorables??? Do you have any honor, humility, sense or intelligence at all? Traitor supporters hang just as easy as traitors will. And we have plenty of rope.

    November 27, 2017,4:53 pm

  36. Dr Gerald Hoffmyer

    Regarding media:
    If you believe Obama is Muslim , Michelle is a man, Pizzagate was real or Any other nonsense- you’ve been brainwashed.

    Bottom line: research and question, question your own leaders as much as the rival. Be an informed educated American not a click bait follower. Teach your children the same.

    Be objective
    Be kind
    Move In, move in closer to opposing views with the goal to understand. Have understanding for everyone’s experience and story. Fact: Obamacare worked great for some people and not others depending on which state you live in.

    Obamacare saved my niece from bankruptcy, but it impacted my friend in another state who couldn’t get treated locally. One side or the other is not evil or the devil- politicians try to dehumanize the other side or “enemy” so you treat them less human or at its worst can kill the enemy,

    Don’t let politicians rule how you treat each other regardless of which party you are in.

    Challenge yourself, expect more of yourself and each other.

    The divide in this country is heartbreaking, don’t contribute, mend.

    Make an effort to get out of your fixed mind set , grow , learn, love.

    I am disheartened by this president and administration. Qualified candidates are not being appointed, tweets are childish baits , lack of true leadership is glaringly. There is no example being set. I agree that Fox News conveniently leaves out inappropriate action and words of the president, clearly they have an agenda as well.

    We need strong character, integrity and kindness in the WH, 2020 will hopefully bring better vision.

    November 27, 2017,3:15 pm

  37. Shelly

    1. Trumps tweet is immature unpresidential and lacks leadership- like most of his tweets.

    2. Fox News does not show even 20% of the inappropriateness Trump brought to the WH

    3. If you only watch one station or use one news source you are an idiot, because you are missing parts of the story. Almost EVERY news source has an angle or agenda

    I’m ready for grown ups in the WH. Worst president ever. Disgraceful.

    November 27, 2017,2:49 pm

  38. Ed Prout

    CNN by far

    November 27, 2017,1:46 pm

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