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Should The Senate Pass The Tax Cut Bill?

by Bradley Matthews

Should Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP pass the tax cut bill? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Should the Senate pass the tax cut bill?

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  1. Bob

    The Senate is made up of a bunch of multimillionates who have no one in mind but themselves

    December 1, 2017,1:48 pm

  2. Donna R Kindoll

    GOP what’s the Problem/ do you not care about our hard working Legal Americans/ and others who have entered legally. Stop playing the democratic s Games

    December 1, 2017,1:16 pm

  3. daniel deering

    it’s a start we will need even bigger cuts when the ecomny takes off to the moon

    December 1, 2017,1:17 am

  4. John Minich

    In the tax cut, I prefer to keep the removal of the deduction for state income taxes. I live in the excessive taxation state of California and since we’re stupid enough to vote for people who have no intention at all to use our money responsibly and frugally, we should not be subsidized for our stupidity by paying lower federal taxes. As for continued federal deficit spending, that can be easily corrected by the federal government obeying the limits set by the U.S. Constitution against all branches of the federal government. About 80% of what the federal government is currently doing is in clear violation of law, including the U.S. supreme court, and supreme court rulings notwithstanding.

    November 30, 2017,10:28 pm

  5. windows movie maker

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    November 30, 2017,10:04 pm

  6. Sedrick Harris

    Sabra – this tax bill as calculated by the CBO says it will increase the national debt by less than 1.5 trillion over a 10 year period. The CBO does not take into account that a stronger economy will increase jobs and the addt. Taxes it will generate. Also, remember that Obama doubled the national debt (over 8 trillion) in 8 years without increasing the economy.

    November 30, 2017,9:36 pm

  7. Roger

    Lockwood, you fool, Obamass is no longer in charge. Every single word you typed fit him. Trump has FIXED the anti energy regulations, anti business regulations, anti military regulations, anti America regulations. Note the 3% SECOND quarter & THIRD quarter of growth. All of the Obamass regulations kept growth to 1%!!!! Millions out of work? You prefer 1% & an anti American president? A disgusting, butt-kissing terrorist president, or a president that is butt-kicking those slimy terrorists around the world. The 25% gains in the stock market. You are truely dillusional. Any one else who could possibly be as fooled as you is also truely dillusional.

    November 30, 2017,9:23 pm

  8. Wendi

    PASS it! If for nothing else than to get rid of that STUPID socialist IRS health insurance mandate!! I am not insured, can’t afford to be insured, but should pay my “fair share” so others can??? Really? With what?? Thanks Obama!! Please get rid of this, President Trump!!

    November 30, 2017,8:25 pm

  9. Lorraine Bacon

    Pass it now. Trump will work on the kinks later.

    November 30, 2017,7:47 pm

  10. edwin

    There you have folks, what did I say? John proves my point. But wait Didn’t Trump win the election against all odds? Aren’t all those losers running around with there heads up thrre asses? Each with no one to follow confuesd and still crying like a bitch? I take it back with Trump it will pass eventually. Wepa!

    November 30, 2017,6:28 pm

  11. Sabra Reese

    I am as conservative as you can get. This is not a conservative tax bill. Vote NO.

    November 30, 2017,6:25 pm

  12. Robert

    It would be nice if they could accomplish something. Not like they have Obama to hide behind anymore. Drain the swamp of the ones that cannot seem to perform or work to obstruct the flow of our government.

    November 30, 2017,6:23 pm

  13. edwin

    With numbers like these this bill should pass with no problem but, thanks to these asses who are only thinking about seing Trump fail it won’t.

    November 30, 2017,6:19 pm

  14. Johnnie McHan

    Via Esq. yes, they only try to disrupt. Scumbags! Ed, I totally agree with you also!

    November 30, 2017,6:01 pm

  15. L

    That’s the best post I’ve read all day Ed

    November 30, 2017,5:55 pm

  16. Via Esq

    Yes! American citizens should decide for themselves how they want to spend their money, not evil, corrupt people who want to ruin America with Big government accountable to no one.

    Let’s pray for our Senators to make the right choice.

    Leftist bigots, your AntiConservative hate speech is not acceptable on this site. Stalking and harrassing conservative websites can make you subject to criminal prosecution.

    November 30, 2017,5:53 pm

  17. Ed

    I was sceptical about President Trump, in the begining, but he has won me over! I believe he will go down in history as the most productive President in modern history, if not ever.

    November 30, 2017,5:41 pm

  18. L

    With a post like that I’d say you should prepare yourself for judgement day.

    November 30, 2017,5:41 pm

  19. Jan Baugh

    Gosh you guys this is not good in the long for all of us regular everyday Americans. Please think it through.

    November 30, 2017,5:17 pm

  20. John Lockwood

    Tax Reform? You really mean the giant “Fuck You” to America, right? The Dotard in Chief is looting America. And you, are complicit in that theft. Traitors hang, and traitor supporting piles of shit like you, hang just as easily. Prepare for judgement day, bitches!!

    November 30, 2017,5:00 pm

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