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Is The FBI A Threat To American Democracy? Tucker Carlson Speaks Out

by Bradley Matthews

Has the FBI gone too far? On his show, Tucker Carlson said “The FBI is out of control and not just in the Trump investigation but much more broadly. An agency charged with enforcing the law clearly considers itself above the law, and that is a threat to you and every American, no matter who you voted for.”

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  1. Louise Adams

    They said on the news that Trump can’t fire Mueller but someone
    has to be able to fire him he’s not God even though he thinks he is!

    December 7, 2017,1:14 pm

  2. stan

    It is amazing how many Americans are so not informed or are being stupid about the legacy of Obama. I prefer to believe that they are very much not informed and represent a higher percentage of those whom are too busy and wrapped up in daily lives to get informed. Some are truly stupid, because even if informed, they refuse to believe it. Example! I had loaned a friend the book UNDEMOCRATIC, written by Jay Sekulow, and although he did not imply he read the whole book, he said that it was too depressing to read. Now I considered him very intelligent, and maybe neutral, but certainly not a left liberal progressive. The fact is that the book has great index with precise information of where and how the details were gotten. Every one should read this book and I am sure that many will scoff and say it is political bull, but if you read it before judging it, then maybe just a few will come to their senses of the deep state, and corruption left behind in Obama’s wake, or in other words: second tier of Obama’s left over appointed and run amuck secretive agencies. The FBI is filled with such people, and so is the secret service, and the IRS, and once these people are hired it is very difficult to fire them, let alone dismiss them. The special prosecutor and the whole team is bias and corrupt beyond in their task of trying to take down Trump. The Republican party is amiss in all of this and I only hope that Trump fires Sessions, as he has surrendered all of his ability to reign in the corruption against of President. Replace him with some one with the will and ability to fire and discharge corrupt people in the DOJ, and not even scared to do it. Do not just move them to other cases as suggested by some news people, but get rid of them forever! We do not need liberal bias when it comes to justice! Maybe some one like the former Governor of New Jersey. Some one out side the beltway ! It is apparent that W.D.C establishment is like the KGB in Russia, and we should be highly scared of that comparison. So many things are up for grab in this climate and the Republicans are just a bunch of idiots elected with false promises and no back bone to fix what they had been given the power to do. I would estimate that 40% of our population is independent, and they hold the keys to right this ship, just as they did for Donald Trump.

    December 6, 2017,6:42 pm

  3. William Snover

    The FBI is not the architect of the problem. Obama had 8 years to turn Washington DC into a radical leftist Mafia, or Syndicate and Revolutionary Power. He not only stacked the decks at the FBI, but everywhere he had the ability it seems to me. He was at war with America in a relatively quiet way, using his Harvard skills to destroy, or as he eloquently put it, “fundamentally transform” America. Regulations, treaties, taxation, spending, laws, causing American industry to die or relocate overseas, promoting radical pervert agendas, an anti Christian agenda and persecution mode, Immigration as an act of war to internally destroy America from the pages of the KGB decades ago, and so on. Yes the FBI had been “fundamentally transformed” into an agency geared to intimidate and eventually destroy America, but it is just a tiny part of the wide ranging leftist revolution Obama masterminded.

    December 5, 2017,11:13 pm

  4. William Snover


    December 5, 2017,11:07 pm

  5. Bill

    Seems to be a big overlap between the CBC folk and people suffering from paranoia.

    December 5, 2017,4:47 pm

  6. Catherine maneker

    Why hasn’t Trump fired Muller????

    December 5, 2017,4:41 pm

  7. FBA

    Yes, the FBI is now a weapon of the Deep State against the citizens. It is above the law in every way. I have been contacted twice by their agents and they violated my rights both times.

    December 5, 2017,4:34 pm

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