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Go Inside Trump’s World With These Great Books

by Bradley Matthews

Ever since he took America by storm in the 2016 election, Pres. Trump has attracted controversy and attention in equal measure. Now conservative readers can go behind the scenes of his White House and his winning campaign — check out our CBC Reading Roundup to find out more!

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1. Let Trump Be Trump by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie

2. The Briefing by Sean Spicer

3. Here’s What Trump Got America For Christmas!

4. Should Trump’s Travel Ban Be Expanded?

5. See How Trump Reacted To Roy Moore’s Election Loss!



  1. Bill

    “Ever since he took America by storm in the 2016 election,” – Really?

    A better description would be “ever since he stole the election from the winner of the vote”.

    December 19, 2017,3:23 pm

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