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Watch Donald Trump Jr.’s Warning About The FBI

by Bradley Matthews

Donald Trump Jr. is sounding the alarm about the bias at America’s intelligence agencies, particularly the FBI. In a speech in Florida, Donald Trump Jr. said “My father talked about a rigged system throughout the campaign. And you’re seeing it. There is, and there are, people at the highest levels of government who don’t want to let America be America.”

Watch more of Donald Trump Jr.’s speech below! To comment, sign up as a CBC InsiderĀ HERE.


  1. Bill

    madmemere – Don’t take my word for it. The WSJ just published an analysis of Trumps time at his resorts and the costs. (WSJ article is behind a pay-wall, here is another article summarizing it)


    December 26, 2017,6:03 pm

  2. Bill

    madmemere – Did you pay any attention to the crap that was thrown at the Obamas during his terms? The racist hateful slurs, not based on any acts taken by the Obamas, but simply by their simple existence as African Americans?

    How many times did Barack threaten retaliation? How many times did he call the news media fake? How many times did he have his cabinet publicly grovel and declare how great he was? The answers are none.

    Each time Trump heads off to one of his properties, he is profiting off of the American public. Each time he stops and praises his resorts, he is plugging his personal businesses rather than paying attention to the work of the nation. Did you notice that his Muslim Travel bans never affected countries where he has business relationships? Just coincidence, or business conflict?

    I’ve already read far more about Donald John Trump than anyone of sound mind should have to. His foundation is a scam, buying big portraits of him for his resort. His charitable contributions are questionable – he has never revealed his tax returns. He is well known for shafting his vendors, subcontractors, investors, and lenders. The number of lawsuits he has been in with them, and the number of times one of this businesses have declared bankruptcy are hard evidence.

    He can do a lot of things right, if he had a notion. But he cannot think past himself. It is always all about The Donald. Perhaps there will be a bipartisan solution to the Dreamers, if so he will have earned some praise for acting humanly.

    December 26, 2017,5:51 pm

  3. madmemere

    To Bill -You sound exactly like a “liberal whiner”; please explain exactly “how” the Trumps are “robbing US”! Each one of them already has more money than you will ever see in two lifetimes, so why would they need to? The “daddy’s assets” have been signed over, probably to the son-in-law Kushner, but I can’t even say that for sure. Each one of them has been more than generous and “giving” – -NOT taking. But then, if you’re a liberal, you are probably “judging them” by your very own actions. But before you start throwing around slurs like the one you just put out, perhaps you should do a bit more (no- -a LOT more) research on the entire Trump family. As far as that goes, look at it this way; pretend for a minute, you yourself, are any one member of that family. Would you, even for a minute, put up with the kind of “abuse” they have received? And notice, it does not matter what, or how, they do anything at all, even down to the clothes and shoes they might be wearing; as far as mentally damaged liberals and the media are concerned, there just IS NOT A SINGLE, SOLITARY THING they can do, that is not a target for some “stupid, small-minded individual’s” raw criticism. If you were the target of all that, I’m willing to wager, you would crawl off somewhere and hide for the duration. If nothing else, I have to give them credit for perseverance and a “singular determination” to help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    December 23, 2017,11:52 pm

  4. David

    What I like most is a liberal whiner…sit back and watch America become great again.

    December 23, 2017,2:26 pm

  5. Bill

    Wasn’t Donnie Jr. supposed to be running the companies, and keeping out of politics? Wasn’t that daddy’s pathetic attempt at putting his assets in trust?

    We are being robbed by the Trumps every day. Enjoy.

    December 22, 2017,4:00 pm

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