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The Top 7 Conservative Movies of 2017

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While Hollywood is currently imploding due to the numerous scandals and award show political bias running rampant, some films stood out embracing conservative themes in 2017.  Hollywood continues to be a bastion of liberalism, but the success of these movies proves people still crave movies that embrace themes of family, religion, liberty, and good triumphing over evil.  

The Conservative Book Club editorial review board selected the following movies. The criteria used to select the movies and their placement on the list includes a mixture of overall influence, sales, and conservative themes.  We recommend these movies to conservative viewers.

“While Hollywood continues to implode due to its numerous scandals and award show political bias, a few films stood out from the drudgery of 2017 filmmaking,” said Christopher Malagisi, Editor in Chief of the Conservative Book Club.  “Each movie embraced important conservative themes of family, religion, liberty, and the struggle of good triumphing over evil.”


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