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Is Obamacare Over? See What Pres. Trump Had To Say

by Bradley Matthews

After signing the historic GOP tax bill, Pres. Trump talked about the individual mandate and how it has been repealed, commenting that “Essentially, I think Obamacare is over because of that.”

Watch his full comments in the tweet below! To comment, sign up as a CBC Insider HERE.











  1. Bill

    Sorry Laura, except for a part time job in the library when I was in graduate school 30 years ago all of my work has been in the private sector.

    If you go without health insurance to keep the roof over your head, you may end up both ill and homeless. Unpaid medical bills have been a prime driver of bankruptcy in the U.S. for decades. Something the rest of the developed world cannot believe or understand.

    December 26, 2017,5:09 pm

  2. Via Esq

    Merry Christmas! Laura, I pray your son is doing better.

    December 25, 2017,9:48 pm

  3. Laura G. Holmes

    I know many people who have had to choose between keeping a roof over their heads and health insurance. They are going to choose the roof every time. For them to be penalized because they cannot afford health insurance is an atrocity. Thank GOD for Donald Trump and the Republicans keeping their words and taking this stress off of people’s backs.

    I work in the medical field and the so-called insurance that is provided through Obamacare is not real insurance. The deductibles and copays are so high that you can never use it. It is basically catastrophic insurance only.

    This program has also destroyed the employer-provided insurance as well. My son was diagnosed with MRSA two years ago. It took us from May – November to get rid of the infection. I paid thousands of dollars in medical bills and never did meet our deductible. I hope the Republicans do not give up on repealing this program completely. It has hurt the working people. The only people who are pleased with Obamacare are the people getting it for free.

    Bill, I have observed your comments. You are obviously a person who works for the government or lives off of the government. It is so disgraceful that you cannot be honest with even yourself. You people have gone off the deep end. It is so sad to watch.

    December 23, 2017,8:16 am

  4. Brecken

    I think Obamacare is over because of that…
    Spanish dictionary and translator

    December 23, 2017,2:31 am

  5. Via Esq

    Being forced to pay half your salary, for something I don’t need or want, to see low tier doctors 1 time, who live 40 miles away from my home, and failure to pay results in jailtime is something only a fascist would think is a good thing.

    December 22, 2017,4:47 pm

  6. Bill

    I have been blessed in life and have always had health insurance, though in recent years when I have had to pay full COBRA rates it has gotten expensive.

    If you decide to go without, I hope you are prepared for the consequences when you need health care. Bankruptcy is not fun.

    December 22, 2017,4:06 pm

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