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Look At This Hilarious California “Sanctuary State” Sign!

by Bradley Matthews

California’s liberal leaders love to flout Pres. Trump by declaring themselves a sanctuary for illegals — and now patriots have added a very appropriate sign to their “Welcome to California” signs!

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  1. Jerry

    We cut federal funding from them let people illegal fund them

    January 4, 2018,6:22 pm

  2. Fran Tatsch

    I would like to see a wall built between California and America🇺🇸

    January 4, 2018,8:19 am

  3. stan

    This should be the new state flag! I know that when I retired from the company, the union I belonged to was rapidly becoming controlled by the liberal self serving union leaders, and after I left they marched in a few parades with the Communist party to America, declaring that Government should run every thing. I was not part of the Union for some very long time before I retired, because of the politics they backed. The pretty much destroyed the company and many of those so called union people lost their jobs any ways. You can not save your jobs if you destroy the company you work for, and Unions had done that in Communications.

    January 3, 2018,10:51 pm

  4. StillaBeliever

    Well said, Raymond!

    January 3, 2018,6:59 pm

  5. Raymond Martucci

    That is very true Democrats can’t win elections without cheating and rigging the polls. If these illegals voted for trump they would be deported fast and they would all lose this DACA and the wall would be up fast. They also have to pay off women to make up lies and rino Republicans to help them out. Democrats have become a pathetic party that can’t win without kissing ass or paying people off

    January 3, 2018,5:50 pm

  6. Jim Hays

    Another slogan, and may be the most accurate description yet would be this. CALIFORNIA…….the land of fruits and nuts.

    January 3, 2018,5:03 pm

  7. Mark

    49 States sounds Great!! Also, cut them off all Federal money and let Mexico support them and see what happens.

    January 3, 2018,4:43 pm

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