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Did Steve Bannon Betray Pres. Donald Trump?

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump has publicly denounced Steve Bannon after excerpts from a new book showed Steve Bannon denigrating Donald Trump Jr. and Trump himself while in the White House. Did Steve Bannon betray Trump from the beginning? Vote in our CBC reader poll below!

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Did Steve Bannon betray Pres. Trump?

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  1. Yuk F Tsang

    No, Trump lie his way to the White House if he didn’t mentioned China took our money and no Iran deal and Mexican paid for the wall I don’t think he would elected and he had a big mouth like a child talk too much and the people around him are not loyal to him

    January 11, 2018,10:02 pm

  2. Diane Kelly

    I don’t believe for one second Bannon betrayed President Trump. Please. Please. Please. Stop falling for leftist lies!!!! They’re trying to create drama and division because the press hates that Donald J. Trump is in office. It’s all lies.

    January 8, 2018,4:59 pm

  3. Kathleen Gassler

    Can anybody tell me, show me or direct me to the Breitbart episode where Steve Bannon actually confirms he spoke out against Trump? Because Im not hearing it on his shows. Im not “buying” it. The Left wing haters are trying to divide Trump’s base by causing division.

    January 7, 2018,7:30 am

  4. Sinnie Kemp

    Maryanne Shilonski, you can ignore Bannon but the president can’t because the dems will use these allegations as “the truth”.

    The President has survived these criminal dems because he fight them back at every turn they come at him.

    January 5, 2018,6:53 pm

  5. Maryanne Shilonski

    Actually Steve Bannon should just be ignored. He is just looking to have some relevance, so I wish the President would just ignore him as I have. I actually never liked him he just looks so disheveled and thinks too much of himself.

    January 5, 2018,6:45 pm

  6. Andrew Blake

    Most ungentlemanly.

    January 5, 2018,11:30 am

  7. Durrell L Burns

    Bannon speaks with “forked tongue”. I don’t trust his words.

    January 5, 2018,10:31 am

  8. Rhonda

    Yes he did. What goes around comes around.

    January 5, 2018,6:17 am

  9. Vernon ramey

    Money boys causing more division between Trump and bannon!!

    January 4, 2018,10:48 pm

  10. Marlo

    Steve Brannon has just become Public Enemy #1.

    January 4, 2018,9:54 pm

  11. Doug

    Yes he did. He’s a never was politician. He’s trying to make his dumb ass relevant.

    January 4, 2018,8:48 pm

  12. Via Esq

    Never trust a wolf! Michel Wolff’s so called book is “fake news fiction”, “trashy tabloid”. His book shows how obsessed, mentally ill the Alt Left truly is and how they will defame anyone they view as a threat to their evil ideology.

    I’m praying for President Trump and Mr. Bannon to be strong, continue to stand up to evil, and fight for the silent majority who are being attacked daily.

    January 4, 2018,7:50 pm

  13. Lisa

    Shawn f., forgot to mention that the wall hasn’t gone forward not because of POTUS, but because of roadblocks put before him by bleeding heart politicians. He didn’t betray you. you need to look into it yourself not listen to hearsay as fact.

    January 4, 2018,7:45 pm

  14. Lisa

    Shawn F. It’s Christie, not Chrsitie as you stated while admonishing Bonnie for spelling it with a ‘y’. Not everyone is savvy on all politicians names. Including yourself.

    January 4, 2018,7:37 pm

  15. Suzanne

    Must be a noble feeling to stab people in the back. What a pathetic person Bannon is.

    January 4, 2018,7:23 pm

  16. John

    He is a idiot ,I hope it’s last time to see his ugly face.

    January 4, 2018,7:08 pm

  17. Art House

    CHARLENE Sullins: Time to take your meds. Also, brush up on your spelling!

    January 4, 2018,6:44 pm

  18. Art House

    Bonnie: He should appoint Trey Gowdy and watch the fireworks then…………

    January 4, 2018,6:43 pm

  19. RichRonnie Reimann

    Christy would have made a far stronger A.G. Sessions would should have stayed in Congress. The GOP have been a disappointment right from the start for not getting behind President Trump & allowing the democrats to walk all over
    the President. They should have strongly backed President Trump from the
    start. Ryan with his maybe I will or maybe i won’t how childish can you get & to think I was almost stupid enough to support him in his run for President. Romney is another disappointment. Although I have been a life long Republican here in Utah I doubt if I would vote for him now if he were to run for Hatch’s seat. I pray Utah can come up with a strong GOP to replace Hatch. Chaffetz would have been a good replacement BUT I have little use for those who jump ship in the middle of the stream. Though I can think of several unknowns to the political arena . Example is Retired General Scott B Harrison of the United States Air Force comes to mind. never served politically , But served all over the world including the United Arab Emerates . Raised 12 children. Etc.

    January 4, 2018,6:34 pm

  20. Shawn Fahrer

    Bonnie, it’s Chrsitie, not Christy. And as for Rudy, did you know that his name means someone who pulls the wool over your eyes? Giu = down or downward; lino = wool, lano = flax; liani = one who works with textiles; thus a “giuliani” is someone who pulls wool / yarn down (vernacularly ‘over your eyes’). Never trusted him — even while he WAS NYC mayor (and I live in NYC!) Better to appoint NO ONE to the Deep State Department of Justice (which is a department of INJUSTICE)….
    As to the question at hand, Trump has betrayed us. After all, we’re one year into his Presidency, and still NO TRUMP WALL. Not one brick for us, but proposals of amnesty for those gifted access to the USA by DACA. THAT is virtually treasonous to WE THE PEOPLE. I would rather have President Steve Bannon than President Trump because he has been FAR TOO WEAK in the face of the Deep State’s attacks against him…..

    January 4, 2018,6:12 pm

  21. Bonnie Barber

    Charlene Sullins, it’s Kushner, not Cushner. But, POTUS doesn’t take orders, we were ALL fooled by Jeff Sessions. Christy couldn’t be appointed after his ‘private’ beach fiasco, it would have caused a LOT of noise and given the wrong impression. You don’t bar people from a beach and then sit with your family! I WISH he could have appointed Rudy Giuliani, but his lobby connections and other skeletons would have given the media even more ammo.. He needs to fire Sessions, but who can he trust? I don’t think appointing Christy would have been a good idea because of the optics, not because I think Christy would have done a poor job, Happy New Year!

    January 4, 2018,5:50 pm

  22. CHARLENE Sullins

    I think Trump should listening to his family especially Cushner. Cushner is the cause of Trump picking Jeff Sessions for attorney general vs. Christy. Christy prosecuted Cushner’s dad for racketeering, etc. in NJ. He should’ve appointed Christy because Sessions is to weak. Cusher is the cause of Trump firing Bannon. He should have sent Cushner packing to sell real estate and kept Bannon.

    January 4, 2018,2:52 pm

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