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See How Trump Triggered Libs On Immigration

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump isn’t afraid to be politically incorrect — in a meeting with senators in the Oval Office, Trump asked “Why do we want all these people from ‘s***hole countries’ coming here?”, in reference to Haiti and a number of African countries.

Liberals have proceeded to freak out, calling Trump a racist et. cetera. Did Trump go too far or are liberals a bunch of pansies? Tell us in the comments — to comment, sign up as a CBC Insider HERE.


  1. Bertha Marshall

    Yes, liberals are a bunch of pansies and in addition a bunch of racists.

    January 16, 2018,10:25 am

  2. stan

    Can you really believe that Trump did not have the right to be a little excited about what those nitwits came together to propose as a compromise. Seriously, I think he had all the rights to say what he said and be honest, I imagine the meeting was meant to be private and not used as a tool to embarrass our president. Then you have to consider the swamp is at its best behind closed doors, and I would recommend he start video and recording all closed door meetings, and he is not a polished politician, and deserves just a little credit for out burst after the meeting with the 6 idiots before him gave him such garbage as a proposal. I can surely understand the language after so many in an open session meeting where they(none of the gang of six) mentioned such an idea open to the public. I got a lot worse ideas in my mind for those people, but it is not forgivable language I ever want to use.
    HOW DOES ANY ONE DEAL WITH SUCH CONTEMPT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OF AMERICA, with elected people that represent themselves, and illegals before Americans born here legally.

    January 14, 2018,6:48 pm

  3. gloria Yonelunas

    whoops, almost forgot. Trumps use of language does not bother me at all, Lack of fulfilling promises would. It’s not what a man says, it’s what he does that he will be remembered for. . My Dad used to say sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never harm you and my addition to that would be. If you’re insecure you take evil to heart. Know your enemy and walk past his lack of education. Maybe someday he will ask for your advice.

    January 14, 2018,12:46 pm

  4. gloria Yonelunas

    Have you been to these countries. He’s labeled them very correctly. He’s not labeling the people but the country and the fact that those countries have terrible government makes them the sh–hole he knows exists. No infrastructure anywhere except at a port where cruise ships bring in tourists. Take a cab ride thru the countryside to see for yourself. It’s disgusting that anyone should live in those conditions. These governments keep their citizens poor and controlled. And they want us to praise them? for what ? keeping their country under such disgusting conditions..We were approached at one time to buy a man’s 4 year old child. He said he had 8 children and could not feed them all. The golden heart of all Americans wants to take them all, but first you need to know what you are getting. We need legal immigration to be enforced and not let those Democrats get their way because they are only looking for votes, by legalizing 800 million Dacas and granting them citizenship. That is not the answer, you want them to stay? Give them all residency papers that turn into citizen ship when they go thru the system correctly as did our forefathers.
    They know that most of Americans want a safe and secure country but we will never get that if the Democrats get back into office. Trump, in my opinion,and many others silent for fear of retribution from those liberal Dems that are violent to conservatives is on the right track, to keeping them out. Clean the swamp. Keep twittering, that seems to be the only way we get the truth.

    January 14, 2018,12:40 pm

  5. Bette Waller

    I look at all the good things President Trump has already done for our country. It was a remarkable first year. Nevertheless, I would like for our president to be a firm, but kind-hearted leader speaking truth using strong, but more appropriate adjectives. I am tired of public figures name calling, using insults, untruths, and making scandals by putting a twist on a sentence and leaving out important parts which would make meanings clear to most people. Leakers and the media have done the devil’s work to crucify and sabotage the character of way too many. I wish all would stick to to issues and leave the assignations of character out of it. We will know the answer to the question of character by which side of an issue the person is promoting.

    January 13, 2018,4:44 pm

  6. James D. Chancellor

    Awesome! Tell it like it is, President TRUMP !

    January 13, 2018,1:21 pm

  7. Linda

    The liberal/media never called out Obama no matter how unconstitutional his actions were.They are looking for anything to discredit Trump and if they can’t find it they create fake news.Trump is doing a great job. Leave him alone and let him do his job. So what if he is not politically correct! it is refreshing to have a president speak the truth. Not like Obama who lied every time he opened his mouth. I am a loyal deplorable! MAGA

    January 13, 2018,9:28 am


    Obama just two years ago call Libya “a shit snow” not one shit for brains politician was outraged because they all licked Obama’s ass. To heel with these two faced politicians

    January 13, 2018,7:02 am

  9. Deborah

    Speak it President Trump. Lots of people say a lot of things. Why get upset with one man and not the other….. Pansies is a nice way to say s***hole politicians. Let President Trump do his job and stop finding fault with everything he does. Why don’t the Democrats work on more important things like the murdering of babies.

    January 12, 2018,10:24 pm

  10. Via Esq

    “You can take a person out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the person.”

    America has reached its quota of filth! Why don’t the Alt Left move to these places (like they promised to leave when Trump got elected), and see how “progressive” these backward countries really are.

    BO called them s***hole countries and the media didn’t mind so why do they go crazy when President Trump quotes BO?!? Because the fake media is racist and evil, bent on calling good evil and evil good.

    January 12, 2018,8:04 pm

  11. mary ann

    People seem to forget 2 yrs ago Obama called Libya a shit show. There was zero outrage, because it was King Obama. The left wants to destroy this president just like they destroy every state they run. Trump is the best we have had in ages.

    January 12, 2018,7:29 pm

  12. Bill

    Just another clear example of the racist outlook of this president. Disgraceful and shameful.

    Judge people by their individual characteristics, not by their country of origin.


    January 12, 2018,6:46 pm

  13. StillaBeliever

    The immigration policy should be 95% based on what’s good for America and only 5% (or less) on humanitarian concerns. The Dims have it reversed, although probably in reality their 95% is based on what’s good for dimmocratic votes. Trump is right, though. If the pendulum swings toward granting access to everyone living a hard life in a crummy place, we’ll become a nation of billions and look more like those crummy places.

    January 12, 2018,6:14 pm

  14. john

    you cant make a silk purse from a pigs ear

    January 12, 2018,5:02 pm

  15. larry cantrell

    Trump is absolutely right! It’s amazing what dems will do for current and future votes They will sell out the American people in a heartbeat!

    January 12, 2018,4:39 pm

  16. Debbie lott

    I’m sure the little angel Dems never say that word —- the meat of it means why do we keep taking on problems to have to fix later the Dems are just looking for a distraction to focus on so he said —— hole Get over it , republicsns too !!! Focus on getting good deals ( which is what our president is trying to make y’all see).

    January 12, 2018,4:22 pm

  17. Margaret

    Liberals need to get over it. He’s not a racist. And he’s right.

    January 12, 2018,4:20 pm

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