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Top 5 Conservative Sports Books of All Time

5.) War on Football: Saving America’s Game by Daniel J Flynn

The War on Football: Saving America's Game

From concussion doctors pushing “science” that benefits their hidden interests to lawyers clamoring for billion-dollar settlements in scam litigation, America’s game has become so big that everybody wants a cut. Sadly, those chasing the dollars show themselves more than willing to trash a great sport in hot pursuit of a buck.

Everything these “football experts” say about football is wrong. Football players don’t commit suicide at elevated levels, die younger than their peers, or suffer disproportionately from heart disease. In fact, professional players live longer, healthier lives than American men in general. More than that, football is America’s most popular sport. The War on Football: Saving America’s Game rescues reality from the hype—and in doing so, may just ensure that football remains America’s game.

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