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Episode #2 – Ramadi: The Gettysburg Battle of the Iraqi War (Interview with Maj. Scott Huesing)

The Marines’ mission: to kill or capture anti-Iraqi forces. Their experience: like being in hell. From the winter of 2006 through the spring of 2007, 250 Marines from Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines Regiment fought daily in the dangerous, dense city streets of Ramadi, Iraq, during the Multi-National Forces Surge ordered by President George W. Bush.

Listen to our exclusive author interview with Major Scott A. Huesing, the commander who led Echo Company through Ramadi. He takes readers back to the streets of Ramadi with Echo in Ramadi, a visceral, gripping portrayal of modern urban combat. Bound together by brotherhood, honor, and the horror they faced, Echo Company’s Marines battled day after day on the front lines of a totally different kind of war – a war without rules and built on chaos.


  • 2:05 Learn how Major Huesing first became a Marine – how he found a “bunch of risk takers – a perfect fit!”
  • 4:00 Why were Americans in Iraq in the first place? Major Huesing explains how we fought for stability against insurgents in the wake of Saddam Hussein’s trial.
  • 6:03 How does the Battle of Ramadi fit into Operation Iraqi freedom? Major Huesing give some context for Ramadi, what he calls “a giant game of whack-a-mole.”
  • 9:23 Major Huesing talks about the daily reality of war for the Marines in Ramadi – some of them only 19 years old.
  • 11:24 Hear about Major Huesing’s mission with this book: writing a tribute to the Marines, their families, and their fallen.
OUR GUEST AUTHOR – Major Scott A. Huesing
  • Scott A. Huesing is a retired USMC Infantry Major with over 24 years of service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer.  His career spanned 10 deployments and he conducted operations in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • During his deployment in Iraq he commanded Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • He currently lives with his wife and daughter in San Diego, California, where he serves as the executive director of Save the Brave, a non-profit organization committed to supporting veterans struggling with PTSD.
BOOK OVERVIEW – Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of US Marines in Iraq’s Deadliest City


  • Buy your own copy of Echo in Ramadi and remember the service of our Marines!
  • Read more about Major Huesing HERE!


Gunnery Sergeant Jack Coughlin says:

Of all the books I’ve read on the War on Terror, Echo in Ramadi puts people on both sides of the wire with the men seeing it through their eyes on the battlefield and back home with the families that share their  pain and perception waiting for news of their Marines. Major Huesing has delivered a timeless account of war for all to read.


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