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Episode #3 – Pence Family Interview: The Vice President and the Most Famous Bunny in the World

What do Vice President Mike Pence, John Oliver, and a bunny have in common?  The most controversial children’s book ever – about a bunny!  In our exclusive author interview with 2nd Lady of the United States Karen Pence and her daughter Charlotte Pence, they tell us about their bestselling children’s book, Marlon Bundo: A Day in the Life of the Vice President. Proceeds from Marlon Bundo: A Day in the Life of the Vice President will be donated to Tracy’s Kids, an art therapy program at a children’s hospital, and A21, a non-profit that seeks to end sex-trafficking.

This same delightful children’s book is now the subject of a mean-spirited parody by HBO show host John Oliver. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver released a parody version of the book and employed his massive HBO audience to drive the parody to the top of the Amazon bestseller list and meanwhile sabotage Charlotte’s book with fake, negative reviews.

“This is the nature of the hard-Left,” bestselling author and podcast host Ben Shapiro wrote in The Daily Wire. “They hate conservatives so much that they’re willing to smear completely apolitical children’s literature in order to target those conservatives. Charlotte is a delightful young woman with no discernible political background other than her association with her dad; the book is utterly apolitical.” Plus, Shapiro adds, “My four-year-old daughter loves it.”

Buy your copy of Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President—and be sure to leave an online review—to show your support for Charlotte and Karen Pence (and for little Marlon Bundo too)!


  • 2:00 Learn how Marlon Bundo, now the BOTUS, first came to the Pence family from Craigslist – and how he got his name!
  • 3:19 Discover the story of little Marlon Bundo’s fame, and how he even flew on Air Force Two!
  •  5:28 Hear about art therapy from Second Lady Karen Pence, and how art therapy is especially effective with PTSD.
  • 9:00 Did you know that the Vice President and his family don’t actually live at the White House? Instead, the Pences live on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory in a beautiful Victorian home. Hear what it’s like from Second Lady Karen Pence!
  • 10:30 Every Vice President’s family leaves their mark on the house. You’ll never guess what the Pences brought with them to D.C.!
  • 13:15 Hear about Second Lady Karen Pence’s favorite part of her job.

OUR GUEST AUTHORS – Second Lady Karen Pence and Charlotte Pence

  • Karen Pence is the Second Lady of the United States, a mother, an educator, and an award-winning watercolor artist. As Second Lady of the United States, Mrs. Pence works to bring attention to art therapy and to the sacrifices made by military service members and their families. She and Vice President Pence have been married since 1985 and are the proud parents of their adult children: Audrey, Michael, and Charlotte.
  • Charlotte Pence graduated from DePauw University in 2016 with a degree in English and digital cinema. Her written work has appeared in Glamour Magazine and she has made numerous documentaries about non-profits, mental health, social justice, and even received a regional Emmy for her work on the award-winning documentary Fleeced.

BOOK OVERVIEW – Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President

  • Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President is a fun, imaginative, completely nonpartisan children’s book—”a hop through official Washington through the eyes of a fluffy black-and-white leporid,” as The Washington Post put it. Written by Vice President Mike Pence’s 24-year-old daughter Charlotte and illustrated with original watercolors by Second Lady Karen Pence, the picture book follows the Pences’ real-life pet bunny Marlon Bundo as he hops after the Vice President in a bid to show young readers what America’s Vice President does.


  • Learn more about the Second Lady of the United States HERE!
  • Check out Where You GoCharlotte Pence’s collection of life lessons she learned from her father, the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence.
  • Check out Charlotte Pence’s all-time favorite book – A Wrinkle in Time!
  • When you’re done with that, pick up a copy of One Bullet Away – the memoir of a Marine Corps officer!
  • Revisit some childhood classics with Karen Pence: Harriet the SpyCharlotte’s Web, and Rascal!


…check these out!

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